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Pachancho Motorcycles

A brief history of the marque.

Established by Antonio Gomes do Vale Peixoto (b.1890) in October 1920 as a workshop for manufacturing of engine components such as pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder heads and piston rings.

In 1949 Pachancho began building two-stroke bicycle attachment engines inspired by Ducati's Cucciolo and later corroborated with Vilar to produce complete machines.

In 1950 Pachancho began building motorcycles equipped with their own engines. These became respected for their reliability and won several national championships and speed records. A relationship with Cinal of Porto blossomed, resulting in Cinal Pachancho.

In 1955 the production of engines was extended, aiming at the domestic market for agricultural equipment. This led to the establishment of their own foundry, in 1957

The last of their motorcycles, the Arcelino, left the factory in 1970.

Antonio Peixoto, the founder, died in 1958. His children carried on the business and today the firm exports to the European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Images and history courtesy Pachancho

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