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Motosacoche Motorcycles

Manufactured in Switzerland 1899-1957

A Brief History of the Marque: Motosacoche

Henri and Armand Dufaux founded Motosacoche in Switzerland in 1899. The Geneva factory began production of machines with small bicycle engines and soon advanced to the production of MAG-engined motorcycles of 250cc to 1000cc. Achieving world records in 1927, and racing success in 1928 with a grand prix machine built by Englishman Dougal Marchal and ridden by fellow countryman Wal Handley, the marque became enormously successful in the interwar period.

World's Records Claimed
PARIS, September 29
Marchand, on a 550 c.c. Motosacoche motor-cycle, claims to have beaten the world's 50-mile and 100-kilometre records at Montlhery, achieving the former distance in 29min. 37.85sec, and the latter in 33min. 26.49sec.
The Daily News (Perth, WA) Fri 30 Sep 1927
Trove NLA

Motosacoche had factories in Switzerland, France and Italy, and supplied MAG engines to other manufacturers including AJW, Allegro, Brough Superior, Clement... see MAG Engines for a more complete listing.

The French factory was established in the 1920s to overcome the problems with exchange rates, as the Swiss-built machines were becoming too expensive for the French market. The French factory is discussed here: Motosacoche France

Sources: JLB Creations, Wikipedia, Henshaw

olivierpachet at
Bonjour, je possède une Motosacoche BL 250 de 1928 , moteur MAG importé de suisse et fabriquée à Lyon. Auriez vous des infos sur ce modèle ou documents à me vendre. Je recherche aussi les RAL pour le vert et le violet/ grenat.
Cordialement, Olivier Pachet
Hello, I have a Motosacoche BL 250 from 1928, MAG engine imported from Switzerland and manufactured in Lyon. Do you have information on this model or documents to sell me. I'm also looking for RALs for green and purple / garnet. Sorry, have no further information on the model at present. Do not understand the meaning of "RAL".
andrewrusselltate at
Motosacoche Model 2C - VII 4hp 496cc
I wanted to ask you about the reliability of the mag engine for this model, assuming it is set up well
uk That would probably be best answered by a marque specialist. One of the forums listed on the following page may prove helpful: French Resources. (Sorry, no similar Swiss page as yet).
cwazzy at
MAG eng no. 2CXIV44195
Could you please identify the engine size and what would it have been fitted to as I only have the engine.
Les Wassmuth
Ayr, Qld. 4807 Australia
  • There is mention of a discussion of 2CX engines at the bottom of this page: MAG Engines

johndickin9 at
MAG Aircooled 2c X111 40203
Please can you tell me year of manufacture
John Dickin
Walsall UK

  • This page lists 2C13 (for New Map) as 1920-1928: MAG Engines

eruikes at
MAG Motosacoche
looking for a Manual, bike and or engine
E Ruikes
Could you tell me the year and model please?
model 418 year 1931, thnx

  • Have nothing specific to that model. Try hunting through some of the pages listed here: French Resources

jmdth08 at
Tenho motor MAG cuja foto com número de construção envio, agradecendo o especial favor de me informarem de que motorização se trata e qual o valor aproximado para eu vender.
José Manuel Henriques
Leiria, Portugal

Research / information
I have a MAG engine whose photo with a construction number I send, thanking me for the special favor of letting me know what engine it is and what the approximate value for me to sell.

  • No engine number is visible in the photograph. The engine is badly corroded and has parts broken and missing, so the value would be low. Ed.
    A second image was sent, showing the engine number: 2CVII 31425. The following page does not list this number sequence, indicating that it is possibly a competition engine.
    MAG-Engine-Portugal image posted to Comments.

Obrigado pela atenção que me dispensou!

Pensei que tinha enviado foto com o número de motor, que é 2 CV II 31425. Vou tentar enviar foto...

Sim, o aspecto do motor não é bom porque esteve abandonado, pelo menos, 50 anos no sótão de minha casa, ali deixado por meu pai que faleceu em 1970.

Na verdade, o que pretendo é saber através do número do motor quantos c.c. tem, e tentar saber qual o valor aproximado para tentar promover a sua venda ou leilão.

Pode ajudar-me, por favor?

Muito obrigado uma vez mais.


José Manuel Henriques

Thank you for your attention!
I thought I had sent a photo with the engine number, which is 2 CV II 31425. I will try to send a photo ...
Yes, the appearance of the engine is not good because it was abandoned, at least, 50 years in the attic of my house, left there by my father who died in 1970.
In fact, what I want to do is to know from the engine number how many d.c. have, and try to know the approximate value to try to promote your sale or auction.
Can you help me, please?
Thank you very much once again.

  • Sorry, cannot give a guide to value. Yesterdays list a 1912 Gladiator with a 2CVII engine of 495cc.

darrell at
Motosache Mag 1c9 K10
I'm trying to identify the year of production for this engine, any guidance would be appreciated. Serial number is 604217. I have attached a couple of photos.
Darrell Henigman

  • An engine with the prefix 1C9K10 was fitted to a 1929 Model 413 500cc Motosacoche offered by Yesterdays. A post on a Swiss forum reads, "the engine was very probably built in 1930 in a Motosacoche motorcycle type 413th At least I've already seen 8 pieces of such motorcycles that had all your 1C9K10 installed. Also, I have seen 3 pieces of Condor, Type 322 Populaire. They were vintage 1931 and 1932."

    MAG-1c9-K10-DaH-0 images posted to Comments.

info at
Dear Mr. Emu,
my name is Sandra. I just found your website, it is amazing ! I am doing some researches on Motosacoche with the ambition of making a book. I was wondering, if besides you, you could recommend any person with documents or original pictures of Motosacoche. And Even collectors of old Motosacoche. I have met several already in France and Switzerland, but no one in the UK. I thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards.
Sandra Ansanay
oldtimer.marschhofer at
Motosacòche about 1909 ??
UK registrationnumber MX 8644, engine-No. IV 13703, frame made in UK by Raleigh licence ? I bought it in 1987, former owner had a certificate FIA for original condition ?
I have got 2 offers now: 1) € 13000,- from Bavaria and 2) offer € 18500,- from Norway. What is the value please ? I am 83 years old and I start thinking to sell my darling. first photo shows my 1906 yacht, mahagony Segellaenge , "NIXE" built by HEIDTMANN, Hamburg, Germany , wonderful original condition . Would change for a Graef & Stift SR3 1923 , like in Melbourne, AUS, museum, town center . left on photo 146 D is 1904 . NIXE is on the right and some feet in front in this regatta.
Marschhofer Karl
Altmünster/ Neukirchen, Grasberg 58

oldtimer.marschhofer at
Motosacòche Mark IV , 1910, 1 cylinder , 224 ccm, sv
In the Swiss Geneva factory , licence works in North Italy and at Raleigh in the UK more then 190000 Motosacòche /motor bags / in german: "Motortasche" were produced. Most of them landed in private bycycles, as a assistent motor. as conversion from existing private cycle into a "motorcycle".
I want the mountain attachment: v-belt tensioner, which you fit to the vertical frametube by clanps. some people make it self. Do you know a technical drawing.
Karl Marschhofer
Neukirchen bei Altmünster , Grasberg 58 , Austria , Europe
saadm3953 at
11 / 11 1930
I needed motosacoche 500 mag engine with twin pot do you have
Mohammad Saad
  • Motosacoche-1930-500cc-MAG-Saad image posted to Comments.

oldtimer.marschhofer at
Motosacòche Mk 4, Raleigh ? reg-No. MX 8644 ,
M IV, engine-No.13703 where and what year built ? 1911, carb A.M.A.C.
Frame - No. 229964 , A.P.M.C. Certificate No. 847, signed : G.S. Morris, 33 Cowper Gardens, Wallington, Surrey
Karl Marschhofer
Postcode A-4814 Altmuenster-Neukirchen, Grasberg 58 , Austria
  • Motosacoche-1911c-MIV-KMa image posted to Comments.

jorge.alastrue.azon at gmail (bounced)
Motosacoche 1929 MAG
Estaba interesado en una caja de cambios para el motor de una Motosacoche del año 1929 250cc motor MAG
I was interested in a gearbox for the engine of a Motosacoche of the year 1929 250cc MAG engine
Jorge Alastrue
Almudevar, Huesca, España

  • Motosacoche-1929-250cc-Gearbox posted to Comments

Tue, 28 Nov 2017
dahlstroem at
Motosacoche Motor 1908 Suprema Original 1908

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, auf Ihrer Internet seite befindet sich ein Motosacoche Motor mit Zahnradabtrieb. Von wem ist dieser Motor. Ich habe einen Motosacoche Motor mit primär Zahnradantrieb. Foto anbei. Peter
Peter Dahlström<
Munich Germany

On your website you will find a Motosacoche engine with gear drive. Who is this engine from? I have a Motosacoche engine with primary gear drive. Photo attached.

  • Motosacoche-1908-Engine-PDa images posted to Comments

Wed, 30 Aug 2017
conny.svahn at
Motosacoche Jubilee Sport 1930, OHV 500cc

Hello, I´m restoring my Motosacoche with motor no. 1C9M1, OVH 500 cc. I would be very happy if someone can inform me of what kind of needle (roller) bearing (type, designation and fabrication) you used at the piston rod big end. You can answer in francais/german if you like. Best regards Conny
Conny Svahn

Sat, 26 Aug 2017
thedrewitts at
M A G unknown engine

I have just aquired a M A G v twin engine number 63438 2c9a. I would like to know the year this engine was made please.
Bob Drewitt
Hockley Essex United Kingdom<

Sat Jun 06 2015
ian.burnham at
Motosacoche Engine
Motosacoche Single cylinder
I would like an idea what this is worth.It turns over fine and has compression
Engine number MT 12659

Mon Mar 30 2015
mike797 at
Motosacoche 8HP. 1000cc vee twin
Any and all information required to assist restoration of 1919/23 Motosacoche 8hp 1000cc vee twin.

Sat Dec 07 2013
motosacoche 425 1933 500cc
Can anyone help me with balancing the 425 500cc MAG engine.
South Africa

Sun Jun 02 2013
MAG 500 ohv
Hello, I would like to sell this Engine in good conditions, is it mag 500 ohv, price is 2000 euro.

Wed Feb 20 2013
Motosacohe 1000
ich suche ein Getriebe für einen Motosacoche 1000 bj. ca 1920

modello motosacoche Type 2C 9A 8HP GRAND LUXE

Wed Aug 08 2012
kimv<at>btinternet dot com
Removal of entry
Motosacoche R14 1929
Good morning.

You were good enough to place a plea for me ( Jan 25th 2007 - Motosacoche ),

I have now managed to complete most of my research and know what the machine is. I have also managed to get the bike fully registered.

I enclose some photo's that you may wish to use - there are others on Flickr : Motosacoche Staub ( search ).

The bike - I firmly believe - is a 1929 Motosacoche-France Special. Not made for the market but for testing various Bloc-Moteurs prior to decisions being made on a suitable candidate being chosen for a new motorbike. This is during the interim period when New-Map purchased Motosacoche-France.

If you have an interest in expanding your Motosacoche Section then I have an article that only requires finishing and credits added. This gives a suggested history of Motosacoche-France/New-Map around 1929-1930.

Kind regards

Kim Vernon

Sat May 19 2012
helton2<at>bigpond dot com
unknown engine
mag motosacoche type 1045 srlx 100
can you offer any info on this stationary engine

Fri Apr 06 2012
I have new unused, unrestored M.A.G. water cooled v-twin engine from early 1900's. Looking for information on it or if anyone would be purchasing it. Any help or direction of who I might be able to get in touch with would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Wed Dec 14 2011
Looking for some spare parts
Motosacoche Mt model, 1909
I write from Spain because I am trying to complete a Motosacoche MT model (1910) with Dufaux engine. I am looking for the next pieces: subframe (which supports the petrol tank and engine), petrol tank, belt tensor (tensioner?), and exhaust. I need the Magneto too: a Bosch type DA1 model.
Thank you very much for your atention.
Javier Rodríguez.

Sun Jun 26 2011
Motosacoche D 350 super sport
1928 D 350 OHV elad.

Mon Mar 01 2010
Motosacoche D50 szupersport

I am Karnok Attila, from Hungary i found it Motosacoche D50 sport engine. According to me those 4 existing pieces. 350ccm OHV was an engine in him.
The engine incomplete no his cranked house.
I send a photo from the found state of the motorcycle.
This type is a probable type tallying with your engine.
Help it would like to be asked, from motorcycle more photos. Maybe if he interests somebody I would sell the engine.
With thanks: Karnok Attila

Feb 2010

About the mystery pioneer single monocylinder engine shown on your site, I think it's a Motosacoche 1905 MT which has a atmospheric inlet and mechanical exhaust (225 cubic centimeters). Another version has been built in 1907 but this one is the former one.
All my best

Mon May 11 2009
mike at infinityedm dot com
mag enigines
309cc single 2 stroke
I have a mag engine in a 1968 snowmobile. Do you have any info on snomobile engines?
wisconsin, usa

Tue Sep 23 2008
j-geraldojunior2008 at hotmail dot com
Dufaux Motosacoche
My friende have a motosacoche, maibe 1905, to be restaured, for sale.
Brazil, RS,Porto Alegre

Mon Mar 03 2008
tricyclucar at
Instruction book MAG engine
Morgan 1921 Family

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Letter moved to Morgan page

Sun Mar 02 2008
starssadar at hotmail dot com
Motosacoche logo
Motosacoche X
I'm desperately looking for a high-def picture of the Motosacoche logo. Do you have one? If you have a good paper logo could you sacn it? Thanks a lot!
Geneva, home of the motosacoche ^^

Sun Dec 09 2007
domcas30 at
Motosacoche 314 A
Bonjour, aimerais connaître année de sortie de ma 350 Motosacoche 1C14 H9 n° moteur 305891, n°cadre 19582 et avoir caractéristiques réglages de ce moteur (avance,débit huile...) Merci
[What year, 1930?]

Hi, i don't know you know? Don't want to keep it (sadly) , i've a lot of brit bikes and want to swap it for an old Velo, norton....Another picture....Cheers

Sun Apr 01 2007
rudge-racing at
OHC Works racer
Here is a picture of a very, very rare works racer . i believe only 3 exist. and a D 50 super sports
not sure about years of the sacoch but 29, 30 i'm sure ,here is also a kohler escofier,hope spelling right,and my own Rudge UGP 1929 at the Klausen hillclimb, (21,5 km,6000 ft)
regards Alex
here are a few details on Swiss makers:
ZEDEL 1901 - aprox 1910
COSMOS aprox 1900
Desplands and co ,model tourist aprox 1903
Tadeoli made in Geneva ca 1901
Bonnet + Jaccard aproxx 1900
Moto Rêve 1904 - 1925
Zender 1923 - 1940
i can recomend this book
"Töff-Land Schweiz" ISBN 3-908007-72-5
Also the motoosacoche works racer i sent is the only existing one left, it is an A35 1928
another engine has been descoverd and a bike is being built around it
regards Alex

Thu Jan 25 2007
kimv at btinternet dot com
Motosacoche r14k 1929
or r9K with Staub /JAP engine
hi. I have just ( after 5 years of searching ) found the make and model of one of my bikes. I am looking for information / contacts that will enable me to restore this bike and to be able to make it live again. Can you help? Thankyou

26th January 2005
Motosacoche 1910 listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
This is your chance to purchase and own a veteran motorcycle at an affordable price . This little 4 stroke machine uses a motosacoche unit fitted to little more than a bicycle frame ! So is interesting to ride !!

It has been on the pioneer run and comes with a pioneer certificate that validates this machine as 1910 .

It runs well, has a lighting kit which I have never used and is a good entry for the pioneer run as it is very rare . You see lots of triumphs etc but I am told very few Motosacoche have survived .

If you have a query about Motosacoche motorcycles please contact us