European Motorcycles

Sergio Scalerandi

Motorcycle enthusiast with a keen interest in British marques

Sergio, who hails from Argentina, has a quite extensive collection of articles and images available on his websites about Royal Enfield and Panther, along with a Facebook page about numerous obscure but often very important marques such as Duzmo, ASL, Alegro, CRS (a French four), Galbusera, Praga, the Seal and Regal Green, some of which are shared on this site with English translations.

He also has fascinating pieces on radial engines (Megola et al), early forks and carburettors, an Australian V-Four which most Australians have never heard of, Borgo of piston fame...

Several pages are dedicated to the restoration of specific models of his own or his friends including Royal Enfield Model CO 1939, Model G 1949, Model J2 of 1948 and 1949.

His contributions to this site are prodigious. In addition to the numerous articles on rare, interesting, landmark and sometimes just plain quirky designs of yesteryear, the galleries contain images of machines displayed at motorcycle fairs in Buenos Aires and Rosario (his home town) and from the collections of fellow enthusiasts and museums.

Mention here must be made of Howard Burrows, who has aided and abetted Sergio in his research, and also Pierre Laumont who contributed information and images for the Eole V4 article.

Royal Enfield (ES)

Panther (ES)

Royal Panther (FB)

Scalerandi Articles

  • AJS 1931 S3
  • AJS 990cc OHC V-Twin
  • Allegro
  • Arco
  • ASL
  • Bianchi Frecia Celeste
  • Bradshaw Oil-cooled Engines
  • Chater Lea Face Cam
  • CP Roleo Deltabox
  • Dollar V-Four
  • Douglas 1923 RA Disc Brake
  • Dresch Monobloc 500
  • Duzmo
  • Dunelt Two-strokes
  • Eole
  • Francis-Barnett 1927 Pullman
  • Galbusera V8
  • Garabello
  • GRI Motorcycles
  • Herdtle & Bruneau
  • Humber Watercooled
  • Husqvarna 500GP V-Twins
  • Krieger-Gnadig
  • Matchless Flat Twin 1916
  • Matchless OHC L/R2
  • Moto-Borgo
  • Neander
  • NUT 1921 6-Valve V-Twin
  • OK Supreme 1931 Lighthouse 250
  • P&M 1915 V-Twin
  • Praga BD 500cc DOHC
  • Puch P800 1936-1938
  • Regal Green
  • The Rocket Man
  • Royal Enfield J Series
  • Rex-OEC TWD 1370cc JAP
  • Schüttoff
  • Scott Three
  • Seal
  • Sevitame
  • Singer 1912 Racer
  • Sokol
  • SOS Motorcycles
  • Stucchi
  • Superb Four
  • Spiegler
  • Triumph Ricardo
  • Vauxhall Four
  • Victoria KR3 Kompressor
  • Viratelle
  • Wallach & Blenkiron