Zundapp Motorrader

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Zundapp Dreirad - Three-Wheelers

Zündapp 3-Wheel Delivery Vehicles, 1926-1938

In 1926, the first Zündapp motorized luggage tricycle came out in four versions. Powered by a 249cc two-stroke engine, they had full suspension and carried 150 to 200kg. [1]

Others followed, and in 1931 a three-wheeler appeared with a 200cc Zündapp engine. This was designed by Fideles Böhler, previously of Hanomag, and had a 500kg payload.

In May 1938 delivery van construction was discontinued.

Notes: 1. AOM states that it's an NK engine (Zweitakt-NK-Motor). This is possibly a misprint.

Source: Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive