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Royal Enfield 1955 Scrambler



Engine: 346 or 499 c.c. Single Cylinder. Extremely robust and rigid crankcase and crankshaft assembly. Heavy duty mainshaft ball bearings. Large oil circulation. Aluminium alloy cylinder head with shrunk-in valve seats. Aluminium alloy cylinder barrel with austenetic iron liner. Compression ratios : 7.5 or 10.5 to 1. "500" : 7.25, 8 or 9.5 to 1. Lucas "Wader" type magneto. Polished cylinder head, flywheels, etc. Gearbox : Fitted with kickstarter. Improved heavy duty clutch. Primary drive by Duplex a-in. pitch chain running in oil. Final drive by 3/8in. pitch chain. Gear : 6.06, 7.9, 10.9 and 16.8 to 1. "350" : 7.08 9.2, 12.7, 19.7 to 1. For alternative available ratios see chart. Wheels: Dunlop Sports tyre. One security bolt. Dunlop Sports tyre. Two security bolts. 7in. brake. Suspension : Front - new Royal Enfield telescopic fork with improved hydraulic damping. Rear - swinging arm type with suspension units incorporating improved hydraulic damping. Equipment : Light alloy mudguards. Small capacity petrol tank. Dual seat. Engine undershield. Steering damper. Straight through upswept exhaust pipe. Air cleaner. Finish : "500" : Polychromatic "Copper Beech." "350": Polychromatic Silver Grey. Bright parts heavily chromium plated.

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