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Alcyon Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

40 - 52 rue de la Garenne

Originally a bicycle manufacturer, the firm was founded by Edmond Gentil at Neuilly sur Seine in 1902. The following year he created the Deauville brand, the address given at on advertising of 1906 being 37-39 Rue Garnier, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Alcyon produced a considerable variety of models from 98cc two-strokes to large capacity vertical and V twins, and produced a shaft-drive version during the 1930's.

The Swiss firm Zedel had opened a factory in France, and when the parent company folded the French concern was absorbed by Alcyon with the result that most Alcyon motorcycles were built with Zedel (aka ZL or Zurcher) engines.

The firm absorbed several other French manufacturers including Armor, Labor, Thomann and Olympique. Postwar they produced smaller capacity two and four stroke machines using engines from AMC, VAP and Zürcher. Alcyon was absorbed by Peugeot in 1954. Some sources indicate the marque disappeared 1957, others as late as 1968. Another French marque, Austral, is related.

Alcyon machines were built under licence in Italy from 1926 to 1928, producing motorcycles of 98cc and 175cc. See Alcyon Italy

Sources: JLB Creations, et al.

info at museoautomocion dot com>
Good morning,
We are contacting you from the Automobile History Museum of Salamanca in Spain, to request the data of an old motorcycle.
We would like to know the approximate age of the motorcycle and if it is original.
We wanted to know if an Alcyom vehicle is original and if it dates from 1928 or before.
The motorbike has a number engraved on the frame of the car (73193) and another number on the engine (92085).
We would like to learn from your experience and knowledge. We include a photograph of the motorcycle and the identification numbers.
We will be happy to hear from you as you review the images.
Thank you very much for your selfless work, time and attention.
Un saludo cordial.
Ricardo Sanz Escobar
Museo de Historia de la Automoción de Salamanca

Alcyon-1917c-MCAS.jpg images posted to Comments.
The machine appears very similar to a 1917 model in the gallery restored by the Bretti Brothers of Turin. We have no data on Alcyon serial numbers at present. Should you find a source please share so that it may be added here: Serial Numbers

kawecki_michal at
Alcyon AS 98 or 100cc
Hello, i have Alcyon AS and i have few questions.
1. What is a year of production if engine number is 70025.
2. Where can i buy spark for this engine?
3. Where i can find best technical documentation for this moped?
Thanks in advance,

Perhaps try this page: French Resources
ianacott at
ALCYON 18TER 1948?
Hi I just got this Alcyon, and I am trying to find out a bit more about it
Not sure of the year or if its a 18TER 125xx
Trying to find frame number, no luck so far, anyone know where to look? More then welcome to e-mail me
UK Kent

  • Alcyon-18TER images posted to Comments.

tomnorth at
Alcyon AS 3
Any idea where I could get a replacement flywheel for a Zurcher AS3 engine?
Tom Johnston
United Kingdom

brambiba at
For your info: Alcyon also made mopeds (50cc) - see picture (i'm not sure if the saddle is original)
Bram Desmet

    It is very similar to a 1936 velomoteur pictured in the Alcyon 1930s gallery, but the forks differ so it is possibly a slightly earlier model.
    Alcyon-50cc images posted to Comments.

chris.solen at
French 1952 Alcyon type 23 motorcycle
I have a NOVA for this motorcycle. I do not have an original registration French document. The DVLA ;UK say I need more information about the manufacturer. Can you help. In essence I need it dated by enthusiast club or experienced agent. Can you help.
chris solen
Lee on the Solent, Hampshire UK

Thanks for list it is much appreciated.
I am now seeking history of the Alcyon and understand Peugot purchased the Company in the late fifties. I have emailed Peugot as I am trying to confirm frame number and engine number to year of 1952. Unfortunately Peugot have not answered any ideas ??

    If you find a useful source for this type of information it would be great to add it here: Documentation
    This page may prove helpful in your search for Alcyon history: French Resources
    Alcyon-1952-123cc-Type-23-CSo images posted to Comments.

leslie.beardmore at
alcyon supersport 1930
hi just bought this alcyon have been told its 1930s but unsure 250 cc zurcher engine frame 7843/3 could be 384373
looking for any info on original colour also manual
les beardmore
lancashire uk

Mon, 19 Feb 2018
fordpop at
alcyon type 23 1950

Hi i have a 1950 Alcyon type 23 125cc i am looking for a piston and rings and also the oil to fuel mix any contact details would be appreciated
regards mark
birmingham United Kingdom

Sat, 06 Jan 2018
johnaston12 at
alcyon 650 1954

hello i have a alcyon cyclemoteur model 650 1954 the bike has the clutch in the rear hub. my question is how does this work drive/free wheel also what make would the engine be are there any manuals or information on the bike available cheers john
john aston
west midlands United Kingdom

Wed, 13 Dec 2017
nationdandm at
Alcyon poss 1920s

I know of a Alcyon that is fitted with what appears to be a JAP engine embossed 'made in France'. Were any JAP engines manufactured under licence in France or is it more likely to have been manufactured in England but embossed in this way to be fitted to an Alcyon machine? I have been unable to find any evidence that Alcyon ever fitted a JAP. I'd be grateful for any guidance you can give. Many thanks.
David Nation
Crediton United Kingdom

    Can find no direct evidence that JAP engines were built in France, but there are references to them being assembled there so possibly castings were made. Alcyon used JAP engines in 1925, apparently, but only for that year. Can you supply images?

Sun, 26 Nov 2017
temar at
bike alcyon 98cc 1948

I am loking for a work book 3 stoke zurcher motor can you help me .
den Hartog

Sat, 04 Nov 2017
chris.solen at
Alycon Type 3 year 1952

Hi . I am seeking a parts list and manual together with supplier of parts for my Alycon Type 3 year 1952. I am about to restore bike over winter.
Gosport, UK Europe

Tue Apr 04 2017
sourcing a carbureta
1954 alcyon type 19 type 19 175cc four stroke
Just bought 1954 type 19 alcyon 175cc four stroke
has no carb what do i need to replace and where can i get one

(Email Address Omitted)
Alcyon Type 25 125cc1950
Dating certificate-letter
I'm considering purchasing the motorcycle, but to register it in the UK with the DVLA I will need a dating letter. When I have the full details, can you provide the letter and what is the cost.
If yes, what info would you require.
If no, where can I obtain the certificate/letter.
Thank You


Ed: Suggest contacting UK classic clubs for advice on this.

Dec 5th 2015 Cycles Motocyclettes Automobiles Alcyon : Championne de France du Tour

Treize Tours de France à son actif, dix-huit Paris-Roubaix, une série stupéfiante et inégalée de victoires dans le monde cycliste et motocyliste, dont le premier titre de champion du monde de moto… Tel est le palmarès d’Alcyon !
Créée en 1903 par Edmond Gentil, Alcyon était une marque de cycles et de motos de renommée mondiale, toujours à la pointe de l’innovation, de la communication et surtout de la compétition de très haut niveau.
De son côté, Z.L. (devenu Zedel), fabricant de moteurs suisse fondé par Ernest Zürcher, devint incontournable en Europe en équipant
tous les grands naissants de la motocyclette de l’époque : Minerva, Peugeot, Terrot, N.S.U., Alcyon etc.
Ces deux géants lièrent leurs destins en 1907. Cet ouvrage exceptionnel raconte cette histoire et celle de la rude compétition entre
Alcyon et sa rivale Peugeot. Les deux marques concurrentes ont établi le palmarès le plus prestigieux de l’histoire du cyclisme.
Mais au final, Alcyon bat très nettement Peugeot !
Une saga industrielle hors du commun à découvrir dans un beau livre sous coffret richement illustré de documents nédits.


Didier Mahistre, grand collectionneur de documentation ancienne, rédige de nombreux articles sur la moto. Le fonds documentaire
exceptionnel qu’il a rassemblé depuis des dizaines d’années sur l’histoire de la moto française et notamment Alcyon a été déterminant
dans la reconstitution de cette saga. Didier Mahistre est coauteur de VAP 1944-1967, le plus sûr chemin sur deux roues paru aux éditions E-T-A-i. Cyrille de Ridder est le petit-fils d’Edmond Gentil et l’arrière petit-fils d’Ernest Zürcher. Dans ce livre, il est le narrateur. Passionné d’histoire
et de belle mécanique, il ne pouvait bien entendu rester insensible au destin exceptionnel de ses aïeux.

Thirteen Tours of France to his credit, eighteen Paris-Roubaix, a stunning series of victories in the world of cycling and motorcycling, including the motorcycle world championship ... such is the record of Alcyon!

Created in 1903 by Edmond Gentil, Alcyon cycles and motorcycles were world renowned...

Continued: Didier Mahistre

Thu Oct 22 2015
barry.carson at
manuals and spares
I need info on this machine to rebuild it

Sat Oct 10 2015
anklesn at
Alcyon 23 oil fuel mix
Alcyon 23
Hello, just bought an Alcyon 23 . First registered in Jan 1950 but i suspect a little older. Does anyone know the fuel oil mix ration by any chance? Thx very much

Tue Sep 29 2015

denis_bollaert at
engine technical doc required
I have an ALCYON B1 WITH A ZURCHER ENGINE (250 CC). I want to open the engine but I do not have the technical leaflet/book showing all parts of the engine. Where could I get this document? Thanks in advance. Best Regards. Denis

Sat Jul 04 2015
stardust0176 at
Alcyon Alcyon 18 TER
I am seeking spares for my Alcyon 18TER Esp. rear wheel sprocket.

Tue Sep 02 2014
crimsonsails at
what models/cc in 1954
Alcyon ??
Looking at purchasing a 1954 alcyon but it has no paperwork. Want to know what model/engine size it may has small engine & hand gear change

Mon Jun 16 2014
chrisbaker-7 at
Alycon 18TER

I recently purchased an Alycon 18TER. Just a fluke as I was looking for a D1 Bantam but saw this and thought it was pretty!

If you google Alycon 18TER in images the first image that comes up is my bike. There are two other examples of the same bike and other pictures are unrelated so I figure its fairly rare.

According to what I can find it was made in 1948, it was a prototype only made in that year, its 125cc. The twin port head is also interesting!

I also noticed you dont have one in your gallery so feel free to add it if you wish!

Anyway any help is much apprechiated!



Sun Oct 03 2010
Alcyon restoration
Alcyon 250cc, 1929
I need any and all information regarding a 1929 Alcyon 250cc motorcycle. Manual, pictures, etc. I also am needing a recommendation for a restoration shop/mechanic in the U. S.
California, U. S. A.

Thu Apr 15 2010
danielconti62<at> (bounced)
alcyon en argentina
Alcyon 1920/1930
hola amigos soy de argentina y quiero contactar a personas que sepan de ALCYON

Fri Dec 05 2008
heurlin.thierry at
alcyon all models
it's a french brand

Mon Oct 13 2008
Bradleydryclean at aoldot com
Alcyon 2 stroke single

I have an Alcyon that I am carying out a gentle renovaion to.  It has no docs or papers.
I was told that it is 1918 or 1919. I have never seen another.
I will try to uplod a photo, any info greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Milyon Keynes

Sat Sep 15 2007
vernond at btinternetdot com
Alcyon motorcycles
I have found an old Alcyon, belt drive, two speed, 200cc four stroke side valve motorcycle. It has footboards as well as pedals to start the engine. I believe it to be between 1918 and 1924. I do not have a photo as yet. Could you give me an idea of what the model may be of its value. It looks in need of total restoration, but the engine turns over and it seems to be all there. Your help would be much appreciated. Regards, david

Wed Sep 28 2005
alycon 1955 b1 330 cc
can you help with any information about above, i have a friend in france restoring the above who needs a manual or info about throttle on handle bars, many thanks for any help . simon allen

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