Royal Enfield Motorcycles

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Royal Enfield 1923 Models

The 1922 Olympia Show.


Big Sidecars and Solo Two-Strokes.

8 H.P. Model.

  • 85.5x85 mm. (976 c.c); V twin cyl. four-stroke; side valve; mechanical lubrication; Amac carb.; chain-driven mag.; 2-sp. gear; clutch and hand starter, all-chain drive; 700x80 mm. tyres. Price, with Sidecar, £120.

The Enfield Cycle Co., Ltd., Redditch.

Unstinted admiration is accorded by all observers, critical and otherwise, to the models displayed on the Enfield stand, especially to the 976 c.c. twin cylinder sidecar outfit. The engine of this deservedly popular machine is made specially for it by Vickers, Ltd., and the well-known Enfield system of two-speed gear, obtained by means of selective cone clutches and two chains from the engine to the countershaft, has now been before the public for many years and has proved itself very thoroughly in practice.

A feature of these machines differentiating them from most others is hand-starting through the countershaft. A Terry spring seat is now fitted on large coil springs mounted on the carrier. A ratchet lock for the foot brake is also fitted. Such features as the silencer and mudguards are of ample dimensions and admirably carried out. The foot-boards, which are large and comfortable, are rubber studded; and special guards are provided for the protection of legs and feet. An example of this machine with G.P.O. delivery van is also shown.

2¾ H.P. Model.

  • 64x70 mm. (225 c.c); single cyl. two-stroke; petroil lubrication: Amac carb. chain-driven magneto; Enfield 2-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter: all-chain drive; 24x2¼in. tyres. Price: Solo, £50.

The 225 c.c. 2-stroke lightweight models are, for the most part, unaltered except as regards their prices, which have followed the general decline. They are shown both as sports and touring models, and the protection for legs and feet and general comfort provided on the latter will appeal strongly to the all-weather long-distance rider.

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