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Photos from German Motorcycles in World War II. The largest displacement motorcycle in the German Army, the Zundapp K800W with its opposed four cylinder engine.

May 8, 2000
I would like to suggest my homepage as a link: http://www.home.zonnet.nl/brouwer308 [404 0710]
I am a Dutch Zundapp KS80 motorcycle fan, own several types.
Best regards, -- Mark Brouwer -- info at betasupply.nl

May 8, 2000
I have a 1940 KS600 since 1952....
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April 28, 2000
Thanks very much to those who sent me pictures and suggestions for finding a Z-98, but I'm feeling a bit like I'm in the "Twilight Zone."...
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March 21, 2000
Gas tank painting
I am restoring two K 500 1937. ..
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March 17, 2000
I have a 1957 Zundapp KS601 Kardon Sport Elastic. ...
I found a perfect 2 inch long Indian arrow head on the ground. ...
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I am a very enthusiast Zundapp collector from Holland, I own several Zundapps, from the ZD40 moped to the KS 750 "uberschwere wehrmachtgespann".

I'd like to have contact with other Zundapp collectors, I'm always in search for parts, technical information or just a chat......... greetings; Edice

February 27, 2000
Hey my name is Chris,
I am a 18 year old WW2 reanactor I bought a zundapp dbk200 I wanted to know it you know where I can get info on this bike. I really need a engine breakdown or something. Can you help? Please let me know  -- thank you -- Chris -- Sprawl189 at aol dot com

February 24, 2000
In the late 50's and early 60's their was a Zundapp complete with side car and machine gun mounts on display at Dallas Motor Sales. The bike was supposedly belonged to the great German General Romel (Desert Fox). This was a very original bike with 12 forward and 3 reverse gears. The shop owners name was Harold Yaw. I would like to know what happened to this motorcycle. -- Jerry Liles -- jliles at zalecorp dot com

January 31, 2000
Have you ever heard of or seen a Zundapp Moped? I have a 1951 that I inherited from my grandfather and am curious about both its value and obtaining parts. Any information that you can give me would be appreciated. -- Thank you -- Nicoletta -- nonumbers at webtv.net

December 30, 1999
I had a '57 Zundapp 200cc Enduro. Also would like pictures or info on 60's 250cc Super Saber. I had a great time riding a bright red Zundapp Bella scooter. What a ride. Great memories! I wasn't sure anyone in U.S. still remembered Zundapp. Great bikes that were ahead of their time. -- Thanks, Dave Daum -- occchurch at aol dot com

December 19,1999
I am about to restore my Zündapp DB201 1951, ...
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October 31, 1999
I recently bought a 1937 DBK 250...
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October 28, 1999
Great idea to bring together so much information.

The KS800 might well be the machine with the greatest displacement from wartime Germany, but it was not the most powerful or popular. The KS600 was more powerful, it also had greater output than the KS750. But raw power isn't everything!

Here are pictures of a friends KS800 and KS600, both are very original and run well.

I am currently restoring a KS750 and I am very happy to correspond with anyone interested in wartime German bikes, armour and general vehicles. I can help to find spare parts or complete vehicles.
david at zundapp.freeserve.co.uk -- Regards --  David Reay

www.zundapp.freeserve.co.uk (404)

October 29, 1999
From Sheldon: David has volunteered to send information and photos of his KS750 restoration project as it proceeds. As soon as they start coming I will put up a web page and we can follow him through with his restoration.

January 19, 2000
From Sheldon to David: How is the restoration project going???

David's reply:
Well its slower than I had hoped for. I have stripped the machine down and have started to find out what's wrong and what's right. As an example I discovered that the magneto is the wrong type, and that the frame has been mig welded. So that means a new mag to be found, and the frame alignment checking! -- David

Hello! My sister got a Zuendapp 200 S (maybe from 1955) as a present (!) and it is waiting to be get into working order. Even in Germany it is not easy to get spare or information. If anybody is out there who can help her, please e-mail to awi at vossnet.de -- Andreas Wischnack from Berlin

I just replaced my pedal-powered Peugot by purchasing a '73 50cc gold-orange/black Zundapp. The Peugeot had a 'centrifical clutch', meaning there was only one gear- first. So now I need to knoe about things like "how much 80 weight goes in the gearbox?" and "where can I get a speedometer cable?". Any ideas? Anybody with a '73 watercooled 50cc out there who can help me out?  ..It would be much appreciated! -- Thanks, -- Scot  -- racerx at netdreams dot com

November 25, 1999
Neat page. Glad somebody finally gave the magnificent V-TWIN the recognition sooo long deserved on the net. The opposed twins are not like the BMW but rather have a slight "V" of about 6~7 degrees for ground clearance. But they look flat and are really kool to ride. I have a 1952 KS601. Also have a couple of non running 2-strokers awaiting their fate. What kind of info are you seeking?

You know during the war the KS750 was called the "WAR ELEPHANT" and after the war, in the early years the KS601 was called the "GREEN ELEPHANT". I think maybe the green came from the early 50's when lots of European bikes were coming out in a creamy pea green color. I've seen in original paint a Zundapp, a Sunbeam, some American car and maybe a Norton. Again thanks for the site. Trying to send a scan. let me know if you get it or not.
James Marshall -- n2deep at ev1.net

November 6, 1999
I just purchased a Rickman-Zundapp 125cc bike. It came with a workshop manual that covers Moto-Cross, Enduro, Six Days and Police motorcycles. There is information about the 125cc engine, although not exactly what I need. The piston on this two-stroke motor has only one piston ring at the very top of the piston.

I will be needing more info and parts for this engine and transmission. I would appreciate any info any of your site followers might have. I would be happy to make copies of workshop manual.
Sterling Caudill -- caudills at erols dot com

November 14, 1999
I have a 1955 Zundapp Elastic 250cc. I am in need of a fuel tank, front fender, headlight lens, and exhaust system. Any information would help. Thank You -- David Foxx -- roadkill at infinet dot com

A new headlamp lens should be easy to find here in Germany. Exhaust system: bad reproductions are on the market; if you have a rusted original one, it would be better to have it re-chromed. Fuel tanks and front fenders are hard to find, because there are no specialized dealers for these models in business. There aren't even clubs for these models in Germany. An international Zundapp owners club will be founded soon.

I recommend to visit narma.org/zundapp [404] in a couple of weeks. There you will have a chance to swap parts with other Zundapp owners. Would like to meet you in the club.
Best regards -- Hartmut Schouwer


November 28, 1999
I am a big Zundapp fan, on the picture you can see my KS80 530-50, from 1981. It has a 93ccm cylinder with the well known 5 gear 314 engine. Best regards, Mark Brouwer, The Netherlands -- betamb at compuserve dot com