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A Brief History of the Marque
Made in France from c1910 to 1955*
Gentil et Cie
88 avenue Félix-Faure
Nanterre (Seine)

A. Thomann et Cie was founded as a bicycle manufacturer in 1908 by the brothers Alphonse and Jean Thomann, in Suresnes. Following a disagreement between the brothers, the company was disolved in October 1911 and subsequently sold to Edmond Gentil who continued to use the Thomann name. In 1919 it became part of the Alcyon group, and the Thomann marque survived for several decades.

Jean Thomann formed a new company in 1920, and the two are distinguished by their logos - the Thomann features elephants in the logo, Jean Thomann features a gorilla.

The issue is further complicated; Alphonse began a new bicycle factory in 1923 named Alphonse Thomann & Cie before legal action brought a halt to this.

Some Thomann models had AMC engines, and others had Zurcher.

They also built 100cc BMA machines which were much cheaper to run as there was no registration fee, and later 50cc VAP-powered cyclomoteurs.

After the acquisition by Alcyon motorcycles were still built under the Thomann marque, but Thomann, Alcyon, La Francaise, Diamond and others were frequently the same motorcycle with different brand names.

Thomann 175 Super Sport 1925

Moteur 175 cm3 monocylindre 2 temps
Allumage par magnéto
Vilebrequin en porte-à-faux
Volant extérieur
Pneus à talon
Transmission à courroie
Réservoir entre tubes
Frein à main et à pied sur poulie-jante

French text: Thomas Bersy

175cc single cylinder two-stroke engine with magneto ignition and external flywheel
Belt drive
Tank mounted between upper and lower frame tubes
Dummy-rim brakes front and rear.

Models include:

  • 1922 90cc
    1925 175 Super Sport
    1928 Type Grand Tourisme 175cc 2T 3-speed
    1928 Type Sport 175cc 2T 3-speed
    1928 Type Populaire 175cc 2T 2-speed
    1928 250cc 2T Populaire
    1928 270cc 2T 4PS
    1928 175cc ohv Zurcher
    1928 250cc ohv Zurcher Super Sport
    1928 350cc ohv Zurcher Super Sport
    1928 350cc sv Touriste
    1930 Supersport 5cv 500cc OHV 3 speed
    1951 Model n°19, 175cc AMC 4T
    1951 Model n°20, 125cc Zurcher 2T
    1951 Model n°50, Cyclomoteur 48cc VAP 4 2T
    1952 Model n°21, 125cc AMC 4T
    1953 Model n°23, 125cc Zurcher 2T
    1955 Model n°57, 125cc OHV


Les Courses Motos en France

A 250cc Thomann placed 2nd in a race at Fontainebleau, 28th June 1914, and another 250 won at Le Mans in August 1920. A 250 placed 2nd at Strasbourg in July 1922, and a 100cc model 3rd in May 1923. 1st place for a 175 in June 1924, and another 1st for a 250 in July the same year. Thomann gained a mention in 1925, three in 1926, four in 1927 and two more in 1928.

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tesdenny at
any model or year
I am looking for a Thomann motorcycle for my collection. If you know of any please let me know.
Dennis Thomann
ksena024 at
Thoman Cs 500 Super Sport 1930 y.
I have one and I want to sell, if somebody interested. All parts is original.
It was produced in 1930. It was bought in 1996 in Serbia. The last registration was in 1941 in the Kingdom of Serbia. It has the original plates on which it was registered.
Subotica, Serbia

    Thomann-1930-CS500-Super-Sport-SuS-01 image posted to Comments
    N.B. This machine is pictured on istockphoto with the caption: "Subotica, Serbia - July 05, 2015: Thomann motorcycle on Annual oldtimer car show".

Mon, 02 Apr 2018
stevelightmotors at
Thomann 250cc 1925
Hi. Just looking at the Thomann which has stood idle for far to long now in our collection. Frame No 605 - Engine No 7755. Any info on the 250cc or interested parties in this bike would be appreciated. Steve Light
United Kingdom

Fri Oct 07 2016
landgrafmario at
Thomann 350sv
Hi, i have a Thomann from 1929 in (original Condition)
But i need some Info's about this nice Bike

Sun Jul 06 2014
colrockley at
Thomann VAP4 moped proof of age.
I have just had an application for an age related plate, (currently on a Q), rejected. Its on a Thomann 48cc VAP4 engined moped that the NACC has dated from the engine number as 1952. I have been asked for original factory records, (!), or a Glass's guide extract to confirm the age. There is virtually no evidence of this bike existing let alone the proof they are asking for. The bike seems to have been produced for one year then rebranded to 'Alcyon'. Again there is virtually no reference to this either. Can anyone help provide the relative information, it's been 8 weeks since I sent the application off and then to have it return unsuccessful is frustrating. Has anyone else had this problem? The DVLA website hasn't been updated but the letter says due to recent changes the DVLA aren't now taking club ageing certificates as proof of date of manufacture. Cheers

Dec 4th 2012
I have acquired a 250cc two-stroke Thomann, titles as a 1927.  Runs well, and was restored in orange and grey. Has a typical 20's French tiny generator and lights. Brakes on rear only, but it is not so fast anyway.
--Oregon John 

From the French Motorcycle Forum

Wed Jan 19 2011
rival17<at>hotmaildot com
Thomann CS 500
Fully restored. 
What is value?

Fri Apr 13 2007
eu at emanuelbarbosadot com
Mistery 1920's motorcycle
Hello, I own a 1910/1920's motorcycle but I don't know the brand. I was told that it was an AUTOMOTO 175cc but I'm not sure. Can you please help me to identify it? Thanks!
Porto, Portugal
Yes, I got some emails about it, it seems it is a Thomann
Hello, I own a 1920's Thomann that I intend to restore. If someone can help me with pictures, parts, etc. I will be very thankful.

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