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Deauville Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

37-39 Rue Garnier, Neuilly-sur-Seine

The Deauville marque was registered in September 1903 by Edmund Gentil at the same time as the brands Alcyon and Action. The address was the same as that of Alcyon.

1905/06 Deauville Motorcycle

Motocyclette DEAUVILLE construite avec la série ci-dessus. Moteur Deauville 2 Ch. 3/4, å soupapes, automatiques, Carburateur G. A. nouveau modéle; Ligne de chaine de 44 m/m, Selle moto Lampluch ou Bauriat, nickelée, Pneus Dunlop å talons, 650X55, Sacoche garnie.

The marque remained in use for the Gentil firm's bicycles for many years.

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