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Sun Nov 26 2006
jay2 at dodo.com.au
Zundapp lapel badge
Bella Scooter
Last year you noted Zundapp badges on eBay. Do you know if they are still available - or where else I can purchase one?
Jay Dunning
Melbourne, Australia

Mon Nov 20 2006
s.gutmann at gmx.de
KS 600 and K800 wanted, any condition, also fragments, parts.
Please send your offer and pictures to s.gutmann at gmx.de
Have DBK250 parts for sale, actually an uncomplete motocycle.
Best regards
S. Gutmann
Stuttgart, Germany

Wed Oct 11 2006
pkm3 at bluefrog.biz
Zundapp KS601 for sale on ebay
Hello, I have a 1956 Zundapp KS601 Sport for sale on ebay in case anyone is interested. The auction started 10/9/06
New York
Hello, I have attached 2 pictures of this bike. It is a 1956 Zundapp KS601 Sport. It is listed on ebay, #320036754134, and will be finished on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2006. It is the best running KS601 I've ever had the fortune to own. I am located in Western New York. Thank you for including this in your website, I appreciate it!
Paul Mayer

Thu Sep 14 2006
antonio.batdionisio at sapo.pt
Restore a MOTO
Is it possible to obtain a instructions manual to restore my Zundapp?
Please, give me more informations about places, in Portugal, where I can buy compnents for this moto. Thank you for your attention.
Best regards.

Sat Sep 09 2006
franks6138 at sbcglobal.net
zundapp k601el 1957
need a solo,seat
wis, USA

Wed Aug 30 2006
waffenampt at hotmail dot com
K800 Zundapp Parts needed
name: Tony Kelly

Hello. I have a Zündapp K800 motorcycle and want some parts. Can you help? 1. Ignition Points 2. Condenser 3. Ignition Coil 4. Distributor Cap 5. Rotors Do you know what Bosch part numbers these are? Are they the same as a Volkswagon? Thank you
O.K., I just got my K800 Zundapp less than a week ago. It was running before I had it shipped here from Europe. So I imagine the electrical is what's not making it run now. I've attached a photo of the bike, but would it help for each individual part?

The engine is a 800 cc 4-cylinder which is similar to an old Volkswagon engine. So I was wondering if a Volkswagon equivalent might work. Those parts are still hard to find but I might have more luck with it.


It's very unlikely that VW parts will be suitable, Tony. Suggest you go through the basics of getting it started, if you've not already done so. Yes, I've gone through the basics but there's just no spark. A friend of mine suggested a new ignition coil and I'm trying to order one through http://www.zuendapp-aichner.de/, but I haven't heard back from him yet. Thanks for your help!
I take back what I said about VW parts not working. A VW 6v coil will work - try one of those. Or any 6v coil from that era - so something from a British bike, for instance.

Tue Aug 29 2006
wykydgto1 at hotmail dot com
Instruction for ESCI Model
Zundapp KS 750 Sidecar
Hi there,
I have recently bought an ESCI 1/9 scale Zundapp KS 750 Motorcycle kitset and would like to know if anyone has a set of build instructions they can help me with.
The kit was missing the build instructions and I haven't been able to find any in New Zealand.
At present I haven't got a photo to attach but can take one if needed.
Thank you if you can help.
Best regards,
PS: Our hobbies web site:
Napier, New Zealand
Thank you for replying so quickly.
I have taken a photo of the Zundapp KS 750 model box top for you.
The model looks like it could be a fairly simple one to put together but i would prefer to build it from the intruction sheets.
Thank you if you or anyone else who can help.
Best regards,

Dec 24th 2006
Today I finished the Zundapp KZ 750 model, it went together very well.
Attached are some pics of the model for you.
I still have a Manx Norton to build, not sure when i will be doing this one.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best regards,
Ken & Renee.

Mon Aug 28 2006
wheldt at terra.com.pe
Zündapp K 350 Kardan
Please need information and parts to restore a 1935 Zündapp K350,
many thanks
Willi Heldt

Wed Aug 23 2006
khakanyilmaz at mynet dot com
my father in motobycle
1938 or 1951
hello my dear ı fom turkey my names is hakan yilmaz my father my restorasyon office only maybe db200 mayb db201 db202 ı dont no please help okey see you later

Sun Jul 16 2006
BadAssPitRebel at aol dot com
need part
Do you have a ciol for a 52'6v zundap or know where I can get on
thanks missy

Sat Jul 15 2006
snnywaheed at yahoo dot com
Zundapp Combinette S Type 423
433-016-4, 184947-8, 230
I want a part of motorcyle engine magnit of zundapp weker munchen 50cc of your product
Lahore, Pakistan

Fri Jul 07 2006
zoltar92 at wp.pl
zundapp ks600 is for sale , full restored ,civilian version , more info , mil me. regards
Warsaw , Poland

Images are in the KS 600 gallery. Quite a beautiful machine. Ed.

Sat Jun 10 2006
daughaus at voyager.net
1974 motor scooter
I am interested in selling this bike and need pricing info

Try the page on Motorcycle Valuations

Mon May 29 2006
giacomo80 at yahoo dot com
Looking for K 500 spare parts
Zündapp K 500
I am looking for the following parts for a Zündapp K 500: front fork (possibly complete) and carburettor. I really hope anyone can help me; if so, please contact me on my email or through this forum.

Giacomo Turri (Italy)

Mon May 22 2006
thomaswhelan3 at eircom.net
zundapp 49cc 1980 engine type 280-03
famel trike
just a clip of zundapp famel trike

Thu May 11 2006
ccrim at fandr dot com
1952 Zundapp 200
I seek any information and place to find parts for bike with teleforks and rear plunger suspension, also dual exhaust on single cylinder. Am seeking rubber thigh pads for tank,mufflers, air filter box etc.
I do not have images, but Zundapp Fool has indicated that my moto is probably a Zundapp DB203 Comfort 1952 to 1953, which I believe is correct. I bought the bike in 1964, rode it some during High School, completely over hauled the engine, and replaced the clutch in 1968 just before entering the Army. At that time I fogged the engine with Rislone oil via the spark plug hole and it sat in my fathers basement until the
late 1990s. I am very much interested in any pictures, owners manual, parts book, mufflers, an air filter box, rubber tank or thigh pads etc to replace the home made ones I fabricated in the 60's. In the 1960's parts were difficult to find in rural Virginia, even then. I ordered the parts for the over haul from Triangle Motorcycle Sales, Chicago IL.

Sat Apr 29 2006
gkkb at ix.netcom dot com
1972 M/C 125
E-bay item # 4635449616 may be of intrest to someone?
(image moved)

Fri Apr 28 2006
Zundapp Super Combinete
Ich habe eine super combinete aus 1966 und ich wohne in travnik telefonnumer ist 0038730515477

Translation: I have a super combinete end 1966 and I live is in travnik

Wed Apr 19 2006
ivan.rogulj2 at st.t-com.hr
zundapp DB201
I want tu change this motor for biger, old zundapp...
...Yes I mean trade for a larger Zundapp model.
I live in Croatia. Thank you

Wed Apr 12 2006
darenlambert at hotmail dot com
clutch problem
zundapp db 202
hello there!!!
I´m Darbenn, writting from Uruguay, south America.
 i´m restoring a zundapp db 202 but i´m delayed because i have a problem with the clutch. I have all the pieces but I don´t know how to put them together. I have a picture of a zundapp bella´s clutch, I think it´s the same type, but they seem not to match. Does anyone have a picture or drawing of the db 202´s clutch??? I need it to get it resotred so please if anyone can help me i´ll be very greatful.
Anyway it´s great to know that zundapp motorbikes still rolles in the world´s streets.

Mon Apr 10 2006
barrysmith350 at hotmail dot com
Estimated Value
1970 ISDT 100cc Zundapp
I have this 70 ISDT that I purchased new. It is totally complete and has never been dumped. Still runs great, has always been stored inside, and not been ridden since the late 70's. Has complete tool pouch on top of tank just as it came from dealer. Also have original title. Please advise what this might be worth today.
Durham, NH

Try the page on Motorcycle Valuations Attached are some photos I took today of my 1970 ISDT Zundapp. I hope these are clear so someone may be able to give me an approximate current value.
Thanks for your help.
Barry Smith

The picture I sent was of the right hand side of my "running unrestored" 1952 Zundapp KS601. I was told that the factory in Nuremburg only provided black ones to Butler and Smith in Hasbruck Heights, NJ for the North [American Market].

There have been a number of Zundapp Owners clubs in the US and Canada over the years. For many years a group based in Canada published a sheet called "The Green Elephant." A Zundapp KS601 owner in Louisiana revived it and re-published some of the the original articles in the late 1980's and into the early 1990's. A guy in Minnesota started and has subsequently abandoned ZOCI, (Zundapp Owners' Club International) after registrations reached less than 25 over a period of two years. I correspond with several owners of the KS601 model and a couple with K600's.
Sheldon Arbut passed the archives of the ZOCI on to another site, ZundappFool.

Tue Feb 07 2006
ellenfrahia at hotmail dot com
oi meu tio pediu pra ver a onde eu encontro motor de moto pra veder ele quer uma zundapp nao sei muta coisa nao entendo mas queria um link pra analisa e quem sabe comprar desde ja obrigada ellen frahia

Fri Jan 27 2006
mynameshane at comcast.net
1957 Zundapp Super Sabre
I have a 1957 250 Super Sabre that is all original except exhaust.
I need to find an original exhaust for this bike. Is there anyone that would be able to help me?
Thank you,

Nov 11th 2005
Zundapp 250SU 1961
Joe at design-and-build dot com
I know little to nothing about these bikes, but I have recently inherited this one owner, (bought by my grandfather) Zundapp, and I would really like to get it going.
Any information, or advice that you may have to offer up to me would be much appreciated, value of bike, contacts of parts places (if any) etc.


Frame #, Tag#, and engine # - 9 3 9 9 5 5.

Good news we found the original side covers and the tool kit, and I'm pretty sure we will be able to find the tire pump as well. the only thing I am missing is the left passenger foot peg, and I know it will not turn up as my uncle remembers loosing it and riding up and down the road trying to locate it (back in the 60's). Otherwise a totally complete bike (in bad need of restoration). I would really be happy if I can find the 61 license plate...which is possible, as not much was thrown away. Attached some pics of the frame number (three looks double stamped or something).

should that number also be the vin #?
i am trying to track down records of when my grandfather purchased, and the state wants a vin # - that is the only number i know to give to them.

As I understand it, Joe, the VIN system was introduced long after the bike was built. Tell them that and give them the frame and engine number. Ed.

Tue Oct 25 2005
info at macnealyperformance dot com
Restored 1957 200S
Thought this might interest you.

Tue Dec 13 2005
info at yacht4sale.co.il
KS600 Zundapp
Dear Sir

I have an 1939 KS600 Zundapp
Engine number 503617
Can you please tell me were the frame number is locate?
Is it same like the engine number?

Thanks, A Shemer

Sat Oct 15 2005
info at yacht4sale.co.il
Zundapp 600
For sale best offer

Sat Oct 15 2005
y2kta21 at chartermi.net
zundapp citation (horex imperator)
I have a 1960 citation. I am looking for parts for it and need help locating a dealer. The parts are fuel pet-cocks, cables and a heal toe shifter. Thanks Paul in Michigan, USA.

Wed Oct 12 2005
dkwrt350jb at ntlworld dot com
Recently bought a 201s with engine and frame numbers 891502 can any one advise me of correct year please

Fri Oct 07 2005
mkenowen at bellsouth.net
chain guards for zundapp 250s-super sabre
does anyone have used ones

Sun Sep 18 2005
semasi at xtra.co.nz
Zundap 200 1951
I would like to know the value of the Zundapp 200 1951 attached. Anyone could help me?

Sat Aug 27 2005
Kaliannee at hotmail.com
ignition parts
hi, I am having trouble finding the right contact points. None I get seem to work on my sabre.

August 9th 2005
From: FlorianCJr at wmconnect.com
Sunday, May 01, 2005
Subject: 1956 Zundapp Brochure


Attached is a copy of an original, and somewhat fragile, 1956 Zundapp Brochure. This brochure most likely was distributed by Sills Motors in Parma, OH (next to Cleveland) which was the Zundapp dealer at that time.

It was probably in 1957 I got a Z-98 which had foot pegs and a kick-starter unlike pedals as shown in the 1957 brochure. A year or two later, I got a Jay Bee, Model K with the same 98cc two-stroke engine which was a vast improvement in performance over the Z-98 and sported an Earles Fork front end. However, the Z-98 has a classic style.

Let me know how the four page document arrives.

Regards, Floran Simala

  • That would be a great resource. If you could scan them in readable definition and e-mail them that would be great.
    Sheldon Aubut
    Houlton Wisconsin USA

From: FlorianCJr at wmconnect.com
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005
Subject: Zundapp 1956 "Brochure"

I just found a two-page "Zundapp in 1956" brochure produced by the sole U.S.A. distributor International Motorcycle Company, 2432 Grand Concourse, New York 53, NY, that lists all the models in the Zundapp line for that year ranging from the Z-98, Scrambler. Bella 200cc (motorscooter), Challenger, Sabre, Moto-cross scrambles 250 to the KS-601.

If you would like a copy, I can try to scan it in four sections and e-mail it. Otherwise, I can try to upload it directly if you can advise how to do that.

Regards, Florian Simala

Sat Jul 23 2005
ratmanner at hotmail dot com
picture of kks zundapp.
Hullo Sheldon, Regarding photo of L/H/S of kks zundapp??? The photo is reversed! A member of our vintage motorcycle club has a 1934 500cc sv Zundapp but no front forks. Any ideas? Regards from Sydney Australia,Ron.

[Photo fixed. Ed]

Mon Jul 04 2005
ks601 at mail2usa dot com
zundapp ks750
the "ks750" in the galleries is NOT a ks750 !

ks750 model by Altaya - ugly & incorrect !!
Zundapp KS750 Scale Model
ZÃœNDAPP KS750 1941 Scale Model by Altaya
I attach pic of my restored 1942 ks750 (& my Wife) after getting 1st Prize for war bike section Lynden WA 1995
Zundapp Motorcycles

Hi back!
Guess you got my messages yesterday. The model kit is very bad - best if you just remove it I think.
One of the bikes describes as a Zundapp ks750, looks like a Russian bike - just see the forks!
Attached are 2 pics of my 1942 ks750. 1 includes my wife after we won 1st prize for "war years" at Lynden, WA, USA in 1995. Also 1 from some guy plowing snow in Finland. The Zundapp ks750 came as one unit with sidecar, was never sold or intended to be used without sidecar.
(ex. Adelaide & Melbourne)

[Spurious image was indeed a Russian K-750. Ed]

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005
subject: 1:24 zundapp ks 750 1941 altaya
Email: shakirhasnain at yahoo.co.uk
message: thank you for a very rich site on my favourite motorcycles. i would like to know what you think of the schuco 1:10 and 1:6 renditions of the zundapp ks 750 motorcycle.
i live in vienna, austria and have not seen the altaya motorcycles in any shop here. I am particularly interested in the
borough superior
bmw r32
vincent black shadow
and of course the zundapp ks 750 from altaya.
can you please tell me if there is a way these altaya bikes can be purchased. even on the internet there are hardly any sites which have these wonderful bikes to offer.

please tell me what youi think of the schuco scale models of the ks 750.

February 18th 2005

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005
subject: zundapp
Email: donna.rositani at sharp.com
message: I am in need of a service manuel for a 1973 zundapp 125 engine. Do you have one or have any links that you can connect me with to get one? Thank you so much

January 23rd 2005
message: I have a single cylinder zundapp that I would like to find a home for. It is very similar to a DB 200...
See Zundapp Forum

Peter Hommes - Zundapp page

zundapp carb boots

April 17, 2002
Hi Sheldon,
I've read on the Zündapp Owners site that you have a Russian bike or two. I'm aware that these and some current Chinese creations are derivatives of early German bikes. I'm restoring a 1957 Zündapp KS601 EL and am looking to replace the cracked rubber boots for the tops of my carbs. (see picture at right) Have you seen these on Ural or Dneper cycles? Perhaps you can suggest a source. The Chinese repros are a dead-on match but none of the Chinese importers have them in stock. Much obliged Sheldon.
Kevin Daly -- kevinliz at earthlink.net

April 18, 2002
I don't remember seeing anything like that but you may want to go to www.ural.com. Ural America has their parts catalog on-line and you should be able to search through it. I'll also post this on the Zundapp page. Maybe someone out there will have some help for you. Also you may want to contact Jim Marshall n2deep at ev1.net. He has restored several KS601's and seems to be the authority on them. -- Sheldon Aubut -- biker at cwizard dot com

March 11, 2002
Zundapp Super Sabre 250cc
Hi, Need a muffler for my bike...
See Zundapp Forum

February 17, 2002
Here are some pictures of my KKS 500
Please tell me what you think. Serial #171334
I hope you can give some background on this machine.
Many thanks, -- Marco -- marcopia at bellsouth.net

February 3, 2002
I am not sure if you can help but I recently purchased a 1937 Zundapp KKS 500 ovh whith twin carbs and hand and foot shifter in mint condition considering that the only restoration work done on it was a light blue paint job. I am trying to find out more about it since I would like to put it back in its original colors and specs. (It is presently pushing a Steib S350). I would appreciate you writing me if you have any info what so ever. I am particularly keen in finding out how many were built; if it was a famed machine and what its value today might be. Its serial number is 171334. I am very familiar with BMWs but this is my first Zundapp. I am amazed by how smooth and powerful its 25hp are!
Many thanks, -- Marco -- marcopia at bellsouth.net

January 31, 2002
Hi, do you know any one who is selling a Janus Zundapp, if so can you have them contact me.
Tel: 905 707-1481
Fax: 905 707-9918
E mail: oldmark61 at hotmail dot com -- Thank you -- Mario

January 11, 2002
Hi there, if someone is reading this words please be advised that I'm looking for a ZUNDAPP KS750...
See Zundapp Forum

January 11, 2002
Great site, I didn't know there was this much interest in Zundapps. I need a carburetor (Bing AJ2/20) for my 1949 DB200, also parts for my 1958 and 1964 250S, if anyone can help I'd appreciate leads or information. Thanks. -- Phil mathews -- pm1920 at earthlink.net

January 9, 2002
It looks as if I'm not the only one searching for parts. I have two Super Sabres,'58 and '60. I...
See Zundapp Forum

January 1, 2002
Hello, I am looking for some spare parts for an Zuendapp KS 600, Bj.
See Zundapp Forum

December 30, 2001
I have in the barn a 1961 Zundapp Super Sabre, 250cc...
See Zundapp Forum

November 22, 2001
My son has a Zundapp much like the picture of the k800w...
See Zundapp Forum

October 7, 2001
I need some help tracking some information regarding a motorcycle in Portugal. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me when the Zundapp XF 17 was manufactured and sold in Portugal. As well where would I be able to get visual pictures on this bike. If anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated. -- Thanks -- Jorge Da Silva -- jorge.taz at sympatico.ca

October 2, 2001
I have a Zundapp 1958, and I want to repair it, but I don t know where to get the spear parts for it........Also I want to know where could I get a catalog from these kind of Zundapp..... Giovanni Ordonez -- espe-quim at yahoo dot com -- Location: Guatemala

September 25, 2001
I am trying to idenify a Zundapp engine, serial number 4761510, also on engine but not clear 49.5 - thanks - Jim Boles -- roycroft2000 at yahoo dot com

September 5, 2001
Hello Sheldon
I restore a KS600 and found all parts I needed in Holland...
See Zundapp Forum

September 5, 2001
I sort of inherited a 1956 KS 601 and I am trying to decide what to do with it. The bike is complete and not crashed, no side car or spill bars however. It was parked in the late 60's with a worn timing gear, or so I was told. I was wondering as to value or collectibility of Zundapp. It is not exactly a household name. I was wondering also as to resource for information or persons capable of working on a Zundapp. I might restore if I can get info. or a contact that can work on this bike. Give me whatever insight you might have. I live in Hunting Beach California, about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. -- Thanks, -- Bob Murphy -- utahmurf at excite dot com

September 2, 2001
From Sheldon: Got a call from member #4 in ZOCI. He doesn't have e-mail but needs help. Clifford has a 1960 Zundapp Citation and he is looking for parts. If anyone can help him please give him a call at (715) 758-8424

August 22, 2001
I have a 1957 R203 Bella from new...
See Zundapp Forum

June 23, 2001
yo tengo 2 zundapp ks 601,1954 y 1960 con sidecar...
See Zundapp Forum

January 11, 2001
I have a link for you www.zundappharry.nl (404) It's a Zundapp site from the Netherlands with great Zundapps. I am working on a English site also. I have already put your site on to the links page. Thanks -- Hans Krenger -- hk at hdvdekuil.myweb.nl

December 10, 2000
I'm looking for a carburetor BING AJ 2 20 and lamps (frontlamp with speedometer and rear lamp) to ZUNDAPP DB 200...
See Zundapp Forum

October 21, 2000
I am looking for a TOP ENGINE COWLING for Zundapp motorcycle, made 1942. PLEASE, contact me on svetaani at bgnet.bg
If you know someone who can sell this part or at least help me with some information, PLEASE, let me know!
Thank you DEEPLY for your help,

January 18, 2000
I would like to find a Zundapp that I could restore, do you have any idea where I could find one? -- Brent Martin -- martinb at vvm dot com

October 13, 1999 -- Original message deleted and this substituted on Sept 31, 2002:

Myself and some of my friends are proud to own of the Zundapp motorbikes which was assembled in India by the M/s. Enfield Motors, Chennai...
See Zundapp Forum

August 2, 1999
... I inherited from my father (deceased) a Zundapp KS 75 model 1962....
See Zundapp Forum

July 26, 1999
Hi, I recently bought a zundap motorcycle,but I don't know wich model it is.

year: 1957
engine number:3214660

If you know which model it is, or if you have any information, or you know where to get information (especialy about the original colors), please email me to: Pedro Morgado nop39591 at mail.telepac.pt -- I would appreciate your help on this subject.

July 25, 1999
HELLO can you tell me where to find parts or info on a KS601 1955?...
See Zundapp Forum

On our page You can see offer on old motorcycles, cars, scooters, militaria,... our page will be soon rebuilt and will come into being separate interesting division oneself exclusively with parts will be there placed offer on parts to such motorcycles how BMW... ZUNDAPP... NSU..., and also DNEPR, URAL , M-72, K-750, and other in this moment we place to this messages one from our products box ammunitions with handles, are they practical to all of motorcycles with side - carts, also for motorcycles about military character will be faithful retort of machine -gun MG-34( ideally executed) at interest we will send photos, all novelties of which in present moment does not have on our page foundling oneself on her at the beginning of August, we are open on all form of cooperation.
I greet Piotr Bojarojc
PS. we apologize if you got from us this information more than once.
oldmot at polbox dot com oroldmot at friko5.onet.pl

July 20, 1999
I have a Zundapp Bella, 200 c.c. that I want to restore...
See Zundapp Forum

I have a 1954 Zundapp "DB203" that looks very similar to the photo of the DB200...
See Zundapp Forum

May 20, 1999
I just bought a KS 601 1954...
See Zundapp Forum

April 11, 1999
I made some long trips through Europe in l966 and l967 on a Zundapp 250 2-stroke. The bike carried a passenger on one trip as well as camping supplies. One trip was from Antwerp, Belgium to Malaga, Spain and the other from Antwerp to Switzerland --where my trip was cut short by an accident.

I still remember the slow and steady sound of the long-stroke single piston and how big and solid the machine seemed for such a small displacement. I think I have a photo of it around somewhere. -- Al Max, Duluth, MN  -- almax at cpinternet dot com

April 8, 1999
I am in need of a seat cover or complete seat for my 1962/63 zundapp super saber. Can anyone help me?
OFFICE (800) 564-7827

March 13, 1999
I am a zundapp fan myself and working on a ks80 super 1983...
See Zundapp Forum

January 14, 1999
I rode a 100cc enduro Zundapp back in 1969...
See Zundapp Forum

Looking for a Zundapp 50CC 1964 - 1970...
See Zundapp Forum

To identify the model of your ZUNDAPP motorcyle, it would be helpful to know the year, the engine displacement, the type of engine (two- or fourstroke).

Please inspect the bike to find the manufacturers plate. The data from it would make it easier.... I'll enclose a scan of the DB 200 which was the most common pre- and postwar model. Please look at the picture and let me know if it is your model. If it isn't, let me know which detail is different. The DB 200 was built from 1935 to 1940 and from 1947 to the fifties with slight modifications.
Waiting for some more input..
Hartmut Schouwer

Submitted by Hartmut Schouwer

I am looking for KS600/KS601 bike or parts. Wheels, frame, gas tank. What do you have? Thank you for info on any Zundapp flat twins. Jerry Von Brzeski jerryvb at pacfiber dot com