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Jean Thomann Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Founded in 1920 at 21 rue des vertus, Paris
In 1926 moved to 4, 6, 8 rue Colbert, Montreuil-sous-bois (Seine)

Jean Thomann and his brother Alphonse founded Thomann et Cie in 1908. They fell out, and the original business was dissolved in 1911, reappearing shortly afterwards under new ownership. The two firms may be distinguished by their logos - Jean Thomann features a gorilla, whereas Thomann of Nanterre uses an elephant.

1925 models included the 2 speed Touriste and Sport, and 3-speed Super Sport, all 175cc two-strokes.

The firm advertised seven 175cc models in 1928. The Populaire had earlier styling, 2 speeds and belt drive, whilst the Sport (2 speed), Super Sport and Paris-Nice (both 3-speed) all had chain drive.

A 1929 advertisement shows a four-stroke with saddle tank, and offers eight models in capacities of 175cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc.

Bourdache p399, "Jean Thomann... on the eve of the first world war"

Sat Nov 06 2010
jbmarbopol at
Jean Thomann
THOMANN apprx 1920-21 200 ccm
With reference to my info from May 2007, I have pleasure in forwarding further pictures of restored this very rare machine

Thu May 10 2007
jbmarbopol at btinternetdot com
THOMANN apprx 1920-21
Dear Sirs,
I am in process of restoration and searching for history and details of THOMANN.
This is 2stroke 200ccm, belt driven machine.
Gear box - STAUB
Carburator- COZETTE
Engine-No marks or numbers. Thank You for any help could be provided.

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