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A Brief History of the Marque

In the early 1890s Albert Eadie and R.W Smith bought the bicycle business of George Townsend near Redditch to form the Eadie Manufacturing Company. By 1897 the company was titled Enfield Cycle Co.Ltd and had moved to Redditch and by 1899 they were producing a De Dion powered tricycle, with Motosacoche v-twins among the product by 1910. During the veteran years they also utilised Minerva engines, and later JAP. The company ceased manufacturing in 1970 (or possibly 1964, see this post).

Assembly of R.E. Bullets began in India in 1955 from parts sources from Britain, and by 1962 the bikes were being manufactured by Enfield of India, which purchased the rights to the Royal Enfield name in 1995 and is now known as Royal Enfield of India.


padbrown437 at icloud dot com
Magneto for 1926 350cc Model 351 Royal Enfield
Can you tell me please what magneto my 1926 350cc Royal Enfield Model 351 should have? The original (along with other components) was removed to make a go-cart, and has been lost. Any advice you can provide would be very much appreciated.
I live in New South Wales, Australia, and am a member of the Inverell Motorcycle Restorers Club.
Best regards,
Peter Brown
    Have no specific information on the Model 351 magneto. There are several sites listed which may be of assistance here: British Resources

tony.millar4 at
1927 Royal Enfield 4.88hp Model 500
any chance of photos of the frame & frame specs please.
Images of complete machine also.
Tony Millar
Narraweena NSW Australia
sosrepairs at
Royal Enfield 1933 LF500
Needing parts book parts ? Head gasket and misc screws and bolts
Gary Slater
British Columbia , Canada
olaf.pobantz at
RE HS31, 570cc SV with unknown sidecar
Hi Guys,
aquired it a couple of years ago. Never saw that model anywhere else. Has anybody an idea where I can find a reference object, specially regarding paintwork?
Assume the sidecar is a Praga (CZ). Can anybody confirm?
Cheers from Germany, Olaf
Olaf Pobantz
Wiesbaden, Germany

  • There are a couple of images in the Praga gallery which are certainly very similar in body shape and chassis.
    A Czech sidecar club has a section on sidecars which may prove helpful, listed here: Czech Sidecars
    Royal-Enfield-HS32-Combination-OPo.jpg images posted to Comments.

pant882 at
Royal Einfield J2 1932 (24911 factory code)
I can't find any pictures or information about my bike. The pictures that are online do not match with my bike. Ill add a picture maybe its better to identify it.
Frame code is 24911
Engine code J2 5469

monty99dc at
Royal Enfield probably 1937
Legend has it that the enclosed picture of my father was taken on his 21st birthday September 1937. My brother, who has a number of motor bikes and is the family oracle on all things "bike" tells me that my father's bike has a sloper engine, single cylinder twin port ? 500ccs or above. Could you tell us the year of manufacture and type. Is it possible for us to access the original registration information and any web sites we can access for further information? Apologies for a bit of a rambling request, we would be grateful for any help you can provide.
David Coombes
Kinross-shire Scotland

  • Registration number LJ4460. Most likely a Model J Bullet 1931-1936. By 1937 they appear to have dropped the Sloper model.
    Royal-Enfield-c1937-DCo image posted to Comments.

mybike at
1965 Royal Enfield Turbo Twin
Hi guys, I stumbled over this site and thought i'd send your the frame number of my TT. It's 68976 & engine 702E. I bought it in 2010 and imported it back to Australia.
Mauriec Rissman
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

  • The Turbo Twin used a Villiers engine. On the right side was embossed "Enfield Villiers" and on the left "Villiers"
    Royal-Enfield-1965-Turbo-Twin image posted to Comments.

frank.spoelstra at
royal enfield 570 L 1935
I recently bought a 1935 Royal Enfield 570L.
Do you know what kind of gearbox this is?
  • Royal-Enfield-1935-570L-Gearbox image posted to Comments

gslowe11 at
1965 Royal Enfield Crusader
I recently purchased a rear mud guard for a 1965 Royal Enfield Crusader. It had a sticker on it from Alldays and Onions and I am wondering if they had anything to do with the Royal Enfield brand. I am now looking for a front mudguard for the same bike and was wondering if they have these guards available.
  • "1907 The company merged with Alldays and Onions". Doubt that a '65 model would still have an Alldays sticker. See Royal Enfield History.

drlloyd2007 at sky.con
sports bike royal enfield year 1926
I recently bought a barn find of above spec. It has been in a barn for at least 75 years. It has Overhead valves. When did Enfield introduce overhead valves.? If you could advise I would be grateful
Roderick Lloyd   
Cardiff area UK

Wed, 14 Feb 2018
scotti.brave51 at
royal enfield g2 1955?

i'm in doubt about year am model of my bike. is a G2 BULLET 350cc but i don't know the exatly year and model. engine and frame G2 36136.
mauro scotti
Criciuma-SC Brazil

  • Royal-Enfield-G2-Bullet-350-Brazil.jpg posted to Comments

Sat, 30 Dec 2017
nayeem1955 at
royal enfield J2 twin port 1948

Hi. Good day Merry Xmass And a Happy new year,, I own a royal enfield single shock J2 twin port 1948 ? in India. I am not sure of the original look. and I am planning to restore it or sell if difficult to get information.. to original shape. there are several confusions as of mud guard types and correct model and parts ..I will start restoration ASAP
Regards Nayeem<
hyderabad India

  • Royal-Enfield-1948-J2-500cc-TwinPort-Nay.jpg posted to Comments

Wed May 31 2017
vintage_keith at
Royal Enfield 1912 prototype
Hi, thought you might be interested in some of the content on my website with regard to a 1912 RE prototype I've recently bought. This is the forerunner to the 3hp twin, and almost, but not quite a Brooklands racer (see site for more info):
Might give you a bit more info for your Enfield timeline.
Cheers Keith Hodgson
Yorkshire, UK

    Royal-Enfield-1912-345cc-V-Twin-KHY.jpg will be posted

Mon Jan 30 2017
tess.enarsson at
color of green
Motorcycle Royal Enfield 1931 H. 500
Hi, I saw a Royal Enfield from 1931 at the Stockholm bikeshow just. It was repainted but with original colors they said. The model nr was 1931 H. 500. I am intrested of the ligheter green of the two at the tank. I saw that ypu got a picture of a simialr color of J 55 cc from 1938. Do you know what the number and nane the color has?
Best regards
Tess Enarsson

Fri Dec 23 2016
dawsondoug72 at
Any information
Royal Enfield LFL 500 4 valve sloper 1932
I am rebuilding any info greatly appreciated

Tue Jul 14 2015
audio4theroad at
late 50's Indian / Enfield
Indian Trailblazer ??
I have a Barn Fresh bike just got that was my fathers and I'm trying to figure out exactly what I have. The engine Number is SM 6536 and the four numbers on the left side of the frame by the handle bars are 6797. There is also a number that is H DU720, I think it was on the engine right side, but could have been on the frame.
Any information you can provide would be helpful.
Nashville, Tn USA

Wed Nov 12 2014
arokiamjoyson at
Royal Enfield
1964 1964
Dunlop wheel rim available or not

Mon Sep 15 2014
ajcotton at
Identifying engine
Royal Enfield Jap engined
I have recently purchased this 1939 motorcycle with a single cylinder JAP engine. It has external valve gear and hydraulic system for the opening of the valves.
Could you please give me some more information on the bike please.

Sat Feb 08 2014
clanmaclean at
Petrol tank badges
Royal Enfield 1953/54 Bullet 500
I am trying to purchase a pair of tank badges for a 1953/54 Bullet 500.
Willing to negotiate a good price to secure the purchase.

Tue Apr 08 2014
pereberg at
Which year
Royal Enfield Bullet 500
G26447 on frame near steering handle. Engine F1(or i) 26747, 635 and 7583. Which year, please?
Oslo, Norway

Information on RE Serial Numbers

Wed Jan 15 2014
kitrv at
Carb Royal Enfield 350cc
Hi I have just purchased a 350cc Royal Enfield 1954. It has an alloy head but I am not sure of the exact model. I would be grateful if you could advise me of the correct carb/jets and spark plug. It is fitted with an amal monobloc at present but I am not sure if it is correct or not. I can get it to run all be it roughly and it does not take the revs. If you turn the petrol off it bursts into life and runs ok just before running out of petrol. Thanks. Trevor Northern Ireland Sounds as if it's flooding, most likely due to a float needle problem. Ed.

Sat Dec 14 2013
Hand lever
Royal Enfield K
Iare this Royal Enfield handlever? < 1930?


Tue Dec 11 2012
Royal enfield RE 1952
Am looking for a headlamp, mudguards and transfers for this bike. And if there is anyone that has one. Thanks ! Nicola

Wed Jul 04 2012
Needed For 1957 Royal Enfield Bullett 350 Cc Wiring Loom<
I need the wiring loom/harness for my Royal Enfield under restoration
New Jeresey USA

Thu May 24 2012
Royal Enfield 1937
Hello. I tried to do a little search about Royal Enfield 1937 but couldn't find any info. I have this motorcycle in an old garage and would like to know if it's worth anything? It's not in best condition but nothing is missing.

Wed Feb 01 2012
1969 royal enfield intercepter
1969 intercepter intercepter
i bought mine in london late in 1968 from a motorcycle dealer. I was in the army in germany and went to london to by a bsa bought fell in love with the royal enfield. Paid us850.00 dollars and us130.00 to ship it to san francisco january 1969. No longer have it. Makes ,me sad. michael
santa rosa, ca. usa

Fri Feb 24 2012
where is the chassis number please
royal enfield crusader 250
please could you tell me where to find the frame number of my motorcycle. Thanks

Sun Sep 11 2011
Rear cylinder for JAP 770 from 1916
1916 Royal Enfield 180
Wanted: rear cylinder for my JAP 770 engine from 1916

Sun Aug 07 2011
Year of manufacture of my RE 350
Enfield Bullet
my bike has a chassis number B1204853GX. Can you send me the year of manufacture of this bike

Tue Aug 16 2011
JAP v-twin 770 ccm 1916
Royal Enfield 180 front cylinder wanted
Listed under JAP

Here are some pictures of my Royal Enfield from 1916.
The bike is under restoration. I appreciate your help with the rear cylinder JAP engine.
Steinar Røstad

Wed May 25 2011
catsguzzi<at>yahoodot com
serial numbers
Royal Enfield Twin
I just picked up a basket case twin. Engine # YB 15691, frame # JS 15349. Does anybody know what year and model this is? Thanks

Tue Apr 26 2011
Parts required
We require parts for Royal Enfield 350 cc original made in England. The parts wer require are as follows; rear shock absorbers, mallometer, ampire meter, Amal carborator England, Delco points, and monograms of tank...
India, AP, Hyderaba-23

Tue Apr 26 2011
melwin.daniel1<at>gmaildot com
villiers crusader for sale
enfield-villiers crusader 1970
i'm planning to sell my crusader enfield villiers limited edition genuine enthusiastic buyers can contact
tamilnadu , India

Tue Feb 15 2011
robhan<at>btinternetdot com
enfield engine identity
royal enfield enfield
can anuone help
as i have just aquired 4 engines from a garage sale
and am strugling identifying the age of the enfield one
its marked enfield on the case
with a lightly numberd digit next to it 530
please see picks

Thu Feb 03 2011
JAP engine
Hi, I have been told that this is a 1915 JAP engine, I would love any information as to what bike this may have come from - for example what gearbox & carburetor would have been used with it - any other applicable information would be of great interest!

The numbers stamped on the engine are S1C & 4813D.

Thank you, Alan.

Royal-Enfield-1928 engine

Thu Feb 03 2011
Royal Enfield G
As I am working on a 1956 Puch allsate 175 and a 1939 Royal Enfield G and a couple others, I am on your site often, trying to identify bikes. as parts are scarce in Western canada, I resorted to a wanted ad and as expected, I was scammed despite ignoring all but one of the many replies and as luck and the tway Murphy would have it, I chose a scammer. He did not actually have any parts and in fact stole a pic from the internet and misrepresented it as his. His name is Randy Baer (maybe in Manchester area of the UK or even in Nigeria - both are hot spots for scammers) and his email address is ran.baer.salesinc at and he is NOT for real - he is a scammer. I am out 130 GBP and do have the EPS involved but he will scam again. Could you post a note on your site somewhere to make it tougher for this loser to take money from us real motorcycle enthusiasts. I have owned literally several hundred bikes in my day and the thought of this clown scamming motorcycle enthusiasts is offensive. This is the pic he sent me stating that is what it looked like before he dismantled it to redo and never re-assembled. (image not posted)

More on scammers here...

Thu Dec 23 2010
Royal Enfield/Indian motorcycles gallery non-existant
Royal Enfield/Indian 1958 Lance
My primary inquiry is into pictures of a 1958 "Indian" Lance. A two-stroke Motorcycle of 148cc displacement which was my first Motorcycle. I still have the owners manual which covered all of the models of that period including my 1955 "Indian" Woodsman, which I still have.
My interest is primarily of a sentimental variety as the motorcycle was not very reliable and poorly conceived.
California, USA

Mon Apr 26 2010
edavison<at>tampabay.rrdot com
royal enfield flea
I need the front rubber suspension components for a Flyng Flea
Florida, usa

Thu Apr 01 2010
KX 1140
Royal Enfield KX 1140
Howdie, I'm looking for some motor bits to get my KX 1140 on line. I need main shaft nuts.
California USA

Mon Feb 08 2010
ecob at
Royal Enfield 250 clipper
Can anyone help me determine the model and years of my Royal Enfield 250. The Engine # is 4440 and the frame is 12220.
Thank you.
Robert Ecob
Cambridge Ontario Canada

Fri Dec 25 2009
chazz-mail at
wanted re or flying flea crank for unfinshed project
many thanks charlie
tel -07855478389
east anglia

From: teterin at
Subject: 359 bullet
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:15:58 +1030

I have a royal enfield 350 bullet which i purchased at a westpak charity ball is brand new and has been signed by the NEWCASTLE KNIGHTS team of 2002 ..i have enclosed photos of bike ,,i am looking at selling the bike for i am moving overseas...would you know any body who would be interested in purchasing the bike regards JOHN TETERIN 0437876660 I am in newcastle nsw ps I am open to offers

Thu May 14 2009
frank-kirsty at
Looking for information
Royal Enfield S
Dear Sir Madam, I have owned this Royal Enfield for 20+ years where it has been garaged basically ever since, my wife and I purchased it with the intent that one day it may be worth something, but I cant seem to get any sort of help here in Australia, after speaking with different so called experts we seem to get a different response every time. Now after browsing your web site it appears to be identical to the 1936J however our bike has a flaired bottom front guard and it also has grab handles and a package rack on the rear guard, the engine number is S1 3279 and the number stamped on the gear box is 332.

I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you in the near future, once again thank you.

Frank and Kirsty

Thu Apr 16 2009
anbelzone at gmaildot com
royal enfield
royal enfield j2-bullet
Busco un velocimetro smiths kilometres 180

Mon Mar 02 2009
maximilianochopitea at gmaildot com
1942 wc/L
i have a royal enfield 1942 wc/l 570cc side valve

Tue Jan 20 2009
jap 770cc, royal enfield 180 ?
Could you please date the following jap v twin engines i have ...
Message listed under JAP.

Sun Oct 26 2008
robfran1 at btinternetdot com
The company ceased manufacturing in 1970. (not True)
the company ceased in 1964, I personally bought a no. of their manufacturing M/C's in 1965
sy7 8bt

Sun Oct 19 2008
arquitectoniro at hotmaildot com
Royal Enfield 350cc year 1942
Hello, I am restoring a Royal '42 so I need some picture information. Could you send me any link about it?.
Were every motorcycles of this year military ones or could them be civil ones?.
Thanks a lot.
Alejandro from Argentina.
Buenos Aires

I believe all machines built in '42 were military. Ed.

Tue Apr 08 2008
makenewagain at yahoodot com
1957/58 Indian Woodsman
Royal Enfield 500cc Woodsman
Had one as a boy of 18. Want to restore and ride again. Any idea where one may be available?
Glenville, PA, USA

Fri Jan 11 2008
das-telecom at
my 1958 clipper
1958 clipper
need rear shocks
india mumbai

Mon Dec 31 2007
nicho14 at
Purchasing a Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Am very interested in purchasing a Bullet 500 but have received some negative feedback regarding quality and performance. I'm not expecting a high performance road bike. Can anyone give me an honest evaluation?

Tue Dec 11 2007
dave at
wiring diagram
royal enfield turbo twin
I have just bought a turbo twin and need a wiring diagram can anyone help me with this.

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Thu Sep 20 2007
f1m2000 at hotmaildot com
Franco Matulovich
Royal Enfield bullet 500
I Can't make it function because of its piston and rings, can u help me ???????
4400 Salta, Argentina

Sun Jun 10 2007
tnsneg at
Bike ID

Need help for ID of bike in picture. Shown is my father Early 1950's in Hong Kong. Thank you.
Los Angeles
Wed Jul 25 2007
bobmcgrath21 at hotmaildot com
mystery british sidevalve in hong kong

the bike concerned is an overhead valve Royal Enfield. The photo is too fuzzy to make out exactly what model but very definitely is a Royal Enfield.
Cheers, Bob

Thu Jul 19 2007
jsingh4 at sapientdot com
Royal Enfield(1956 Model)
(1956 Model)
Hi, I am looking for a Royal Enfield of 1954-1960 Model range. If anybody has one or any poniters would be highly appreciated.


Wed May 02 2007
hughcoombs at
Royal Enfield bullet
1957 Bullet
has anyone a picture of a 1957 in colour and would email me a jpg file as I want to rebuild mine as close to origianl as possible. Think its all there.

Tue May 01 2007
tone-di at
contact breaker
royal enfield clipper 250 1954
can anyone help i am i need on a set of miller contact breaker points to fit a royal enfield clipper 250cc 194 or an altenitive tht wiill fit yhanks tony
kent england

Fri Mar 23 2007
clairenapier at yahoodot com
Rear Wheel Hub
Royal Enfield Flying Flea
Desperately seeking FLYING FLEA REAR WHEEL HUB complete. Drive sprocket left hand side. Would be very grateful for any leads.
London / Durban

Mon Feb 12 2007
bigamoe at rogersdot com
Spark Plug for Royal Enfield?
Hi again...I sent an email inquiring about a spark plug with a tap on the side...Someone wrote me back requesting a picture of the plug but i lost all my email that evening and dont know where to send the picture. I was hoping that whoever it was that wrote me could do so again so i can send image of sparkplug. I beleive it may be from a Royal Enfield motorcycle.
Ontario, Canada

Thu Feb 08 2007
bkbarker at
workshop manual
1954 royal enfield 150cc
can you help with finding workshop manual for above bike.thank you.brian barker
new zealand

Thu Dec 28 2006
janet.adkin at mckessondot com
Royal Enfield
Flying Flea
Have been given a flying flea in bits and would like to find a mechanics manual or similar to help with restoring it

Sun Nov 19 2006
rpmcb at yahoodot com
2stroke 125cc
royal enfield flying flea
did enfield make there own engene or did they use avillier or sacks on there 125cc 2stroke

Sat Nov 18 2006
littlejohns93 at bigponddot com
Date of manufacture
Royal Enfield / J2
Could you please help me date this bike thankyou. Engine no. J2 4307 / on case 5106 and frame no. J5106 or J2 5106.
Rigid rear , telescopic front
thankyou roger
Brisbane- Australia

The bike would appear to be of 1948 or 1949 vintage as as this model first appeared in 1948 and Enfield went to rear suspension in 1950. Ed.

Tue May 09 2006
rpmcb at yahoodot com
2stroke motor
this motor has 2 spark plugs bike it self has a springer type front end bicycle tires any
information will be appericated

Not enough clues, sorry. Can you send a photo? .........

I found out it is a 1947 royal enfield 125cc called the flying flea cant locate parts for it do you have any suggestions

Sun Oct 08 2006
jofi at
help please 500cc bullet
RE bullet 500 K reg
I've got the chance to pick up a k reg 500 bullet in fair (ish) condition. Have no idea how much ot might be worth now or when restored. Any ideads? thanks John.
plymouth UK

Fri Sep 22 2006
peter at
1926 royal enfeild
needed information or pictures detailing the tank colours and pin stipe layouts
Unfortunately the only images that I have are in black and white The tank of the bike is rectangular tapering at the bar end it also has a tank shift

Due to the death of my father who rebuilt the bike from what can only be described as a basket case some 25+ years ago and my memories of this being the contents of 3 tea chests 2 wheels and frame all information being gleaned from only knows where? The only other lasting thing was the fact that on a vintage vehicle run my father being chastised as to the colour and pin strips of the tank being wrong way round or colours being wrong (this coming from a gentleman of late years who may have worked on the production line ???? )

As a lasting memoir to my father I now would like to rebuild the bike back
to its former glory

All information would be of help



Wed Sep 06 2006
viasapparel at hotmaildot com
joining royal enfield bike club

Jus wonderin any clubs for enfield that have some enthusiasts as members, would be reallly keen to join it
Try the section of Bikelinks on Classic Clubs Australia

Wed Jun 21 2006
walnutflat at
1913 Royal Enfeild
600cc SV v twin engine
As I understand it this bike was imported solely for the New Zealand Postal services I would like photo's or pictures for a restoration project any help really
Marlborough NZ

Fri May 26 2006
david.partland at ntlworlddot com
Date of manufacture
Bullet 350 electra 5s
DVLA will not register my bike untill I give evidence of date of manufacture. They would not accept that the VIN/Chassis number detailed the month and year of manufacture. Could anyone direct me as to how I can prove date of manufacture?

Dave Partland
Paisley, Scotland

Sat May 06 2006
Ianindiu at
converting enfield350 to trials outfit in india
enfield 350
Dear sirs I am staying in India in Assam for some time and would like to buy an enfield 350 can you tell me have enfield ever made a trials version in India if not how do I go about converting one to off road spec as the roads in Assam are very bad do I need to convert head-stocks, gearing,electrics ( I would like to keep lights althpough no one seems to use them at night a loud horn seems to be sufficient) obviously suspension and tyres etc . Please can you help me as Indians are so poor at giving advice and my IT skills are also very poor
Majuli Island Assam India

I have not heard of a trials outfit made in India. Recommend you browse the vintage trials clubs and vintage MX clubs to get some idea of how they go about building offroad outfits. Try this link: Vintage-Motocross/

Wed Apr 26 2006
t.freear at
Enfield Crankcases
Please could you confirm which Models the following eng no.s relate to & if possible year of manufacture?
C. 233 & 17481 Many Thanks.

Sat Feb 11 2006
bobw at middlegatehondadot com
Looking for help in finding an engine - 2 1/2 that fits an 1910 royal enfield.or let me know of somebody i can email thanks bob wheeler

Historical Notes
March 19th 2005
Sales brochure for the 1957 Royal Enfield range has pictures and specs for 350 clipper, 150 Ensign II, 250 clipper, super meteor, 500 twin, 500 bullet and 350 bullet.

February 8th 2005
Royal Enfield Crusader 250cc 1963 at Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
The bike now just needs the timing set up to enable it to run, but I have bought a new bike, as well as one for my Wife, & I really don't want to spend any more time on the Enfield. The bike hasn't been started since its' overhaul. It has the original Royal Enfield aluminium centre stand which has worn unevenly on both feet as can be seen in one of the pictures. A new old stock centre stand and fittings is included in the sale. The electrics work perfectly.

As you can see from the pictures, the bike is in good condition and it has a V5 registration document and an age related certificate from the Royal Enfield Owners Club authenticating the bikes' age and date of first registration, but no MOT or VEL. It will need new fork seals for its' next MOT.

Included in the sale are the workshop manual, owners manual & service handbook shown in the photos.

January 13, 2003
Well, it said you wanted to know more about Royal Enfield Bullet's! I've been the proud owner of a 2001 RE Bullet 500 Deluxe for about a year now that I bought used. She is a fun bike to ride, but it takes love and dedication to keep her going. Unlike the modern bikes of today that require very little involvement of the rider in maintaining them, and basically have the personality of a microwave oven, these old girls require some attention on occasion. You get to know her, it is a bonding thing!

If you love attention, buy one. I've gone crazy with the retro thing with my baby, she is absolutely beautiful. As for performance, if you only putt around town they are perfect stock (except for exhaust, you got to get her to thump loud). But I ride a lot on the road, and I did some performance modifications and raised the gearing up. Bumping her up from 6.5 to 9.0 to 1 compression, stainless steel valves & heavy springs, free flow exhaust, modified airbox, recalibrated carburetor, hi-flow oil pumps, electronic ignition,18 tooth countershaft sprocket, heavy clutch springs, and shift kit.

This really brought her to life, she cruses all day at 60 to 62 with power to spair.

This is a great bike, I've been riding 37 years, and I think this the funnest bike I've ever owned. Ya'll take care, and ride safe! D.B. the crazy biker Owen. -- owen28248 at hotmaildot com

November 8, 2001
Could you add a link to the official website site of Royal Enfield Belgium (sorry still only in french but i hope that i'll have the time to develop an english version in the future).
the url is
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question? -- Regards, -- Rodolphe Fourmaintraux -- info at

December 26, 2000
Look at (404)
The home page of the Royal Enfield Club of the Netherlands
email recn at emaildot com
Greetins from Holland,
Hans Taverne

March 8, 2000
I hope you guys are still active. I am a biker from North-east India and a freelance journalist by profession. I ride an Enfield and have ridden all over India and across the Himalayas. I hope to ride in Russia next year-from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. -- Ravi Deka -- deka at

Can someone translate the following to English for me?

From: Inger Granström [mail-to:ingergr at]
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 1:57 AM
Subject: nav

Önskar köpa ett nav (ev bakhjul) till en Royal enfield årsmodell 1953 350 cc.
Tel: 010- 289 70 59 -- Mats ingergr at


Wanted, a wheel hub, (alternately/possibly rear wheel) for Royal Enfield model 1953, 350cc
The phone number is to an NMT cell-phone. Intl' it would be +46 10 2897059 -- Mats

Myggan, LMIII, Sweden.

From: Christer Åkerstedt [mail-to:cris.akis at vanersborg.mail.teliadot com ]
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 1998 2:15 PM
To: biker at
Subject: Royal Enfield.

For sale: Royal Enfield 488cc 1928-års modell Swedish registration, 2 owners only.
Engine needs to be rebuilt, piston damage. Highest bidder gets the bike.
Sweden 0521-36033 +46 521 36033 Regards,
Christer Åkerstedt cris.akis at vanersborg.mail.teliadot com

January 1, 1999
For Exports of Enfields 350 cc and 500 cc New. Also for Vinatage Enfields contact us at
Bombay India 91- 22- 623 9829 OR 91- 22- 810 5678
Regards, Andy ..... andy at indiabikesdot com


125 x 131


275 x 284


87 x 87

3 files in folder


Royal Enfield Resources

August 10, 1999
I believe that Bhavanar of India has won the right to use the Royal in front of Enfield again. Also a new Dealer for East US. The well known Cosmopolitan Motors Inc. in Hatboro, Pa. Cosmomtr at aoldot com --  KJPORTEUS at aoldot com

If you have a query about Royal Enfield motorcycles please contact us