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Grandpa Motorcyle Data
The attached pictures are of my grandpa and grandma. They lived in Amersfoort at the time the pictures were taken. I'm trying to determine the make and year of the motorcycle. The picture of them both on the motorcycle was taken while they were dating. They were married in July of 1935 so I believe the motorcycle would be a 1935 or older. The license plate is for Utrecht Netherlands which again makes sense since they lived in the Amersfoort area. I tried searching records for the license plate in hopes I could gleam the information I am seeking but found the data doesn't go back that far.
Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Larry and Kay Britton
    The tank style makes it no earlier than 1929, and your info indicates no later than 1934. If available, a higher resolution image may reveal further details of the writing on the fuel tank and possibly on the fairly distinctive engine cover.
    Images posted to Comments.

sprocketandbee at gmail.com
I have recently discovered two old photos, taken approx. 1925 in Agunnaryd, Sma`land, Sweden when my grandmother returned to her home town to visit family. Her brother Edvard has a motorbike in the photos. I have included the photos so someone might determine what brand it is, if possible.
Thank you.
Roger Canfield
Blue Grass, Virginia, USA
1-Swedish Grandmother, Agnes's Brother Edvard with motorcycle.JPG, 2-Swedish Uncle Edvard riding his moto.JPG, 3-Swedish Uncle Edvard's moto (close up).JPG

    Ronny Gustafsson writes: I believe it is a Swedish-made Rex 147 cc from ca 1925. More...
    Sweden-RCa-01 images posted to Comments.

timstorteboom at gmail.com
Unknown. 1920s to 1940s
Hello. The photo uploaded with this message is a of my Opa on his work motorcycle. He worked for the electric company in Utrecht. I'm not certain what year the photo was taken but it would have been post war in the late '40s or early '50s. The photo doesn't provide much detail to help identification but I not a couple of features. One feature is that the front forks would indicate to me that this is likely a pre-war bike. The other unique feature is the point on the front fender. I've looked at endless amounts of photos on the internet but I have not identified any motorcycles that had a fender shaped in that manner. Last note would be that there is a manual horn attached to the handlebars that I have seen on many photos of bikes from the 1920s. Any ideas what this motorcycle might be? Manufacturer? Approximate year?
Thank you.
Tim Storteboom Utrecht-Postwar-Single-TSt.jpg Utrecht-Postwar-Single-TSt.jpg posted to Comments

davidferu1978 at gmail.com
Hello, I have purchased this motorcycle and I do not know what model it is, I do not have documentation and I would like to get it and start to restore
Hola ,he adquirido está motocicleta y no sé qué modelo es , no tengo documentación y me gustaría conseguirla y empezar a restaurar
David Linares, jaen ,España Image posted to Comments

Sept 26 2017
A UK enthusiast at armchairbiker.com is keen to identify this Greek three-wheeler. It is similar to Naxos, Pitsos and others, but note the Earles style forks.

Engine appears to be an air-cooled Sachs around 50cc.

The trucklette was photographed on the the Greek island of Milos.

  • Image posted to the gallery to also to Comments


douglas_rueda at hotmail.com

Good day. A friend is writing a book about the first cars and motorcycles that came to Colombia. Most of the pictures I have been able to identify except this one. The picture was taken in Bogota Colombia. Quality is not to good and is all I got. The picture is dated 1914. It would be great if you could help me with the id. Thanks Douglas Rueda
Douglas Rueda
Medellin Colombia

Sidecar-Combination-1915c-Columbia posted in Comments - click the link.

Sat, 05 Aug 2017
gabrisx at gmail.com
not known about 1925

Hi, I nead help. Dos anyone know any thing abouth this engine? I have found it in Lithuania. It looks like something from NEW IMPERIAL or Royal Enfield about 1925 years, but I cant find information... Thanks for help
Birzai Lithuania

Engine Number: RSRO32 RAL 1537 298cc (or RSR032)
Not 1928 Blackburne, nor NSU.

Mystery-Engine-RSR032-298cc-04b.jpg posted in Comments

Thu, 24 Aug 2017
bobmcgrath21 at hotmail.com
Raleigh 1932

The RSRO Ral32 engine is a Sturmey Archer engine fitted to a Raleigh in 1932. Raleigh and Sturmey Archer were the same firm but Sturmey Archer/Raleigh engines were sold to other motorcycle manufacturers and used different letters on the engine to identify which firm they had sold the engine to. This one was used by Raleigh themselves.
Bob McGrath
Vic Australia

Later, Bob McGrath wrote:

I was responding to a request in the 'mystery' page. If I remember rightly the owner was in Lithuania. One of the Baltic states anyway. He posted a photo of a very sad side valve engine which he thought was a New Imperial or Royal Enfield but I knew it was a Raleigh. For once he was an enquirer who also posted the engine number as well which made life much easier.

Sturmey Archer and Raleigh were synonymous for donkeys years. I don't know which was the parent company, I've never really thought about it. They always used the Sturmey Archer name for transmissions both cycle and motorcycle plus when they sold Raleigh engines to other manufacturers, eg, Coventry Eagle and Dunelt. Possibly Graces Guide would clarify things. My sole interest in Sturmey Archer/Raleigh stems from searching for info on Sturmey Archer gearboxes. I accumulated info on Raleigh as well, bit hard not to as they are so intertwined.

Mon Mar 20 2017
bsa63goldstar at yahoo.com
Identitiy of this German motorcycle
Picture is from the early 50's, taken in Germany.  Hope someone can help identify.
Morgan Hill

Mystery-German-1950s-MHUK posted in Comments.

Mon Apr 10 2017
gerhardbartenschlager at yahoo.de
1927 unknown
Hi !
I own a Villiers, not restaurated yet, but I do not know about manufacturer of the motorcycle. Do you have an Idea? Maybe a additionla pricing idea ??
Southern Germany

I suspect it may be a much-modified DKW or similar. A list of marques fitted with Albion boxes has so far revealed no German machines, and the frame is distinctly German. Villiers engines were fitted many machines, some of them German. Again, I've drawn a blank.

Images posted to FB and Comments

The bike was identified as a circa 1928 Coventry-Eagle, and the thread moved to that page. To date, there has been no response from the owner.

<wiggrod at gmail.com>
Rodney Wigg
Motorcycle Identification

I would like help identifying the motorcycle in the attached photo.
It´s a photo of my grandfather taken in Australia during the 1930's so I would dearly love to find out what it is.

Thanks in advance

Ed. The chassis is a flat-tank with no brakes, the fourstroke engine possibly a bit later. The riding boots and clothing would suggest a Light Horse member returned from service, but the boots are not Australian Light Horse issue.


<paulgarson at aol.com>
Paul Garson
Los Angeles
mystery bikes
Please identify
Here are a few more German machines that need clarification...
all help appreciated. Thank you.
Paul Garson <paulgarson at aol.com>

Images posted to the Mysteries gallery

New to the site...please identify the following bikes as seen in original photos in my collection.
Thank you.

Images posted to the Mysteries gallery and to Facebook

Paul Garson
Thu Jul 09 2015
gabbyconorthomas at hotmail.com
Trying to identify motorcycle/invalid chair
Hello. I recently acquired this photo that was taken circa WW2 and was with a group of other photos from Germany. Any idea who may of made this machine? Thanks very much! Charles.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The image has been posted to the Mysteries gallery. It is very similar to the Meyra invalid carriage.

Tue May 15 2012
Unknown Motorcycle
not Shure (maybe Automoto) unknown
Do you guy have an idea, what kind of Motorcycle we start to restore? we have no papers and found nothing about it at the www.


Please. if you had any hints. let us know.

best regards from switzerland
Mystery-Automoto-qq.jpg posted 1205

Wed Feb 15 2012
Sarolea 350cc ?????
Bitte senden sie für weitere Informationen mehrere Bilder an: sarom(at)spatico.de


Mon Mar 12 2012
egardner1970<at>gmaildot com
Mystery two stroke engine with lightning bolt logo
NSU? 125
I have run across an engine that I cannot identify!
Tennessee, USA

Mystery Twostroke TN

Fri Sep 30 2011
mystic mc
unknown unknown
Who can tell me what this is for an model,greatful for answers

Mystery R Sweden

Thu Aug 18 2011
tommynorton<at>ntlworlddot com
panther m75
i have this 2 piece frame was told it might be norton or panther and idea

Fri Aug 12 2011
I have bought this motorcycle thinking it was a Jawa. Ended up it is NOT. Can you help me identify which maker and model is it? I want to restore it and don't know where to start at.

Sun Oct 26 2014
maxxengland at yahoo.co.uk
Mystery Two Stroke
Twin port 2 stroke, in cream. Tank badge is NSU, it's bigger than a Pony, so perhaps a 200?

Entry moved to NSU

Sat Jun 04 2011
cspecken<at>yahoodot com
Help identify motorcycles
Hi, my grandpa has a bunch of old bikes. I am not sure what all of them are or what year the bikes maybe. Can you help identify some of them? Here is a link to some of the pictures that I recently took. I know some are AJS and BSA but would like to know what year or how to tell. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Also, any info on how much some of these bikes might be worth in there current state.

Thanks in advance, Chris
California, USA

Mystery-British-CA-1.jpg will be posted 1106-2

Engine and frame numbers would help greatly in their identification. Ed.

Tue Feb 22 2011
Unknown Unknown
Any chance you could identify this Motorcycle I saw in France?

Mystery French Twostroke

Sun Sep 05 2010
didjawh3<at>hotmaildot com
JAP Motorbikes
approx 1924 v twin
I have a motorbike which i was told was a Raliegh it has a vee twin JAP motor but i can not fine any engine number that matches i think its a JAP motorbike
Eng.# 8/68640 EXTD
Frame 35008T
Gear box CRS NA
if you can help me thanks very much Allen Potter if any one knows what it is please let me know Thank you

It the engine is a JAP then it's probably not a Raleigh as it appears they did not use JAP engines. Ed.

Mystery JAP c1924 Australia

Fri Jun 04 2010
skochavi<at>hotmaildot com
Marque unknown
Can somebody recognize this MC. The photo was taken 1931 !!

  • I think it may be an Armor, made in France. Ed.
The bike is believed to be a Zurcher-engined Armor. Info moved to the Armor page.

Sat May 22 2010
tomhawkins-<at>hotmaildot com
Mystery Moped
Ducati debramatic?
Hi there,

I recently purchased a moped to refurbish, the engine says Ducati and there is a emblem on the frame that says Debramatic.

i have looked all over the internet but cant seem to find it anywhere, so i was wondering if you could help me figure out what it is.

Its a 50cc 2 stroke if that helps

  • There is an Itom Debramatic, but it does not appear to be one of those. Ed.

Debramatic Moped

Sun Apr 04 2010
captainso-slow<at>hotmaildot com
kids wassell
??? 50cc triles
i am trying to find a photo of and any info on whot i thing is a 1970 ish kids wassell i have asked round and have been told whot it is but cant find anthing on this bike any help would be grate thanks ian

  • Can you send the engine and frame numbers please? Ed.

Mystery Minibike Cornwall

Sat Mar 20 2010
craven.bob<at>gmaildot com
Help Identifying Motorcycle
This is a picture of a motorcycle my Dad bought for me and my brother in 1972. It was used and my Dad said it was no more than 3 years old. It was purchased in OK from a Ducati dealer, but I am certain it was not a Ducati. The bike was orange if that helps,.

Mystery Twostroke Minibike Texas

Sat Feb 06 2010
vrod100 at earthlink.net
Need to know
Dont know mini
Please help identify
Engine and Frame Numbers: 14651
cal USA

Mystery Indian Minibike

Thu Dec 31 2009
david.zwingel at sendit.nodak.edu
Can you identify this bike?
German? Unknown
My father went back to visit his family in Schaubach Germany, near Nurenberg, in the mid 50's. I have a photo of him on a bike and I am not able to identify the make and model. Can you help identify this bike?
Rugby ND USA

  • The engine looks very much like a Puch. Ed.

Mystery Zwingel

Fri Dec 11 2009
rsivley at sbcglobal.net
What kind of bike is this?
Gentlemen, i was wondering if you might be able ti identify this motorcycle my mother is sitting on. Circa 1950S?

1950s Twostroke Earles Forks

Thu Oct 08 2009
threesixty at op.pl
Motorcycle identification
British-german vintage bike 1 cylinder OHV around 300cc
I'm not sure about my bike bought by my dad in 70's. Please let me know if you can identify any parts here. In document it is a '1936 Triumph 350' but it doesn't match. Pictures are here http://cinas2.webd.pl/triumph/ and here http://cinas2.webd.pl/triumph/silnik/


Wed Oct 07 2009
tbaat at hotmaildot com
Mystery motorcycle in Norway
Can anyone tell me what kind of motorcycle this is?

Mystery Pioneer Norway

Sun Jul 26 2009
yves.van.moerbeke at telenet.be
Another "What's this bike"...

I've recently recuired a motorcycle frame from a good friend, who got it from his cousin, who got it from...

These are the facts,
- Tiger-Gabel front end
- Magura gas-throttle
- Sachs wheels
- Karate guy emblem on the tanks
- Plunger suspension
- Bosh horn (made in Gernmany, importe D'Alemagne) imported from Germany in French.

I've seen pretty much every picture on the net, regarding old bikes, I've seen them all, NSU, Express, Lion Rapide, BSA, DKW, etc...

Maybe you guys have an idee???

Mystery Motorcycle - 1950's Plunger

Tue Jun 16 2009
kubenikova at palmsoft.sk
help with identification
I do not know Victoria
hello, I have a bike with a motor and I would like to know, what kind is it - it should be Victoria bike. I would like to sell it, because I do not now how to renovate it (I am a woman) Please can you take a look at it? Thanks, Miroslava Kubenikova, Slovakia

Mystery-Victoria-1.jpg posted in the Victoria Gallery

Sun May 17 2009
onypm at poczta.fm
If you can help Me.
What is this motorcycle ?

Mystery JAP SV Poland

Wed May 13 2009
jrpowell1 at hotmaildot com
Unknown make of motorcycle
Hello again,
Having succesfully sent the first bike picture [a Sparkbrook] I have another one that I am not sure of the make. The bike is being sat upon by my grandmother's sister and her daughter -the other is her husband and my greatgrandfather.
Thanks for you help.

Vintage Motorcycle AW6401

Thu May 07 2009
paulgarson at aol.com
identification of WWII era mc
Can someone please identify the mc's seen in the attached photos..
part of my book project.
Thank you.
Los Angeles

Sun May 03 2009
herbert.stelzl at linde-mh.at
Ganna? ?? 175ccm Jap /s
Welches motorrad ist das?

The bike does not appear to be Panther, BSA, Ariel or Raleigh. Can anyone identify this machine?

Sloper, Austria

Mon Apr 27 2009
weberice07 at msndot com
need bike id
Villiers not sure
father left bike to me but never knew what it was .frame #24mcs/2/1390.engine type 36a #086eC1613

Thu Apr 09 2009
dogjacket at netspace.net.au
Autocycle Motor identification
Rex? Minerva? Circa 1903
Could you please identify this autocycle motor? Crankcase dia.approx. 200mm, overall height approx. 400mm. It is a 4stroke with the exhaust valve controlled by 'slipper' running a groove in flywheel, inlet valve is a spring suction valve. Would appreciate some feedback, regards.
Brisbane, Australia

About the mystery pioneer single monocylinder engine shown on your site, I think it's a Motosacoche 1905 MT which has a atmospheric inlet and mechanical exhaust (225 cubic centimeters). Another version has been built in 1907 but this one is the former one.
All my best
Mystery Pioneer Single

Tue Mar 31 2009
graeme.laslett AT ozemail.com.au
identify engine
unknown ? unknown ?
Hello , could someone please help me to identify this engine , it is metric and of 150cc capacity . Regards Graeme

thanks for the reply and intrest . This engine has two engine
numbers , one on magneto side [17529] and one on crankcase and cylinder
barrell [r40537] . It has a hodaka type of gearbox selectors [ball bearings]
and has forward type of linkage for gear changes .Regards Graeme Lasslett

150cc Twostroke 150cc

Sun Apr 05 2009
puiugh at gmaildot com
Moped identification
Motori Minarelli Safari ?????
Attached photos of an unidentified moped. Please let me know what model is the moped, eventually where I can find technical details.
Bucharest, Romania

Minarelli Fantic Moped

Sat Feb 21 2009
jonpall at jonpalldot com
Trying to identify make and model
Hi. I'm trying to identify this make and model: http://www.motorhjolasafn.is/...44:molar
Any help would be appreciated.
Jon Pall - Iceland
Reykjavik Iceland

Sat Jan 24 2009
waynes.world.1970 at hotmail.co.uk
motor minarelli
anyone please help me out with this min bike it has twin delloto carbs and think is 50 cc any info pls and also a promo expanshion chamer

Sat Feb 28 2009
waynes.world.1970 at hotmail.co.uk
i have a minarelli v1
race bike motor minarelli
the bike has a one of exhaust twin dellortto carburetters a vespa syle spit wheel rim the race number 9 on the front the bike runs and is very fast on little wheels here are some pics its got no frame number on it i think its a factory racer i dont no all the best wayne

Minarelli Mystery Bike

Tue Nov 11 2008
vonslaps at yahoo.co.uk
Italian 1950s Motorcycle
I wonder if you can help me. I owned a very strange Italian bike in the early 1960s. It resembled a torpedo, with just the seat pole, and a 'T' shaped control 'column ' sticking out of the torpedo body. It had very small wheels, and really was a strange beast. I have searched the net, but found nothing. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.
Kindest Regards, Dave Parkinson.

Fri Sep 26 2008
manuel.kanalz at gmx.at
please help me!
hy ! ive found this vehicle. but i dont know which make or model is it?
could you help me?
it have an MOTORI MINARELLI motor.
whats the price of this vehicle?

GREETINGS and thnx

Minarelli-engined car

Tue Jun 03 2008
kander at 3rivers.net
What bike is this?
Do you know what kind of bike this is? It has a Triumph Terrier engine in it, but I think the bike is something else. Any help? Thank you


Sat Dec 20 2008
zuzka.bilkova at seznam.cz
the unknown bike
Triumph Custom 1
I recognize the frame and fork with wheels and tank, it is CZ 125 T made in the years 1947-49

Tue Apr 15 2008
Lborgand at hotmaildot com
I have recntly purcased the attached motorcycle and dont know what make or model it is.
Can you assist


Wed Dec 05 2007
robertiannello at msn.com
make, model & year of motorcycle
trying to find out
Hello, I am trying to find out what make/model/year this motorcycle would be. These photos were taken in Germany. Any help would be appreciated, thank you,
Detroit, MI. U.S.A.

The bike is possibly a German MA or Mars machine, but I can find no match, or it may possibly be an Italian MAS. I have a listing for a German MAS, but no information as yet. Rego plate on this on is IVB-36272. 


Sun Nov 25 2007
leighhassell at hotmaildot com
Unknown Motorcycle

I was hoping you might be able to help identify what make & model this bike is. I found it in a shed and only have these 2 photos of it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou


Sun Oct 28 2007
mhenrich at optonline.net
1950's Germany
attached is a picture of my grandfather, can you tell me who made this motorcycle?

Registration Plate: IX-235258


Sat Oct 20 2007
r.tolman at zonnet.nl
Hello: Who can tell me, who the manufacturer of this bike is? On the frame is the letter M with the number 554.
The motor is a J.A.P 250cc four stroke with the number poz/D 38369/SBO. Thank you; Ron

Mystery JAP 250 2.jpg
Mystery JAP 250 2

Sun Oct 07 2007
antoniosantosoliveira at gmaildot com
Villiers De-Luxe

I'm portuguese and I have this (almost) beautiful machine. I only know the Villiers motor. Could you tell me which bike is that?
Thank You

Mystery Veteran Villiers 31.jpg
Mystery Veteran Villiers 31

Sat Sep 22 2007
info at lankester.nl
what is this

could some one tell me who the manufactur of this autocycle is, which model and in what year it was build. See for more information the photos. Thank you verry much. mike
ne utrecht
Tue Mar 30 2010
terry.liversidge<at>skydot com
mystery autocycle NL
Excelsior possible v1,v2,s1,g2.
i have a number of Excelsior motor cycles inclueding Autocycles. to me the machine has many fetures of the early type. for more informatoin please email me. twobytwo2
plymouth england

Mystery Autocycle NL.jpg
Mystery Autocycle NL

Sat Sep 08 2007
motormonge44 at yahoodot com
Triumph L150?
German built Triumph L150?
A friend of mine from Cincinatti has an old motorcycle (in boxes) he brought back from Germany some 15 years ago. He says the bike is a Triumph L150, from 1957, but the manual is printed in German. Is this a TWN model? Have not found much on the web for L150's. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. He would like to restore it at some time in the future. Thank you for your time.
New Hampshire, USA

Tue Sep 04 2007
shailyamanyu at yahoodot com
Mystery Bike
not sure, the engine and the rear drum says 'SACHS'
Hi, i intend to restore this bike which says "PRIOR - NURNBERG" on the rear mudguard. the Engine however has a SACHS 'S' logo and the rear wheel drum has 'SACHS' on it. The photographs are enclosed. Can you help me identify the bike?? i look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Shailyamanyu , India
The bike is definitely not a veteran, The engine is 150/175 CC Sachs. The registration certificate says 1956 as the year of manufacture. Enclosed please find another picture of the bike.. a complete one.Any guesses?? I appreciate your help

Prior Viscount was a marque from Nürnberg produced from around 1935 to 1955. Many models were based on the the Hercules Sachs 175.

Prior Sachs

Thu Aug 16 2007
bhoyer at shaw.ca
1928 FDK (i think it had a side car)
i'm writing my father-in-laws life story, and am trying to find a photo of this particular motorcycle..would u be able to help me?

I'm sorry, I have no record of an FDK motorcycle. Have you any other information which may help identify the machine? Thanks so much for your quick reply! .. I just talked to my father-in-law again, and he says that he actually had 7 motorcycles when he lived in Germany!! These are the ones that he could remember off the top of his head...

1. 'FN'...1932 500 c.c. He thinks this was built in Belgium<
2. Opel...1926 500 c.c.
3. NSU 1937 200 c.c. ..(German?)
4. Triumph ..single cylinder..250..or 200 c.c.
5. DKW (late 30's) 100 c.c. German...

If you could locate a picture of any of these, that would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Bonnie Hoyer

FN 1932 - FN Gallery
Opel Motorcycles
NSU 1937 - NSU Gallery
Triumph was probably a German TWN Triumph - images here
DKW gallery

Mon Aug 13 2007
jan.huys at telenet.be
Vehicle with Franco Morini engine
Hi there,
A few years ago, I bought this vehicle with a Franco Morini engine. This is the only information I have. Probably 49 cc.
Is there anybody who can help me further. Brand? Technical information, etc..
Thanks you very much !
Belgium (Deinze)

Mystery FMM Belgium.jpg
Mystery FMM Belgium

Tue Aug 07 2007
simmondssteve at hotmaildot com
Mystery Motorcycle

I'm writing to ask if anyone could shed some light on the motorcycle in the photo. It's a photo taken in the late 1930's in Oxford, England of my grandfathers bike and any information to the bikes make and model etc, would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Steve Simmonds.
Cape Town

Mystery Twinport 1930s Oxford.jpg
Mystery Twinport 1930s Oxford

Mon Jun 11 2007
enrique at conectcor.com.br
José Enrique dos Reis

Preciso de Infomrações para restaurar esta Moto conforme foto.
Translation: Necessary of Infomrações to restore this Motion in agreement photo.

Mystery twostroke Brazil.jpg
Mystery twostroke Brazil

Sun Jun 10 2007
Need help for ID of bike in picture. Shown is my father Early 1950's in Hong Kong. Thank you.
Los Angeles
ID'd as an Enfield & moved here

Thu Jun 07 2007
martin-broom at msndot com
Can you help identify this bike
Matchless ?
This is my grand dad about the late 1940's but I am not sure of the make and model, can anyone help?

Registration No. ZI 3208

Mystery sidevalve UK c1945.jpg
Mystery sidevalve UK c1945

Wed May 16 2007
teva at pcuf.fi
unknow model (motor is FM)

Hello, I bought this moped from my friend. I have no idea what model it is.

Motor is Franco Motori Minarelli.

I have to change all bearings. Unfortenately, I managed to brake one gear.

Does somebody know what model is this minicrossmoped?

And does anybody know where I could ask for that gear?

Regards, Tero

Mystery bike with Franco Morini engine 1.jpg
Mystery bike with Franco Morini engine 1

May 07
donny.wirawan at gmaildot com
,,,and an old small engine frame i'd like to ask you,,,could you please advise me what frame is that ? no number on it. Appreciate your advise, my friend.


Mystery frame Donnyl Indonesia.jpg
Mystery frame Donnyl Indonesia

Wed Apr 11 2007
jzoleary at comcast.net
Can you identify?
I stumbled accross your site and I am hoping that you can assist me in identifying this motorcycle. I beleive it is German and dates back to roughly 1920. Thank You

The logo appears to be three or four letters beginning with M or N, but I don't think it's a NUT. Ed.

Mystery Twenties Motorcycle Minnesota.jpg
Mystery Twenties Motorcycle Minnesota

5th March 2007
rvwebb at tryteldot com
We had trouble sending the picture initially. This is my wifes grandmother and great grandparents taken in Great Britain probably around 1920. Any information on the type of motorcycle would be appreciated. Thank
you Ron Webb

Going by the logo on the tank, which I cannot quite read, candidates include Carlton, Campion, Charlton, Corydon, and Coulson. The first letter may be a G.
Registration Number: AU-1584


Thu Feb 15 2007
gossan at shaw.ca
Nineteen twenties JAP motor

I would greatly appreciate some information about the JAP-motor driven machine in this old family photo.
Thank you.
Jas. Stewart, Vancouver.
Vancouver, BC

Registration Plate: OI-5856 Mystery JAP Bobby & Granny.jpg
Mystery JAP Bobby & Granny

Sun Feb 04 2007
elviogio at alice.it

1) Sorry for my english !
 2) I have a very old motor-cycle, but i know nothing about it. I don't know the trade-mark and model also. Can you help me, please?
 3) Photo.
Elvio G. (Italy)

Mystery Franco Morini Moped.jpg
Mystery Franco Morini Moped

Jan 17th 2007
I don't like new shiny paint on my bike. Healthy engine & tranny, good wheels ( & brakes) and strong frame is the most important thing to maintenance, in order to keep the bike runs well daily. Any parts on my bike has it original paint and list, except for the rims. Even if I need to paint my bike, I would rather to use brush than spray gun.

My brother has just finished my other bike. I use more than 5 brands of bikes ( with different year ) to become 1 complete bike. It's not only because not too easy to find British classic bike parts in Indonesia but also I like to be different. He sent me her picture ( attached ) couples weeks ago. And he said the bike is running well right now.


I'm sorry for late reply. It's my pleasure to inform you about my bike. She has :

* 1949 Norton front rim and brake shoe
* 1938 Norton fork
* 1941 Harley WLA wheels
* 1953 Ariel front and rear mudguard
* Norton lamp
* 1941 WLA bar & gas grip
* Douglas gas tank ( I think,,, )
* 1953 Ariel NH frame & oil tank
* 1938 BSA Z24 crankcase
* 1956 BSA cylinder and cyl head
* Keihin carb ( hard to find good Amal here )
* Home made exhaust
* 1956 BSA gearbox
* WLA seat
* Indian rear stand

Please correct me if you find something wrong between list above and the picture. Thank you.


Wed Jan 10 2007
possible Viliers f4 / f6 engine?
... identify:frame No:WMC384H; Engine No:739A18795: Reg Plate: MZ 9003....

.....Jim is quite right. His bike is a 1956 Sun powered with a 98cc 4F Villiers engine. Both frame and engine numbers are correct ....
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Tue Dec 05 2006
henk.uyttenhove at kawanda.be
Try to find the making of bike of grandfather

I have recently found a photo of my grandfather and his bike. He past away a lot of years ago and I don't know the making of his bike. Can you help?

The logo is somewhat like Csepel, and also a bit like Goricke, but I don't think it's either of those.


Nov 21st 2006
trudesurf at yahoodot com

This is the first time that I have attached a file/photo to an e-mail. I hope you get the photo. PLEASE let me know. This is a photo of my dad and his ride. I can not make out, the make. Can you help? I know he owned two PUCH motorcycles, from other photos I found of him. Perhaps, you can help me on this bike. Many, many thanks!


The bike appears to be an OHC twinport with possibly girder forks and ridid rear end, probably German, early post war. It's a little like some Bianchis, but the tank logo does not match. It's certainly not a Puch, and does not appear to be a Victoria or an NSU. Ed.


Tue Nov 07 2006
rauschmike at yahoo.de
Motori Minarelli
I've got a 50cc vehicle with a motori minarelli engine. The bike was build in 1973. I can't never find any information about this.
Thank you for your answer.
Greetings from Germany,

Wed Oct 18 2006
stuartsymonds at btinternetdot com
what frame is this to?
james i think
Can you tell me if you know which model of james these frames are for, the first one has t364i stamped on the neck, and the other has L644 on one side and Z on the other, please see attached photo. any help grately appreciated stoke

Fri Oct 13 2006
jed53226 at comcast.net
old motorcycle engraved in italian watch
I have an old watch that shows an early italian man riding one of the first motorcycles.What model could it be, and would it necessarily be italian manufacture? The front has the words ferrove dello stato with superieure underneath on a ribbon motife. Thanks juoneene spataro
colorado USA

Can anyone offer a translation of "ferrove dello stato superieure" found on this railroad watch? Ed.

[Image Italian Gold Watch.jpg has been misplaced. Ed]

Sat Sep 23 2006
Pushboater at junodot com
need identification
There is a famous photograph of WW1 German flying ace Werner Voss standing next to his V-Twin motorcycle. I'm trying to identify the make and model. any help would be appreciated.
Maryville, IL

Mon Sep 25 2006
rok.makovec at gmaildot com
I would like to know mark

I have an older cross motorbike. I would like to know which model or mark is this bike. I can not get this information for a long time. If you know this mark please tell me. Thank you very much.
I am sending you pictures of logo from motorbike if you accidentally know which mark is this motorbike.

Thank you for your help and answer

Rok Makovec, Slovenia, EU

mw logo.jpg

Mon Sep 18 2006
jzoltekjr at yahoodot com
I have serial numbers from the frame and engine. What do I have? Engine # B1608-B
Frame # B1608

I don't pretend to be an expert, but I've seen an awful lot of motorcycles and I've never seen anything like this one. Is there a BSA logo on the castings anywhere? What makes you believe it is a BSA? Anything else on it which may help identify it?

Several oddities which no doubt others have commented on - the gearbox appears to be mounted back to front, putting the kickstart & gearchange on the left side. The engine is all alloy, rare on an early postwar model and indicating that it may be a competition model. The pushrod tubes are mounted fore & aft. The rockerboxes are most unusual.

There are no tags or logos on the engine, trans, or frame whatsoever. I do not even know if it is a BSA. I thought that the "plunger" type of frame(shocks above and below the rear wheel) looked like a BSA. I do think it is English. It has a seat on it that has the word "Denfeld", one of the pegs has "Bates" on it, and the top of the carburetor has "AMAL" on it and says it was made in England. The shape of the engine looks like a BSA. Other than that I don't have a clue to what it is. If it is not a BSA do you have any ideas on what it may be? Also do you think it is pre-war? If you need more pictures let me know and I'll take some more.

The Denfeld seat may be a clue - this is a German brand, rarely fitted to British machines. If the seat appears to be correct for the frame, then it seems possible the bike is Continental, and most likely of the early postwar era. Is there a brand on the magneto or sparkplugs? Good news,
My friend took the cap off the primary and low and behold on the inside of the cap it says "BSA 65-3364". I've looked the ignition over and it has no markings. The spark plugs are "Allstate 60210". The seat looks like it was adapted to fit as do the bicycle handle bars and the fuel tank. I do hope that number helps with identifying this machine.
Thanks again,
Sun Aug 26 2007
britemple at etigers.net
Mystery bikes
Mon Sep 18 2006
The bike is a 1951 Indian Warrior by the serial # you gave and those match, as they should. It is U.S. made and displaces 30.5 cubic inches or 500 cc. It appears fairly complete except for the chopper stuff like the tank and ape hangers, as well as the denfeld seat.

Indian Warrior 1951 1.jpg
Indian Warrior 1951 1

Wed Aug 30 2006
Xerox-repro-services at honeywelldot com
1959 125cc jb or Jay-be or jr berliner
I'm seeking info including pictures

I have no information on such a machine. Where do you believe it was made? ...............
I don't know for sure where it was built, I think it was Germany. It was my first motorcycle, It had a Sach engine, it was a 3 speed shift on the handlebar. I don't know if jay-be, or j-Be was a model
or if it was a brand, it looked similar to some of the Zundapp bikes I've seen.
Thank You

It sounds like it may be the model, rather than the marque, John. The
handlebar shift makes me wonder if it was perhaps a scooter. No photos,
I suppose? .................
I thank you for your time and info but it was not a scooter it was a motorcycle, when you rode it you had to stradle the gas tank. I don't know if it helps but the ignition key was on the top of the headlight, it was red with a white seat and chrome sides on the gas tank.
Thank you

Sat Aug 26 2006
roberindian at yahoo.co.uk
Help wanted please on identification,
Modele depose No 74
Hi everyone,
please can someone help me identify this bike i have just bought,on the tank there is a decal showing a fox or wolfs head,its hand change, side valve, & on left crankcase it says- modele depose No 74,
anyone know what it is, or what year of make.

belfast, N, Ireland

Thankyou for replying to me & my question about my bike, i had it running at the weekend all seems ok, its very solidly made & of very good quality workmanship, its still on its original french number plates, in fact the whole bike is very original, even the silencer still has its fish tail end.

My main collection of bikes are 1939- 45 ex war dept, british & american, i bought this unknown bike off a friend of mine who had it in his garage for years, he never did anything to it, but at the time would not sell it, my first interest in it was that i thought it my be ex war dept, & i think he sold it to me for that reason,

When i got it home & cleaned it, i soon realised it is much earlier than that, i think its 1930s , where ever its been kept in the past in france, someone has really looked after it, if it wasnt for the tyres & control cables, you could have started it & rode off on it, overall condition is very good, only slight surface rust in small places, very slight at that, i will get some photos as soon as possible, & send them to you,

thankyou again for all your help, Robbo .

..any ideas where i might get a dynamo for it.
thankyou for your help so far, im sorry to give you all this trouble with this bike, the logo is on both tank sides & frame headstock, it is a lion or wolf, in a gold & green square,the frame down tube also has a gold & green band around it, there is nothing at all on tank rubbers, the foot peg rubbers have a logo on them, & so does the magneto on a brass plate, the headlamp has a large F in a blue circle, i am not at home at the moment, this computer is in the library, when i get home i will look straight away, the bike is much cleaner now, i have removed the rear rack & fitted the lifting handle that came with the bike, also fitted new tyres, i went out on it yesterday for a quick run, the library doesnt open again untill next tuesday, so i will reply then,

thanks again robbo

I managed to get on a computer to send you these details on the bike,

on the footrest rubbers it says (remember)
the headlamp glass has a large M in the middle of a blue shield, saying (marchal)
Engine No is -142116
Magneto says on a brass plate -Morel -La sone, isere, type G1
rear light has brass plate on side saying, ( Luminor )-depose,
control levers, throttle, air, mag, ect, have Saker-Levalois on them,
on the tank & frame head stock, it is a lion or wolfs head in gold & black
with a light green back ground, with a black frame around it,
thanks again for your help

Here's what we have so far:

Logo depicts a lion or wolf's head in gold & black with a light green back ground, with a black frame around it
Large dia Marchal headlight, has large M in blue circle (on lens?)
Large distinctive tyre pump mounted on rhs of forks which appears to be OEM.
Unit construction SV engine which appears to be around 350/500cc, Engine No is -142116
modele depose No 74 on crankcase
Magneto - Morel -La sone, isere, type G1
Control levers, throttle, choke and magneto by Saker-Levalois
Mid 30s styling.

Can anyone help with identification? Ed.

mystery-bike-ireland-model 74

Sat Aug 26 2006
winstead at spamcop.net
Make of this old bike


Some of us who hang out on the Flickr photo site would like to identify this old bike that is apparently still running in Israel.
flickr.com/photos/journalism/224381099/ (404)

Any idea of the make and model?
central California

Thu Aug 17 2006
wdbikerider at yahoodot com
Engine Identification

I'm trying to identify a pair of older two stroke engines. Left side kickstarter. Right side heel toe shifter. The only identifying marks are an Italian manufactured flywheel assembly, and a white medallion with an M sitting over a W. I'd like to know what it is, as I'm building a vintage racer out of an old Rickman Zundapp (that no longer has an engine). Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.
Seattle area

July 06
I have no idea what this is and I was hoping you could shed a little lite on it.

When I got it, it had one of the early Harley-Davidson carbs on it Which some other fellow just had to have. Now I have purchased A four ball something or otheer to take its place.
Well, I hope you can give me a hint. No writing other than a serial no. 1304 stamped on each half up near the cylinder mount on the front of the motor.

Jim Lehman
402 east 41st St.
Hibbing, Mn. 55746

Wed Feb 10 2010
didier.huslin<not-at>resistancedot com
mystery engine minnesota
Diamant unknown
I think I have an idea about this DeDion Bouton compatible mono engine. I need more pict of it, especially a close look of the left case (if possible). It might be a La Française-Diamant engine made by french engine company l'Aster but I really need more precise picts.
All my best
Nantes (France)


Thu Jun 29 2006
tatu.keranen at mail.suomi.net
is this bike FN
Can anyone identify this bike? Can it be FN?
Finland, Oulu


Thu May 25 2006
robnchris96 at yahoodot com
I have recently come across this bike and i am not sure what it is and how much it is worth. If anyone has any info please let me know.
phone: 435-531-3901


Sun Sep 17 2006
bobmcgrath21 at hotmaildot com
Mystery bike Utah

The engine in this bike is a 125cc Villiers type 9D. Current from the mid 30's through to 1948. It was used in a great number of different makes but given the colour,the general style and shape of the inlet manifold and its location I'd say it is a James ML. The ML stands for Military Lightweight but the majority of ML's were made just after WWII and sold into the US. Quite a few have survived and they have an active fan base. The headlight is not original and I suspect the tank is a ring in also. Cheers, Bob
Had a closer look.The engine info is right but it isn't a James as the james had the engine unit mounted at an angle with the rear higher than the front so the cylinder sloped forwards. Definitely British, definitely Villiers powered. Cheers, Bob

Sun May 21 2006
munsell64 at yahoodot com
villiers motorcycle
I have a motorcycle with a villiers engine type 9E s# 455B/2452 and on the frame #H560339. ...

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Sun Feb 26 2006
maciejkuzma at gazeta.pl [but bounces]
I own this motorcycle but i don't know exactly what it is. I don't have any documents. It only has a number on the engine with letter "S". I'm looking for any information or documents.

Is there any further information you can send to help with identification - the tank pads, for instance, is there anything on them, a symbol perhaps?

Mystery Bike Poland 0602.jpg
Mystery Bike Poland 0602

Feb 14th 2006
libero <ebarbantini at libero.it>
Dear Sirs,

Please help me to understand which kind of motorcycle is the one described in the attached photos. I would refurbish it at best as the original, but the only informations I have ... is the rusty moto.



Tue Feb 07 2006
davidwithers at metronet.co.uk
Old Bike Mystery
I am not a motorcyclist but I enjoy visiting this website to see pictures of old bikes and read about them.

Another site that I like to visit, www.vintagebike.co.uk, is showing a very appealing photo of an early motorcycle and sidecar with a request for identification. See vintagebike.co.uk/Bike-Directories/Period-Pictures/pages/Unknown-Outfit.htm (404). I have no connection with that site but decided to try and identify the bike.

I noticed that it had an Isle of Wight registration but I understand that the early IOW registration records have been destroyed.

I was wondering if anyone on cybermotorcycle.com could help with identification? I've trawled through the amazing collection of photos and info on here but can't make the connection I'm looking for.

Thanks and regards,
David Withers.
Cambs., England


The nearest make I could find was Bradbury or Rover, but I couldn't find enough similarities to nail it to one or the other.

As I mentioned, I am not a motorcyclist - in fact I haven't been since I was about 21, over 40 years ago, and then I only had small bikes and scooters, namely: a 125 Bantam, 125 Royal Enfield, 125Li Lambretta and, finally, a Prior Viscount scooter. I'll outline these in case of any interest but please feel free to skip the rest of this e-mail if you so wish!

The Enfield had a hand gear change and three gears, except 2nd on mine was broken so I had to rev the engine in 1st and then chug in 3rd! I was told that it was produced for the military, for dropping from aircraft. It 'disappeared' when I left it with a bike shop for the magneto to be repaired.

The Prior Viscount had the Messerschmidt bubble car engine with the reverse-running points taken out. It seemed very fast after the little Lambretta but was only 10 bhp! I used to ride 30 miles along country roads from my home to help construct the Santa Pod Raceway each weekend (about 1963). The trip took 1.1/2 hours on the Lambretta but only 3/4 hour on the Prior!

The Prior had the rear wheel deliberately offset from the front, which my local MoT man would not accept without argument. It had twin fuel tanks which frequently cracked and the chain was easily stretched, however I loved it. I believe it started off as a TWN Contessa with an engine having two pistons on a common rod, but they got into difficulties and a German firm by the name of Hercules took over the frames and fitted the Messerschmidt engine. That engine had a drain plug the bottom so the engine had to sit high in the frame and the seat had a recess in it to accept the spark plug! The English pedal cycle firm of Hercules complained about the German company using the name so it was changed to Prior for the UK. All to the best of my fading memory.

I'm interested in all things mechanical, especially where there is a historical connection, which is why I enjoy visiting your wonderful website. I don't have the aptitude for producing my own website but I do try to do my bit in a different way, i.e. my main interest these days is steam railways and I contribute to the website of the Nene Valley Railway where I am leading the 'heavy general overhaul' of a lovely Danish loco (http://www.nvr.org.uk/groups/mechanical/656.htm). I spend two or three days every week on the overhaul, plus roughly another day a week in research, preparing component drawings, etc.

End of textbook!


... I'm having second thoughts about the engine size on the Prior Viscount. I'm now thinking it was 175cc, not 200cc.

Tue jan 31 2006
gg.hows at ntlworlddot com
ref grandads motorcycle
hello, my name is kevin hows and were wondering if anyone there could help me with identifying my great great grandads motorcycle. This was a pic of him taken 90yrs ago, the only other info is that a possible purchase of a similar bike was made by lawrence of arabia! It would put a smile on myself and my dads faces if somebody could shed some light on the motorcycle .thankyou very much, kevin

Mystery great great grandad.jpg
Mystery great great grandad

Sat Jul 16 2005
lance.vanwinkle at comcast.net
Roma mini cycle
Back in the late 1960's my father bought me a little 50cc mini cycle. It was called a Roma. It was Italian of course, 2 stroke with a 3 speed transmission, wire spoke wheels about 10 inches in diameter, step through frame and kind of a candy apple red color as I recall. Anyone have any info or pictures please send to lance.vanwinkle at comcast.net.
Lance Van Winkle

Fri Jul 15 2005
akhileshagarwal2000 at yahoodot com
LOHMANN compression ignition cycle motor
I am a mechanical engineer from India and am looking for a LOHMANN 18cc compression ignition engine for bicycles. It was made in Bielefeld, Germany in 1951-2 and exported to UK and US. Anyone having information or wishing to sell pl email me at akhileshagarwal2000 at yahoodot com

Fri Jan 27 2006
petersterken at home.nl
Mystery motorcycle Paul R Peacock
The machine in the picture is most propably a Seal, built from 1914 to 1921 by Haynes & Bradshaw...

Sun May 15 2005
No email address supplied.
Old motor cycle
Can you ID this
The file C:\Documents and Settings\BLASTER\My Documents\My Pictures\Kodak Pictures\2005-05-13\000-0250.JPG

It turned out to be a Zundapp KS601 - see under Zundapp
Thanks to aejaegermfg at yahoo.ca

Sun Apr 17 2005
kebab at bigpond.net.au
russian bikes
Hi there, have you heard of the russian motorcycle "kvartal" or "kvarta" or something? its a 300cc or thereabouts?

> Sorry, no information on such a model. How did you come across it?

maybe a russian nickname for it
anyway mate thanks for your help

Mystery bike with DKW in background.jpg
Mystery bike with DKW in background

Image sent anonymously March 2005

Wed Apr 13 2005
mm2103 at eresmasdot com
Information about Scooter
Can you say me what is the brand and model of the picture's scooter? I think that it is from Italy

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005
In this moment, I only can say to you that it is a motor´s minarelli with chassis number 0294.
I hope to send to you more information later.
Thank you for your help

I send to you more information about the scooter

A.- Es un motor minarelli (inscripción en el motor FBMNAR-P1 IGM 4343 OM, inscripción en el tubo de escape FBMINAR TIPO G IGM 4887-S).
B.- En el asiento aparece una placa con el nombre ADRIATICA.
C.- En el chasis (donde se mete el asiento) aparece troquelado un número: 0294.
D.- En el foco aparece la inscripción: APRILIA 35991 MOD.DEP. DGM7963PCXLA CROSS LINE.
E.- Los neumáticos son PIRELLI "004JM 2 1/2 - 8 Ciclomotore CM47 MADE IN ITALY".
F.- Espejo manillar marca ORION L e3 43170
G.- Mandos del manillar marca SUPERPRATIC
H.- Año aproximado de la moto 1960.

Por otro lado, sabrán ustedes la dirección email de MOTORI MINERALLI para poder ponerme en contacto con ellos. Muchas Gracias por su colaboración y quedo a la espera de sus noticias.
Melquiades García


If you can shed some light on the origin of these unknown machines, please contact us