Portuguese Motorcycles

Portuguese Motorcycles

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January 18th 2005
subject: Portuguese motorcycle
Email: miguel.fm<at>netcabo.pt
message: You can see more portuguese motorcycles in this site:

[The site mentions Casal, Famel, AJP, Anfesa, Macal, EFS, Nacional, SO4, Pachancho, Confersil, Vilar, Fundador, SIS, Quimera, Alma, Celestino, Mayal, Zig, Símbolos. Ed.]

December 30, 1998
Hello Sheldon,

Yes I do live in Portugal.
So here goes the list that you ask for.

Casal- in the present it's still the biggest constructor. The engines that they build are two stroke with 50cc and a few 125cc for motorcross bikes. Motorcycles with 2, 4, 5 and 6 gears. Casal is in recession now, and it's going to be hard to survive.

AJP - It's the latest Portuguese builder. In the present moment they only build motorcross motorcycles, with 50cc Casal engines with 9.3hp, and 125 cc with casal engines 27hp The AJP are going to be sold in Spain, France, Italy and Austria. They have contacts with the Maico to build together a four stroke engine.

Famel Zundapp. Zundapp is a German constructor but they use to build here 50cc engines two stroke. It closed 3 years ago.
More info:

SIS Sachs. Another German constructor. They used to built here engines with 50cc two stroke. It closed 4 years ago too.

Macal Minarelli The Italian constructor has built here a factory too, but like the others it has serious financial problems.

As you can see we were a considerable market, but now the kids only want the Japanese stuff. I used to drive a Casal boss 50cc. And it still runs. What about Maico, does the factory still produce motorcycles?

Information above courtesy Carlos Oliveira

Thu Jan 17 2013
portuguese motorcycles
Casal others

De: Sheldon Aubut biker at cwizard dot com
Para: mop66965 at mail.telepac.pt
Assunto: RE: portuguese motorcross motorcycle
Data: Domingo, 27 de Dezembro de 1998 23:52

Maico is surely an interesting motorcycle. It shall be interesting to see > what they come up with next.
Do you live in Portugal? Do you have a list of Portuguese motorcycle manufacturers. That is one country that is missing from my lists at the European Motorcycle Universe. I would love to add a listing of Portuguese motorcycles along with all the other ones.

Sheldon Aubut

From: carlos&rita -- mailto:carlos&rita at mail.telepac.pt
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 1998 1:20 PM
To: biker at cwizard dot com
Subject: Portuguese motorcross motorcycle

The first time that I wrote about Maico was when the Portuguese "AJP" was thinking to buy them a new engine for their new motorcycle. Looking at Maico a few years ago for sure the new engine it's going to be something spectacular.
Carlos Oliveira e-mail mop66965 at mail.telepac.pt

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