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Anfesa Motorcycles

Founded in 1968 by António Ferreira dos Santos
Began building motorcycles in 1981 and ceased production in 1995.
Models included:
RV250 Rotax 250cc 2T
RT 175 Hodaka - 2T
RX 175 Hodaka 175cc 2T
RT 125 Hodaka 125cc 2T
RV 50 Casal 50cc 2T
RV 125 Hodaka 125cc 2T
Enduro 50 Zündapp 50cc 2T
R125 Hodaka 125cc 2T
R125 Hodaka 125cc 2T
Source: motosdeportugal.com Sat Sep 28 2013
ANFESA 50 cr
Es posible contactar con ANFESA (Antonio Ferreira Do Santos)?
Is it possible to contact Anfesa?
Sorry, the firm closed some years ago. Ed.