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History of the Marque - Introduction

Zundapp was founded in 1917 by Dr. Fritz Neumeyer and Friedrich Krupp to produce munitions. In 1919 Neumeyer became sole owner and began production of motorcycles.

Advertisements of the day proclaimed that their motorcycles were "Motorrades fur jedermann," motorcycles for everyone.

By 1938 Zundapp had produced more than 200,000 motorcycles.

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stormrunneron2 at aol dot com
Zundapp Citation/Horex Imperator
I have a 1959 Zundapp Citation needing some chassis parts. Is their any sources you can recommend to track down any spares?
austindeblauw at gmail.com
Hello, I came across your page searching for information on a Zundapp that my Great Grandfather Bought somewhere around new. I will send you a picture of the tag. From what I can see I think It's a 1950. The weird part is, It's a 196cc with a single exhaust port coming out of the single cylinder, all the pictures i see of these motorcycles have dual exhausts. any information would be greatly appreciated.
    A UK page advertises a 1955 Zundapp JMC/Norma Luxus. Yours appears to be the same model, a DB234 Luxus 196cc. Single exhaust is standard. Included in posted images is one from a Zundapp parts manual.
    Zundapp DB234 images posted to Comments.

bowerrudolf at paulhartman.org
Zundapp KS750 1943
Up for sale is a Zundapp Ks750 with sidecar.
Perfectly restore with all original parts .
The bike will make a good collection and personal bike.
Paul Hartman
United States
    Zundapp KS750 image posted to Comments.

grafiavp at gmail.com
Hi, I found a zumdapp 38 side car here in Mexico. Wondering how do I know if this is a Zumdapp Bike 38? Where is the vin number located in the frame? and the engine ? How do I know if is the original Engine? and if it cost too much to rebuilt it.,? What is the price from this bike? Thanks.
victor pacheco cuevas

JamesDAtkinson at aol.com
Zundapp KS125
I am a minor collector of all motorcycles (28) in the USA and need to find a source for parts for this model. NOS would be nice but excellent used may be acceptable. Can you help or point me to a supplier? Best Regards, Dan Atkinson
Dan Atkinson
Lexington, Kentucky USA
heritageph at gmail.com
Hi, you advertised a 1937 front fork complete for a Zundapp KS500. Is this still available? And is this fork the same as the KS500 1943?
  • Contact the original advertiser - 2013, below.

jim.paige at att.net
1968 Zundapp 100 GS ISDT
Have 2 of these for sale low miles incredible original condition and one owner. any interest? Also have a parts bike same.
Jim Paige
Quincy, California USA
vintagejohn at outlook.com
Zündapp z98
I recently purchased a z98. I have found brochures but cannot find anyone who has one of these and no pictures on the internet of an actual bike. Are there any more existing that you know of? Thanks in advance. John
John Riley IV
USA. Kansas

    It's certainly a rare one. Perhaps try the Zundappfoolcom site.

rodbray1 at yahoo.com.au
Zundapp 1938 DB 200
The availability of parts for this bike please I have recently purchased it & am wondering if parts are available still.
Roderick Bray
Gunnedah. Australia.

spanner_man at yahoo.com
I have the remains of a Bella scooter. The only identification I have is the frame number
R118075 and the rusty body
Can you help me identify what I have. I think it might be a R 203

    Bella R203 begins at R107001 in 1956, so yours could well be an R203.
    See also Serial Numbers under Zundapp.

paulo.aleixo at netcabo.pt
1957 zundapp ks601
Do you have or know someone who may have spare parts for restauring a 1957' Zundapp KS601?
I'm starting to reature mine, but still need lots of parts (news or used in good shape)...
Hope you may help me with some indications.
Many Thanks!
Paulo Aleixo
63merhog at gmail.com
zunddop 1959 citation
8791. original miles i had the bike running about 10 years ago. I had to install new brushs in generater and replaced ignition key switch. the bike is 100% original , it is misssing the trim for ignition switch on the headlight bezel and the rubber pad on rear brake foot lever i would like to locate and purchase those items if avalible? i would like a fair value as i am interested in selling . if anyone is interested 303 829 6406 Justin colorado USA..
Justin Hill
Elizabeth clorado USA
peter.harrington02 at yahoo.co.uk
Zundapp 200s
i am at the moment stripping the engine on my 1956 zundapp 200s, could you tell me how to remove the armature, it states in the manual to use a squeeze bolt? whats that?, any info would be appreciated.
Peter Harrington

    Please supply a parts book diagram of the section of the engine which includes the armature.

passes at pcsb.org
Zundapp 519 01 GS 100 ISDT Scrambler
whats one worth if its 90% complete, can't find much info on this bike, I've got one.
Steve Passe
St. Petersburg, Fl. U.S.A.

georgeemsden at yahoo.co.uk
1938 not sure of model
Please see attached picture of my late-uncle's zundapp. It is a single with a number plate IC 79690 from East Prussia. Can you identify the model please?
George Emsden

    Zundapp-1930s-GEm.jpg posted to Comments.

bikecraft at telkomsa.net
1960 Zundapp Santa Maria
hello, do you have parts for the Santa Maria? i need a complete front wheel with brake hub and axle. If you can not help can you direct me to someone who may have parts ?
William Norris
Johannesburg - South Africa
kelimwhite at outlook.com
1956 Zundapp
I have the title and book for my 1956 zundapp basket case. Is there any interest in buying this?
Keli White
Stow, OH USA

e-mig at hotmail.com
Zündapp Elastic 250cc 1955
I have an old Zündapp Elastic in fairly good shape but the driver foot rests are gone. Have so far not seen any on the internet and wonder if someone has any tips? I have the passenger foot rests.
A§ume its Me

Tue, 13 Mar 2018
garylatl at yahoo.com
Zundapp 1950 DB 200
I have attached a pic of this motorcycle. I have 3 German motorcycles to which I wish to assign a reasonable value. I have several individuals who are interested in these motorcycles, but I do not know what value I should seek.
Gary Hoilman
Clayton, GA 30525 USA

Thu, 01 Feb 2018
bugidimitrije at gmail.com
Zuindapp 1953

Please, if somebody have to sale Zuindapp 175 ccm, made 1953., tel me, or tell me some infomation. Thanks a lot!!!! Dimitrije
Dimitrije Radivojević
Novi Sad Serbia, Republic of

Sat, 19 Aug 2017
ando_mg at hotmail.com
Parts 200cc 1953

Hello Mr./ Ms. Do you sell parts for Zundapp 200cc 1953 ? Or do you know where I can find it.
Mexico city Mexico

Wed, 09 Aug 2017
tomwulff44 at gmail.com
Zundapp Citation 1958

Do you have a fork lock for my bike also I need the small plastic slide that goes on top of the ignition switch?
Thanks much Tom Wulff 2750 N. Cerrito Cir Tucson, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Sat Aug 08 2015
joetbowen at googlemail.com
is it a zundapp ks600
zundapp ks600
hi i have been offered this bike/ combination as a zundapp ks600 but i feel that the engine isnt correct as the air box looks in correct and also the dynamo is in the wrong place should it be lower down? also it has 2 carburetors not the usual single at the rear of the engine could you please assist me as i realy like zundapps but dont want to be fooled into purchasing a duff made up one.
west yorkshire

Tue Jul 28 2015
sbachman64 at izoom.net
Zundapp Info needed
Zundapp Comfort
Hi there. I recently acquired a 1955 Zundapp Comfort motorcycle that seems to be complete except for the headlight bezel, grips, throttle cable and the rear rack or rear seat. I have not been able to find any information anywhere on the internet regarding this year and model and am hoping you might be able to give give me some information or send me in the right direction. I haven't yet decided if I should restore it to it's original condition or leave it as is and polish it up.
Thank you for any help you're able to give. Shelly

Sat Jun 13 2015
crissopatron at gmail.com
Zundap db 203 comfort 1952
Zundap db 203 comfort 1952 Zundap db 203 comfort 1952

I'm Carlos from Argentina.
I'm looking for spare parts "Zundapp comfort Db203 1952".
If anyone has this bike parts please contact me.
This bike model is compatible with almost all of the time ... DB200.
Greetings and thanks.

Mon Mar 30 2015
bakerhouse at xtra.co.nz
Zundapp 517 50 Super port M Number 808385
I see that you have asked for a workshop manual for a 1956/57 Zundapp KS 517 50, if you have a copy would you be able to e mail me a copy, I have a copy but it is in German and unable to read.

Donald Baker
New Zealand

Sat Sep 20 2014
courtneymcgough25 at yahoo.com
For sale or trade
1953 2 stroke zundapp
I have a 1953 zundapp it's been in my family since I could remember It's almost complete and still kicks over.my wife's car broke down and we're hurting for money I'll send pics any offer is a good one.thank you. 936 435 1193. Caleb.
Huntsville tx

Mon Aug 25 2014
seba_lagosimport at hotmail.com
hola tengo 1 zundapp 50 cc 1961
zundapp zundapp 50cc 1961
quisiera saber el valor de la moto por que me quieren comprar ??

Fri Jul 18 2014
prj.saitou at wonder.ocn.ne.jp
ks500 i have 2 zundapp
zundapp ks601 and 1937 ks500
i live in japan. 1937ks500 those age.as inported tokyo. 1st owner
said me. befor world war2. 1st owner was past away 30year ago.
japan.tochigi prf utsunomiya-city.

Mon Jun 02 2014
glas.marsonia at gmail.com
750ks motocikl
kupujem zundapp750ks u odlićnom stanju

Sun Apr 13 2014
mhermet at wanadoo.fr
Zundapp zundapp Ks750

I am looking for a ZUNDAPP KS750 to renovate
Do you sell this type of bike?

Thank you



Fri Aug 02 2013
Parts reqd
Zundapp 1958 197
I require front & rear shock adsorber
Bath England

Wed Jun 26 2013
lefevrear<at> yahoo.com
For Sale
1936 Zundapp K500
I have a 1936 K500 front forks with front fender(complete). Very good solid condition. Price $1,000 USD. You can also see it on e-bay. All The Best Chris
San Diego, California

Tue Dec 11 2012
Zundapp KS600 Forks for sale (wanted?)
Zundapp ks600
I would lie to buy forks to zundapp ks 600 how much is it? How i can pay for it?

Subject: Re: zundapp for sale
From: Bonnie Henson <fbhenson8<at>gmail.com>
Date: Fri, December 07, 2012 3:55 pm
Original craigslist post:
http://fresno.craigslist.org/mcy/3367199488.html (deleted)

Sun Aug 12 2012
parts wanted for combinette 1956?
zundapp combinette
could anybody tell me where to get parts for zundapp engines? Any help very much appreciated.
New Zealand

Fri Oct 12 2012
Zundapp Combinette carburetor parts
Zundapp - Bing 1/95/42 Combinette
Restoring a 1949 ? Zundapp Combinette - has a Bing carb with what appear to be the numbers 1/95/42 - missing some parts for the carb

Try http://bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Fuel/ for a start, and also the classic bike dealers, particularly specialists in German machines.

Tue Apr 24 2012
Carburetor and hose to motor
Zundapp Werke 433-42
I have a 1965 Zundapp-Werke 433-42 and need a carburetor and 2" or 3" hose to the motor. Do you know where I can purchase these parts? Thanks!

Fri Apr 20 2012
zundapp ks 50 cc super sport 1970 mod
parts ks soper sport 50 cc
heloo i would like to now where can i find parts for my zundapp Cylinder and piston...thank you

Thu May 24 2012
kvantol<at> yahoo.com
zundapp id
zundapp k200?
Can you please help me figure out what year, model, and approximate value is of this motorcycle?

Wed Mar 14 2012
what amp 6v battery needed for a 1939 zundapp db 200
zundapp db 200
Hello i am wanted to know what amp 6 volt battery i need to put into my 1939 db 200 zundapp
new zealand

Wed Jan 25 2012
Bing AJ 2/20
I need a carburator to zundapp DBK200 1936

Tue Dec 13 2011
manual de reparacion y diagrama electrico
moto zundapp año 1960 fabricada en munich 174 c.c. trophy-s 175
solicitud de manual y diagrama electrico

Sun Nov 20 2011
Zündapp KS 600
Hallo I´am intressing for the zündapp KS 600 in Spain.How much is it?And can you send more photos?
33415 Verl

Sun Jul 31 2011
engine spares required
Zundapp Engine 280-03
Can anyone provide the name and address of a supplier of engine spares for this engine

Wed Jul 06 2011
1950 's zundapp elastic 250cc
zundapp elastic 250cc
hello there, I am currently restoring a 1950's zundapp elastic and are in need of a few parts . can you help me ?

Wed Jun 15 2011
fishroe at tiscali.co.uk
engine spares required
Zundapp Famel Zundapp Trike Commercial
Source of spares required for 280=03 49cc 2-stroke engine particularly crank seals and piston rings
Market Rasen, Lincs 

Sat Jun 04 2011
andrsdv <at>aoldot com
204 bella
zundapp 204 bella
iam looking for one ignition switch for my 204 59 bella any help welcome.

Fri Jun 03 2011
charles-human<at>hotmaildot com
1969 Zundapp
zundapp not sure
I have a 1969 zundapp in my garage at present. I have been asked to repair and restore this machine, however, prior to this customer coming to me about this bike I had never heard of a motorcycle called a "Zundapp." I realize that my ignorance with the machine should have been my first hint that I should not have taken the job I dove at it anyway. I am curious as to whether or not there is a business or garage here in the United states that specializes in these particular machines. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wed May 11 2011
howard.wilson1<at>ntlworlddot com
zundapp bella petrol cap
zundapp bella
correct assembling of parts on petrol cap? can't get mine to work properly ! exploded diagram would be really helpful. thanks.

Thu May 05 2011
Parts Zündapp
1975 Zündapp M50
Si algun compatriota tiene este modelo por ahi botado, con algunas de sus partes en buen estado, que se ccontacte conmigo que estoy restaurando una. Saludos!!!
Temuco, Chile

Sun Apr 17 2011
manual and tecnic card
zundapp dbk 250 derby
I have to restore and I need the manual with photos and details ... paying..many thanks,Luciano from Italy

Mon Apr 18 2011
ZÜNDAPP DK200 (1935) and DBK200 (1938)
Originalized, restored and conserved to ultimate original condition. Optically "Scheunenfund"
Ready to drive!!!
Zoeterwoude, NL

Sat Mar 26 2011
starns03<at>gmaildot com
1953 Zundapp Comfort 200 for sale
Zundapp Comfort 200
I'm selling my 1953 Zundapp 200. It has been fully restored and looks showroom quality. I can plenty of pictures as well. If interested, please email me with your best offer. Thanks.
Pomona, California (US)

Sat Mar 05 2011
d.naylor119<at>btinternetdot com
Exhaust system wanted
Zundapp Falconette 70cc Model 438
I have recently purchased a 70cc Zundapp Falconette, Model 438, Year 1960, & am looking for an exhaust system to fit. it has a flange fitting to the cylinder barrel with fixing bolts at 40mm centres.

Tue Mar 01 2011
joscjack<at>bigponddot com
Hi folks - looking for an o/h manual to cover zundapp ks 800 - 4 cyl. 1933 - We have one in our shop here in sydney - thanx j.c.

Fri Feb 04 2011
need info
Zundapp 1.952
I found a Zundapp motorcycle with I.D plate and the next info on it:
Motor Nr...814571
Fabugest Nr...814571
Gewicht kg.....128
Hubjabm cm3.....196
I want to know what model is to star my restoration
Thanks so much


Mon Jan 24 2011
italian bike
conversation about this model santa maria zundapp sport
i would like to shere information about this lovely machine,santamaria bike

See Santamaria page

Fri Dec 31 2010
Zundapp 3 wheel commercial
Can anyone help with information about Zundapp 3 wheel commercials. I have one ex-Portugal which has motorcycle type front with scooter wheels and box rear body Date about 1980.

Fri Oct 22 2010
Zundapp KS-600 for sale
Zundapp KS-600, recently refurbished with original pieces is for sale.
Alava, Spain

Wed Sep 29 2010
duarte-a-roquette<at>yahoodot com
Santamaria Zundapp
I am trying to restaure a Santamaria Zundapp but I can not find any information on it (coulours, documentation, etc). Can you help?

Fri Sep 17 2010
diegodagar<at>hotmaildot com
zundapp 250
zundapp 250 mod 1958 1958
Quiero restaurar una Zundapp 250 mod 1958 esta completa pero deteriorada por el paso del tiempo. Si alguien tiene alguna informacion que me pueda ser util estare muy agradecido Mi direcciòn es diegodagar at hotmail.com
Rio Ceballos Cordoba Argentina

Tue Jul 06 2010
zundapp workshop manual
zundapp ks50 517-50 water cooled
can anyone help me find a workshop manual in english please for azundapp ks50 517-50 water cooled bike 1973 thanks martin

Sun Jun 20 2010
WW2 zundapp
zundapp ks750 with sidecar
Hello, i'm planning to make a ww2 zundapp ks750 with sidecar in scale 1:9. I need to go to superdetail so i need pictures and closeups from all around the bike. front,rear, sides, up, down, in the trunk, in the sidecar, wires, everything. Is there anyone who'll be so kind to send me some pictures. In any case, tnx a lot to all of you. Greetings Michel

Tue May 25 2010
franzshop<at>gmaildot com
Wanted Zundapp parts
Zundapp KS 601
Hi,I need some parts for my KS601 1951 Zundapp for retoration, I,m located in Brazil. Thanks

Thu May 20 2010
jimmy-4559<at>hotmaildot com
value of bike
zundapp elephant ks 601
i wanted to know what the value of this bike is. Condition is mint. thank you

Sat Mar 13 2010
kevindwyer-62<at>hotmaildot com
wanting to by 1972 mc125
zundapp 1972 mc 125
I would like to buy a 1972 mc 125 or gs 125 or any 1970's 250
humboldt kansas usa

Sat Feb 13 2010
geoff.w.haskew at westnet.com.au
WANTED Parts for Zundapp Combinette Moped
Zundapp Combinette Moped
In a vain attempt to acquisition a DKW Hummel I found myself purchasing something near to the same 5 years ago. I bought a Zundapp Combinette 95% complete and running. Have made a few attempts to locate parts and literature unsuccessfully. As a result am trying once again to restore this wonderfull machine to its former glory. Please contact me with any parts and literature etc.
Canberra, Australia

Sun Jan 24 2010
pjrodrigues71 at hotmail.com
Zundapp Ks 600
I'm looking for Zündapp KS 600 in good conditions or for restore. Please send me pictures and your offer.

Sat Jan 16 2010
anton.copty at comcast.net
zundapp cs-125
what is the value of this bike.
mi , usa

Sun Nov 22 2009
ecvaneijk at live.nl
te koop gevraagd ks 175 bj. 1978
zundapp type 519 / 521
Wie kan me helpen om me weer opnieuw aan alle werkplaats spullen en een ks 175 type 519/521 te komen! Door diefstal en inbraak in mijn kelder alles kwijt geraakt! mob: 0624.905.795

Sat Nov 14 2009
wkleiber at weathershielddot com
1968 Zundapp KS-100 bing carb.etc.
Bing KS-100
Looking for a good useable bing carb.for this bike

Sun Nov 01 2009
info at motosidecardot com
Looking for Zundapp K series
Zundapp K 200, K 400, K 500 and KS 600
I'm looking for Zündapp K 200, K 400, K 500 and KS 600 in good conditions or fo restore. If price is in range. Please send me pictures and your offer.

AL, Spain

Wed Oct 07 2009
mmmwent at wctc.net
Zundapp 450cc Citation
Attached is a picture of my girl presently my wife sitting on my 1959 450 Zundapp. At present I don't know what happened to this bike.
Great Site. I must have spent an hour exploring it. The name of the girl on the Zundapp is Marge.
I bought the Zundapp new in 1959 for $850.00. I put 8000 miles on it. Then sold it to my dad. He rode it for a while and sold it. Then he bought a BMW R69S. I haven't been able to track down the Zundapp. I am now 70 years old.
I now own two GS750 Suzuki's. One of them has 100,000 miles; it is a GS750E, 1980. The other has 19000 miles; it is a 1982 GS750T...

God Bless
Jerry Wendt
Rudolph, WI 54475

Thu Oct 01 2009
michael.whalley at xtra.co.nz28
zundapp db200 wiring drigram
1939 zundapp db 200 db 200
Hi can any one help i need a wiring drigram for my zundapp 1939 zundapp db 200 thanks
new zealand

Tue Sep 15 2009
joedotcom57 at yahoodot com
200S zundapp
I have a '57 200S, and i need to know if i have the wiring correct on the generator, and also if it is working correctly. can you send me a diagram and any information on how to test it please? thank you. Joe, Colorado
Denver, CO

Sat Aug 15 2009
michael.whalley at xtra.co.nz
zundapp 1939 db 200
hi can you help please i need a wiring draigram for a 1939 zundapp db 200
new zealand

Wed Aug 12 2009
sam.scorrin at live.co.uk
Zundapp Combinette
Hi, i have recently come into posession of a Zundapp Combinette. It is in bad shape and needs fixing up. I know nothing of this bike and cannot find any help with it. I was hoping that maybe someone could help me? thanks, sam

Thu Jul 16 2009
oilmaniac at hotmaildot com
i want a zundapp
i search for a zundapp ks50, ks125
i want a zundapp because i can nt found in greece attica please can you found me in greece or stall me from germany . thanks.
aegina ,attica,greece

Fri May 15 2009
nagy-peter-csaba at yahoodot com
Front fork Zundapp KS600
Zundapp Zundapp ks600
Hello. A want to buy a fork too my Zundapp k500.

Tue May 12 2009
mailloux.rl at forces.gc.ca
Zundapp combinette 1958
I have the subject moped in very good running condition. Can you tell me what its approximate value is? Thanks Reg.
On. Canada

Fri Apr 17 2009
peterz at bordernet.com.au
Zundapp Combinette Type 405
I'm looking for any help to restore a 1956 Zundapp Combinette Type 405. The engine is a 25/5. Any help in locating parts would be appreciated.
Jonothan H
Toowoomba Australia

Tue Feb 17 2009
coppingm at onesteeldot com
Where to buy
Zundapp KS 600 or KS 800
I've seen some lovely restored KS600's and derelict ones on the web from Poland. Can anyone tell me how to contact sellers or clubs in Poland?

Tue Feb 03 2009
wernerroedenbeck at yahoodot com
Cleaning Gas Tank
Zundapp KS601 1953
I need to cleaning the gas tank. Rust.
I need help to know what product will be help to remove the rust
Miami Fl USA

Thu Jan 29 2009
ibrito at cinveste.pt
ZUNDAPP caracteristicas
Necessito contactar alguma entidade que me informe sobre as caracteristicas de uma ZUNDAPP número 3244302, matricula 1-SNT-82-77 registada a 1.9.1989 na C.M. Sintra. Qualquer informação, por favor contactem Isabel Brito 214585906

Sat Jan 03 2009
jdomyancic at comcast.net
motorcycle zundapp 250cc-1956
where can i find a value-7000 miles on it-good shape

Fri Dec 12 2008
klabin at givat-oz.org.il
interested in a zundapp
zundapp 750 ks w/ sidecar & trailer
interested in a zundapp 750 ks w/ sidecar & trailer. thanks for the attention.

Thu Dec 11 2008
mrnomrnomrno at gmaildot com
zundapp db202
I´m writting from Serbia.
I´m restoring a zundapp db 202 but i have a problem with the clutch, and I have not some parts (air filter, headlight...). Does anyone have manual or picture of db 202`s parts? If anyone can help me, i´ll be very greatful.
P.S. I`m not sure that is db 202! Can anyone tell me the model and year of this zundapp.

Engine & Frame #s requested.

Sun Nov 30 2008
comandini at gmaildot com
I would buy a Zündapp ks 750, contact Slovenja 2

Sat Nov 15 2008
fishroe at tiscali.co.uk
Data required for Zundapp engine
Zundapp Engine type 280 - 03
Can anyone assist with engine data for the above engine type. I have a 3 wheel commercial with Zundapp engine and front frame assembly similar to Portuguese Famel unit

Fri Nov 07 2008
tk at beankrautdot com
Family Photo
Zundapp Unknown
This is a picture of my grandfather, Joseph Fischer, just after WWII. He was a motorcycle messenger in the German Army (not SS), and fought under General Erwin Rommel (not SS) in Africa. I'm not sure what model or year of this motorcycle and sidecar.
North Hill Ca, USA
I believe it to be a KS750 with a Steib sidecar, probably a 501. Ed.

Sat Oct 18 2008
sergiojfranco at gmaildot com
zundapp santa maria
ola...esta é a minha zundapp santa maria de 1960, foi toda restaurada, penso estar 100% original, gostaria de poder comparar com outras motos iguais, e de ver mais imagens desta fantastica moto.

muito obrigado
abraço. Sergio franco

See Santamaria page (Zundapp-1960-Santa-Maria-2.jpg)

Sat Oct 11 2008
fikri at mail.dk
handles and toolbox
zundapp k 500
1938 zundapp k 500 frame and eng.nr.181755 need parts or picks of handles kontacts and toolbox for restoration
fredericia denmark

Wed Oct 01 2008
gregg at vikingtrailerdot com
Looking for parts,need help
Looking for parts for a KS750
I have a list of items needed.

Mon Sep 29 2008
christian-essner at web.de
zündapp k 800
im interested to buy the zündapp cycle k 800 from slovenia,please contact me
germany stuttgart

Sat Sep 27 2008
cesaraz24 at yahoo.es
model of a zundapp
I just bought a zundapp and i can't find the model, year and the motor size. so if you can help me to identify this model, I will appreciate. here are some photos.

Fri Sep 19 2008
guilherme.turchetto at gmaildot com

zundapp ks 750
I am looking for a zundaap ks 750.
If you have one to sell please contact.

Sun Aug 17 2008
zoe77lana at hotmail.fr
contact acles compler plus chema electrique du brancheme
zundapp 50KS
Merci de m envoyer un email pour me dire si je peut commander zoe77lana at hotmail.fr

Thu Aug 07 2008
jtshelden at yahoodot com
Trying to identify Motorcycle
possibly Zundapp possibly KS750
I have a photo of my grandfather sitting on a bike, and I am trying to identify the bike. I belive it may be a Zundapp KS750. I think the photo was taken in Europe, during WWII. I know my grandfather served in the U.S. Army Air Forces, in the European Theatre of the war. In the photo, he appears to be wearning military clothing and a shoulder holster. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.

Justin Shelden
California, U.S.A.

Mon Jun 02 2008
e-g at luukkudot com
Sellink K200
Zündapp K200
I have complete K200 1933. It is partly restored but due lack of time I'm willing to sell it.

Wed Apr 09 2008
mrvitsa at yahoodot com
Bella for sale
Zundapp Bella
175 ccm, year 1962, in parts, needs cosmetic restoration and ansembling.

Thu Mar 27 2008
dean-shahnagh at yahoo.com.au
Zunndapp ks125 sport
Can somebody please tell me the approx price of an original zunndapp ks125 sport 1971

Mon Feb 18 2008
pavloskalidis at yahoo.gr
Is ther one for sale.
zundapp MC 125
Have you got a zundapp MC 125cc for sale please.

Mon Feb 11 2008
angelfire33 at sbcglobal.net
zundapp 200s
i have just recently been given a 1956 Zundapp by my sister and would know its aproximate value other than being filthy from sitting in the basement since 1968 it is 100% complete i want to retore it and ride it any information woulkd be helpful thanks Robin
The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation.

Mon Feb 11 2008
tim-pro at t-2.net
I have zundapp ks750 sahara , zundapp k 800 and zundapp k600 for sale .perfect condition.all parts are 100% original.

Tue Feb 05 2008
parquerivera at yahoodot com
zundapp 1954 db 201
how do i go about joining ?
Montevideo Uruguay

If you refer to the forum, the process is fairly transparent I think.
Let me know if you have problem.
Care to tell us a little about your amazing trike?

Sun Feb 03 2008
brandani3 at hotmaildot com
Zündapp DB 202
Shop DB 202
Hola esta es mi Zundapp DB 202 De 1952 Totalmente original y a la venta, muy bueno el sitio saludos.
Montevideo, Uruguay

Tue Jan 29 2008
joanne at mccormick.co.za
Need Assistance
Zundapp 1953 - 200cc
Need to contact someone with regards to parts
South Africa

Nicolás Bueno wrote:
Hola. He conseguido el manual de zundapp DB201, a la persona que le interese lo envío a dirección de correo. Saludos.
Hello. I have obtained the manual of zundapp DB201, to the person in that he(she) is interested I it send to mail address. Regards.
Salut. J'ai obtenu le manuel de zundapp DB201, à la personne qui lui intéresse je l'envoie à une adresse postale. Des saluts.
Hallo. Ich habe das Handbuch von zundapp DB201 erlangt, der Person in der er interessiert (sie) sich ich es sendet, um Adresse zu schicken.
Blicke (Hinsicht).

Manuals are available.
Zundapp DB201 Owner's Manual (English)
Zundapp DB201 Parts List (German)
Use the contact form, and reference this page.

Thu Nov 29 2007
rp1974fl at yahoodot com
zundapp spec.
1972 520-01=b
i just got a rolling frame and i am looking for the right engine, i need help, 1972 520-01-b,thank-you, randy
connecticut usa

Sat Dec 08 2007
ghawsie at hotmaildot com
zundapp parts
1960 zundapp citation
Where does one begin looking for parts? Also would like to contact owner of the citation pictured on your website

My uncle has a 1960 Zundapp Citation that we are going to restore and parts are seemingly impossible to come by. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks
Paul in Michigan
1960 Zundapp Citation
If you find a place for parts please let me know and I will do the same for you as I am trying to restore a Citation also. Thanks Gary in Wi.

twusstes at hotmaildot com
Hi my name is Albin

I had been looking after a page like this because my dad has an Zündapp typ Norma 20, it runs a couple of years ago. But it has been in the garage the last years and now i don't start. And I want's to renovate it, to my dad's 60 yearsday. And I hope that your site can help me to find information and parts and tips.
I have taken some photos and attach them to this mail. Many years ago, the owner was a carpenter thats because there is a parcel carrier on the motorcycle, thats where he put his toolbox. As you can see in the pictures I need a wiring diagram over the elctricity.


Wed Nov 21 2007
aravind-vn at rediffmaildot com
zundap fury
1988 175 cc
want mech spares and electrical

Sun Nov 18 2007
t6texan at yahoodot com
Zundapp GS125 1974
I need to contact the gentlemen that had a add fro Zundapp GS125 1974 for sale from Rhode Island (taylorag1 at yahoo.com = this address is bad)

Miky Basso
Millbrook, Alabama

Sun Oct 14 2007
taylorag1 at yahoo.com (bounced)
bike fir sale
1974 gs 125 zundapp
has been in storage since 88 w/plug out. used to run daily,needs to be freed up.
bike is 95%complete in good condition,stored dry w/wheels off,best offer
rhode island,usa

Sun Sep 23 2007
shaun.simms at walsall.nhs.uk
1954 bella 150 scooter
hi i am interested in buying a bella scooter but dount no how much i should pay for one.could anybody help with what one would cost.if you can help please email me
west midlands england

Mon Oct 08 2007
karlospiper at yahoo.co.uk
Zundapp restoration project - parts
Zundapp 201S 1957
Hi, about to undertake restoration of my fathers Zundapp 201S and require advice on where to find parts and expertise. People who know this machine well.
Tonbridge, Kent, England

Fri Sep 28 2007
pauli.kankaanpaa at helsinkinet.fi
Zundapp KS 750 from Finland
I am in this picture maybe 6 years old.After warII my father ownwd three pieces those sidemoterpikes.I am sad all are missing.One is still underground plece where it left long time ago.Now its under building and difficult to dug out.
Greetings ftom Espoo Finland (I was born Lapua)

Tue Sep 25 2007
kumutaqe at yahoodot com
Motorcycle Value
1939 K600 Zundapp
I was wondering if someone could give me a rough estimate on the value of a 1939 K600 Zundapp or if I could be directed to a helpful source. Thank you!
Seattle, WA

The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Mon Sep 17 2007
bjd at nc.rrdot com
transmission bearing 125 zundapp
1973 125 enduro rickman
I need a bearing for the trans. Bearing for the small end of the shaft with the removable gears.
nc, usa

Sat Sep 15 2007
camdenc200 at hotmaildot com
Barn find Russian K750 +sidecar
1960 K750
Aunt died in Latvia. In her house found Russian K750 1960 mod with sidecar complete.
I would like to restore it and ship it to Australia- any idears.

Wed Sep 05 2007
jrolsen20 at earthlink.net
What due I have
I have an old Zundapp but due not know what year or model it is here are some numbers off the bike
Jmc Fah2eugty o or q
195 Buuichr
859020 motor Fahrgest
132 Gewicht kg
289 Zulassigesg es.gew.kg
196 Hubruum cm

Thu Aug 23 2007
markrodhouse at hotmaildot com
Zundapp 201S Fuel Tap

My neighbor who owns a Zundapp 201S is trying to locate a fuel tap for his bike, can anybody please advise me on where to start looking!

Tue Aug 07 2007
germanlopezvidegain at gmaildot com
zundapp in uruguay
zundapp werke 1949 50cc
hi,i am trying to restaurer a litle zundapp motorcycle of 50cc .i need some imfoformation ,its a 50cc one from 1949.thanks xx

hola soy de uruguay y trato de hacer un humilde aporte restaurando una zundapp de 50cc una de 1949 y necesito datos para conseguir partes y poner en marcha el motor agradezco toda la ayuda en especial manuales etc.  saludos para todos los aficionados y desde ya muchas gracias

25th July 2007
(Forum membership application)
 Yikes, I thought I knew a lot about motorcycles, but your questions stumped me. I would like to be approved, My first race motorcycle was a 1972 Zundapp MC125 and currently vintage race a 1972 Zundapp GS125 in MX and ISDT style competition. I am always interested in finding / trading Zundapp 125
parts and information.

PS: I have added a photo of my Zundapp in action

Thanks and enjoy
Terry Davis

My first race motorcycle was a 1972 MC125 Zundapp and I had started to Vintage race in 2004. Not many Zundapp racers in the USA, I have met many Zundapp enthusiasts around the world on the Internet.

Also I have attached a photo of Team Factory Zundapp at the ISDT Reunion Ride in St Louis Mo. USA from 2006. The riders are from Left to right Jim Jervis (3 time ISDE Vet) Andrew
Powell, Both from Canada and myself.

Sat Jun 30 2007
slepingtiger at yahoodot com
zundapp motorcycles

Hello, Looking for zundapp motorcycles I am located in okalahoma, USA can someone help (military prefered) looking for projects to restore. k601 or 750 0r even 800

Fri Jun 29 2007
grefinn at kolumbus.fi

zundap bella scooter R 204 .1963
i want buy decorate parts for this Bella.

Fri Jun 22 2007
zoltar92 at wp.pl
zundapp ks 600 to restore
zundapp ks 600 is for salle.
warsaw , Poland

Fri Jun 22 2007
zoltar92 at wp.pl
zundapp ks 600 front fork for salle
fork zundapp ks 600 is for salle , orginal paint , without springs.
warsaw , Poland

Mon Jun 18 2007
martin.ortega at tks-netdot com
1948 Zündapp DB 200 value

I was wondering what the value of a 1948 Zündapp DB 200 is? I have found one for sale but I do not know what it is worth. Some help please.

The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Tue Jun 19 2007
chichi.wat at wanadoo.fr
zûndapp 1980 ks 50 wc tt complet 100% très belle machine tout origine

Sun Jun 10 2007
lauriercantwell at gmaildot com
I am looking for pictures of a Enduro Zundapp a 250cc
1955 Zundapp 250cc Enduro model
I am looking for pictures of a 1955? 250 Zundapp Enduro model this was sold in the USA, this bike was diferent having two slides in the carb.
Boston. Mass.

Thu May 31 2007
silviu-pushtiu at yahoodot com
I'm wondering if someone could tell me where can I find the series on the chassis because on my model I don't know whwre it is...

Thu Jun 07 2007
rmaddran at virginiacookdot com
1957 Zundapp super sabre 250cc
I have a 250 super sabre in good condition except for the engine is out and in pieces. I'm pretty sure it's all there. I would like to restore it or sell it. It's been in my garage for 20 years and not moved. seat,speedometer,headlight,fenders,tire ands wheels all in great condition. What is it worth and are parts available to restore?
Dallas,TX USA

Fri Jun 08 2007
theboman1964 at yahoodot com
This picture is of my father on his bike 1946 to 1950 i would like to know if you could tell me the year and make of this bike he owned ?? He had a BMW and greman zundopp... If you would like to post this picture you may my father PFC  jR, C Swift Battles and Campaigns AIR OFFENSIVE Normandy Tail gunner B24 Bomber. thank you Glen.

The bike is almost certainly a Zundapp KS601, but I thought these were a little later than 1946 - your father's jacket indicates that he's either still in the service or very recently demobbed - do you know if the date of 1946 is correct for that photo? Ed. Thank you my father was in WW II 1943 to 1945 he gone now i lost him to cancer 1997 he told me when he got out of WW II he took of on his bike and travel the USA for three months i didn't get the photo until 10yrs after he had passed away so i can only go by the Harley shop when they were at that location if the KS601 was after 1950 or before ??? when was the they released what year ???.. Thank you Glen..

Tue May 22 2007
jake.simkin at gmaildot com
Looking to buy for a film
Zundapp 750
I am looking to buy a Zundapp 750 with sidecar for a film/documentary about travelling Australia in this motorbike and hopefully other countries. If anyone is selling or knows where to find places to buy one please email me.
We are happy to travel anywhere in the world to collect the Zundapp for our doco.

cheers and thanks
jacob simkin
Melbourne, Australia

Thu May 03 2007
Bookwrm699 at AOLdot com
Float for Carbarator
1952 Zundapp KS 601
where can this part be found? My father is located in Florida.

The carbs for this machine are:
Type Bing 1/25/1 left side
Type Bing 1/25/2 right side
Try http://bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Fuel/ for a start, and also the classic bike dealers, particularly specialists in German machines.

Tue May 01 2007
spathariotis at hotmaildot com
Thank you very much for your reply in my e-mail, I don't have any images from my motorbike, but if you want i could send you. My motorbike was stolen and when I found it the machine was in another cradle (propably from motozappe chopper), but if you could help me to send me a pdf with technical manual of KS 125 Zundapp i would be gradeful to you. (actually was my fathers bike who died and i want to renew it to show to my children)
Thank you very much for your interesting
Spathariotis Andreas

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Sun Apr 29 2007
intermer at yahoodot com
zundapp to sell
zundapp db200?
hello, I've the attached moto to sell. can you help me?

Fri Apr 06 2007
stopa at port.az.pl
Zündapp K350 for sale
I have Zündapp K350 for sale. Photos on www.zundapp.port.az.pl (404)

Wed Apr 04 2007
bnesstfi at hotmaildot com
Zundapp Info
I don´t know what year and model is a zundapp I have. Only numbers that I found in the motorcycle are:
Cylinder: Br..2162.Z66
Engine block: 901500
Chassis: 901500

Who could help me out?
Guatemala, Central America

Try the engine number page. I have found an identical motorcycle in Guatemala, already rebuilt. Im sendind the picture of the motorcycle. I don´t know if the year built varies but looks the same.

Sat Mar 31 2007
motostation18 at orange.fr
demande de renseignements
zundapp 200 modele 1938
Pouvez vous nous adresser une fiche technique car nous n'avons aucune ino sur notre moto ?
request for information
Can you address a chart to us because we do not have any info on our motor bike?

Thu Mar 08 2007
andy.carter at ntlworlddot com
Zundapp Janus engine/gearbox for sale

I have an original Zundapp Janus engine and gearbox for sale.
It is complete with dynastart and cooling shrouds but missing the carb.
Needle roller big and little ends are excellent and the engine spins freely with no signs of wear. Taken from an accident damaged car in Holland in 1978.
Andy Carter
Nottingham UK

Sat Mar 03 2007
jpduffy at yahoodot com
Help finding spairs
zundapp trophy 250cc
could anyone help me in finding front break shoes and petrol tank badges for my 1960 model zundapp trophy

Sun Feb 18 2007
cnbueno at gmail.com
1950, si alguien tiene manual de despiece estaría muy agradecido. saludos a todos
Montevideo URUGUAY
Fri Jan 19 2007
cnbueno at gmaildot com
Zundapp DB201
Fotos de la poderosa.. me gustara conseguir el manual de despiece del motor, dejo mi direccian por si alguien lo tiene. Gracias, saludos
Montevideo Uruguay
Translation: Photos of the powerful one. gustara to obtain the manual to me of quartering of the motor, I leave my direcciòn in case somebody has it. Thanks, greetings

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