Armor Motorcycles

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Armor Motorcycles

Made in France 1910-1954

2 rue de Lille
NEUILLY-sur-Seine (Seine)

Armor became part of the Gentil group in 1909

The 1930 Armor Cyclemotor had a 100cc Zurcher engine, and was derived from the Alcyon BMA, the Alcyonette. Some Armor models were fitted with AMC engines and others, apparently, with Zurcher powerplants.

Sources: JLB Creations

motozabytki at
1926 Armor
I have for sale moto armor from 1926. It is in mint condition. Maybe you know who could be interested in ?
Gniezno Poland

Fri Jun 04 2010
skochavi<at>hotmaildot com
Marque unknown
Can somebody recognize this MC. The photo was taken 1931 !!
I think it may be an Armor, made in France. Ed.

Wed Jul 15 2015
didier.ganneau at
Mystery bike
Armor Zurcher
Hi ! Armor was french, another name for Alcyon which also sold its bikes under the Labor name (and others). Curiously, registration is not french : swiss maybe...

Sat Oct 14 2006
palib at

I own a armor bike of 1910-1920 I guess.I would like to know if it is possible to find a cilynder a piston a carburator and a exaust for it.I send you some photos of it.I will be grateful if i have from you any information.Regards  PETROS ALIBERTIS

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