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A Brief History of the Marque

France 1902-1904
Rue J.P. Timbaud Courbevoie (Seine) (After 1910)

The company was created in 1902 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, by Edmond Gentil, founder of Alcyon.

Early machines had a horizontal single-cylinder engine in front of the pedalling gear which gave the Gentil the look of a modern moped. They also produced V-twin motorcycles.

It is understood that machines under the Gentil brand were produced 1902-1904.

Gentil merged with or acquired Armor of Courbevoie in 1909, Olympique in 1922, Thomann of Nanterre in 1923, Labor of Courbevoie and the Parisian builder La Française Diamant in 1924.

One of the many models produced by the Gentil group was the Passmontagne which was built from 1933 to 1938 using a 175cc Zurcher engine.

Sources:, Tragatsch, La Moto Francaise, et al.

Sat May 20 2006
massitocamelas at
Maximiliano sola
moto gentil type 1 a s 1901
estimados amigos les escribo porque tengo un cuadro de moto gentil y no tengo ninguna foto y ningun dato , lo unico que aberigue es que montaba un motor de 98cc de dos tiempos posible amc? Frances desde ya cualquier informacion extra estare muy agradecido.
Saludos maxi desde bahia blanca

Translation: They reckoned friends I write them because I have a picture of Gentil motorcycle and I do not have any photo and ningun data, it unico that aberigue is that mounted a motor of 98cc of two-stroke, possibly an AMC? Frances since already any information extra I was very thanked.

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