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Alcyon 1919

Alcyon Two-stroke 1919

A new two-stroke Alcyon. The knee-operated change-speed lever is clearly shown.


The Alcyon is one of the best known makes of French motor cycle, and the firm staged a small single and a twin of more or less orthodox design. But the feature of the stand was undoubtedly the Ballot-engined two-stroke. This machine has a single-cylinder three-port two-stroke engine of 75 x 80 mm. bore and stroke. An extension of the crank case encloses the silent chain, the magneto, clutch, and two-speed gear. The operation of the gears is by a forked lever projecting on either side of the tank, so that the rider can effect a change of ratio by the pressure of his knees. A hand control is provided for the clutch, and the magneto, which lies between the engine and gear box, is driven by the primary transmission chain, and, as mentioned above, it is entirely enclosed, except for the contact breaker, which projects through one side of the crank and gear box housing.

A feature of this very ingenious unit is that the right side footboard acts as a kick starter. This footplate is hinged at the front, and when depressed it causes the engine to rotate, and simultaneously brings the decompressor into action at the necessary period.

Final transmission is by roller chain, and, a loop frame being adopted, the machine has a very neat appearance. In addition to these models, a twin-cylinder four-stroke combined with two-speed gear box was to have been shown, but had not arrived at the. time of our visit.

The Motor Cycle, October 1919

Paris Salon, 1919

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