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Royal Enfield Motorcycles 1912

Enfield at The Olympia Show

  • 3 h.p. Model (twin-cylinder) : 60 x 75mm.; overhead inlet valves; Amac carburetter; chain; Enfield two-speed.

The 3 h.p. is a new model, and was described in a recent issue of this journal. The engine is a striking piece of work. The method of attaching the cylinders is unusual, and it is only necessary to undo three nuts, when both cylinders can be removed. This is effected by three small clamps, which grip a flange on the base of the cylinder. A neat kick-starter is attached to the 2 to 1 gear. A mechanical oil pump is fitted on the timing gear side. This forces oil through the crank pin and big ends, whence it is splashed to the pistons and remaining bearings. A large glass oil reservoir, through which the oil is pumped, is fitted behind the seat-pillar. As in the case of the 6 h.p. model, the front chains are entirely enclosed, and the rear chain is protected on the upper side. Footboards are fitted, and the Enfield V. handle-bars with controls braced on, which have become a feature of these machines.

This model is also shown constructed as a lady's machine, with a sloping front bar. The petrol tank is provided with a large glass topped filler cap, which acts also as a petrol gauge. Simple and neat dressguards are fitted round the tank, extending below it. These are hinged to the upper edge of the tank and held in position by simple clips. Thus the engine is readily accessible, although the shields afford ample protection for a lady's skirt.

  • 2¾ h.p. Model (twin-cylinder) : 54x75mm.; side by side valves; Amac carburetter; chain: Enfield two-speed

The 2¾ h.p. Enfield is too well known to require lengthy description, and has undergone no important alterations with the exception of the fitting of a kick-starter. This is carried on the front down tube and connected to the crankshaft by means of a chain. The Enfield "cush" drive is fitted to all models; this consists of a drum divided into three compartments, in which lie six rubber blocks; between each pair of blocks is a flange attached to a plate on which is carried the driven sprocket. All the Enfields are beautifully finished.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th, 1912 p1392

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