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Casal Motorcycles

The firm was established in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1953 by João Casal who initially built agricultural engines. In the early 1960s Metalurgia Casal began to produce mopeds using Zündapp engines until 1966 when they began building their own powerplants modeled on the Zündapp.

The mopeds and light motorcycles were exported to several European countries, the UK and North America.

In the early 1980s they claimed a world speed record for the 50cc class of 224.55 km/h, along with other records. They raced with the Dutch organisation HuVo.

Metalurgia Casal ceased trading in 2000.

Models include:
Casal 125 K270 1975
Casal 1975 Boss 49cc Moped
Casal 1976 ST50, high exhaust
Casal 1977 K183 roadracer
Casal Boss K168 S 1981, 49.9cc
Casal Boss K168 Moped
Casal 1973 Carina S170 Scooter, 50cc 4 speed.
Casal 1979 K177 Futur Matic Moped, M140 engine
Casal K166 Boss Moped
Casal K168SS Big Boss
Casal K181S 50cc 5-speed Lightweight, chrome tank
Casal K189 Zenith, radial fins
Casal K190 street machine
Casal K196 street machine, based on the Zundapp KS50, using Casal M148 engine.
Casal K183 125cc, street
Casal K270, street, radial fins, dual instruments.
Casal K276, Enduro style, dual seat.
Casal K551, street, disc brake.
Casal K558 Magnum, alloy wheels, alloy frame, disc brake.
Casal K601 Street, drum brake.
Casal M117
Casal Phantom 5, street, chrome tank.

Casal Engines
Casal M140 single speed, horizontal engine.
Casal M147 2-speed kick start
Casal M148 2-speed pedal start

Sources: myronsmopeds.com, et al

18 December 2020
garethwilliams706 at gmail.com
Casal st 50
Hi long shot I had a casal st 50 when I was 16 in 1976 sorry I ever sold it would love to b reunited with one been looking for year for one they have all vanished any body know of one for sale any condition thanks gary
UK wales

Wed Sep 18 2013
casal phantom 5
looking for casal parts or bikes. please contact me with what you have.

Mon Jul 22 2013
nunompbandeiras at hotmail.com
Restauro da Zenith Casal K189
Zenith Casal K189
Preciso de imagens ou autocolantes para terminar o restauro da minha Motorizada. Deixo-vos duas imagens da minha motorizada. O que preciso são os das malas laterais, do deposito de combustivel e dos amortecedores frontais. Obrigado

Sat Jul 06 2013
Casal Moped Parts (nos)
Casal K196 & others
I am picking up a lot of new Casal moped parts and am curious if there is much or any interest in these parts. Parts include stators, front fork assembly's, gas tank etc.

Tue Mar 05 2013
casal phantom 5
does anybody out there have any spare parts for casal.

Thu Jan 31 2013
parts required
Casal Phantom 5
Hi I am restoring a Phantom 5 and require a spedo and rev counter
Portsmouth UK

Sat Jun 30 2012
stanza60<at>hotmail dot com
my first dream bike
casal st 50
just seen the picture of the st50..the scrambler!..1976 was the year age sixteen..just started a job..most mopeds at the time were the step through variety.so this was a proper bike..hot summer that year 76..picked it up from speedkings in liverpool..no training in them days..and of i went after work to pick it up after many sleepless nights due to excitment!..half way home broke down..shop now shut.pushed it home..over the next year it spent most of the time back at the shop..at least 20 times..over that long summer whilst my mates were riding round on there stepthroughs!!independent engineer hellical gears had been put in incorrectly..the overspray from the tank paint was inside the fuel tank..so the fuel softened it and ended up in the carbs..im sure ther was other stuff but cant remember..twas a long time ago!!ended up buying japanese for next 15yrs..was the worst bike i ever had..64 mls on the clock after 2yrs and countless court appearances with the company of which i w
on...but still got dewy eyed at seeing the piccy on this site!!

Mon Jul 02 2012
Casal K270
Casal K270
I have a Casal K270, 125cc. It was built in 1975 but not registered until 1981 after which time it stayed in a showroom until I purchased it in 2007. I have not seen another one on the road and would be very interested to hear from anyone out there who has one.

Northampton, England

Thu Jan 05 2012
Parts for Casal Carina
Casal Carina
I am looking for parts for a Casal Carina scooter in the USA. I need side covers and other parts.
Maryland USA

Thu Dec 22 2011
vascompinto<at>hotmail dot com
logotipo casal k190
procuro o logótipo do deposito da motorizada casal k190 da metalurgia casal
vila real

Casal-K190-bw.jpg posted 1112

Wed Dec 07 2011
casal ST50 1975
casal ST50 1975
please can anyone help me find a standard piston ring and small end as i am desperate

Sun Sep 25 2011

casal phantom 5
Hi i am looking for a casal phantom 5 moped i had one in 1976 can any one help?are there any left out there?

Fri Sep 02 2011
Casal K270
Hi, Have got a casal 125 k270 motorbike and would love to get in touch with anybody that has or had one!
any info would be greatfull no matter how small or insignificant
cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/casal/Casal-1975-K270-125cc.htm posted 1109

Wed Jul 06 2011
casal k270
casal k 270
casal f sale runs very well phone peter 07525855258

Sat Aug 06 2011
moped 49cc
casal boss
i have a casal boss 49cc moped i need a kick start and a manual please can anyone help

Wed Feb 02 2011
ST 50
Casal st50
uk st 50 1976

Sat Jun 04 2011
alfcooper1<at>aol dot com
Wanted Casal K190S
Casal K190S
Hi, Would love to be re-united with my 1974/5 Casal K190S which had a metalic gold/bronze tank. Was definately "N" reg and may have been SWL29N (although that may have been my Suzuki GT250) failing an exact match I would like to hear from anyone contemplating selling one. I loved this bike to bits when I was 16 and was definetly the fastest kid on the block at 65MPH as recorded by mate on a 500CC -

Sun Nov 28 2010
casal st50
would it be possible to show a brochure for the casal st50.i had 1 but havent been able to get any pics of it, many thanks
United Kingdom

Sat Sep 11 2010
slpc<at>telia dot com
spare parts
casal K190 sport
i´m looking for spare parts for casal, fenders and other things.

Best regards

Sun Oct 25 2009
david-webster at msn dot com
looking for blke
casal trials 50cc
if anyone knows for a casal trials comlpete i would like to buy it please
bath uk

Wed May 20 2009
eventos.a.m.s at sapo.pt
moped PORTUGESE ,49,9 Cm3
CASAL BOSS - K166 / K168
Motor Casal typ M149/M149
ANOS 1974-1976 /1977-1978 /1979-1980

Sat Mar 28 2009
thepenybont at hotmail dot com
enamel badges
casal 1976 moped
do you know where i could get hold of a enamel badge of this bike please. thanks viv

Try this page:

Wed Dec 10 2008
andyubp at live.co.uk
casal sale bristol uk
casal 50cc moped bike 74
im selling a casal needs a seat h light n restoring .tel. 01179861690

Tue Dec 02 2008
clivehwatkins at hotmail.co.uk
casal 49 cc phantom 5
barn find 1 complete bike and 1 stripped and now resting in boxes. I'm not interested in restoring them myself anyone with any suggestions ?

Fri Sep 19 2008
michael-adams at iol.pt
electronic ignition
casal 125 enduro 1981 k276
i am looking for an eletronic ignition system or complete points system for this bike maybe the k270 has the same system also a manual would be use full thanking you.
faro portugal

Thu Jan 17 2008
mark at mfcomputers.co.uk
Casal 50cc trail bike
When I was 16, in 1980, I bought a secondhand 50cc trail bike. It was a Casal, the only one anyone else in the, mainly biker, village had ever seen. It would easily do 55mph (on knobbly tyres!).

I never did find out exactly what model it was. Any suggestions?

I remade the seat cover in black vinyl, and resprayed the tank in hite with a blue flash each side - from above it resembled an 'M'.

Some joker put beer in the tank one night. From that day on I had to carry a hammer, screwdriver and piece of wire. Whenever it sputtered to a halt I'd jump off, put the screwdriver on the card bowl, and whack it with the hammer to spin it off, then stick the wire up the jet to clear it. I got it down to about 60 seconds in the end!

I sold the bike on when I upgraded to my CB250K4 (which I am currently restoring after 25 years in the garage).

I can't remember the reg number, but the paint job was fairly distinctive. I wonder if it's still around?


Sun Nov 18 2007
michelle.ian.litchfield at hotmail dot com
Seat required
Casal SS4
Has anyone got a complete seat or even a base in need of covering?

Fri Oct 19 2007
malvonny at hotmail.co.uk
casal motorcycle
K 270 125cc
I own a casal k270 but i have not used it for years,before the k270 i owned a phantom 5 it was one of the fastest mopeds around and very stylish with its chrome black and gold tank. I live in cumbria and would like to see one again so if person from carlisle would contact me i would be very grateful

Sun Aug 05 2007
tson2007 at talktalk.net
casal phantom 5 ss4
i have a complete bike phantom 5 and loads of spares for both models

Thu Jul 05 2007
colinfraser at btopenworld dot com
spare parts,etc.
I just aquired a CASAL, & only require one or two minor parts to make it complete.Can anybody give me a contact?owners club,etc. for these rare bikes? Maybe someone in Portugal?? Thanks!
Shetland Islands
RE your E-mail, please find the attached pictures of my CASAL K270. I think it may be a 1976 model. If needed more photos can be taken of the bike! Thanks very much!


Tue Jul 03 2007
johnmcfj76 at msn dot com
looking for info
casal futur matic
i have a casal futur matic..are these still manufactured? any idea how old this might be? runs great.
philadelphia, pa, usa

Mon Jul 02 2007
colinfraser at btopenworld dot com
I've just aquired a Casal 125,virtually complete only missing a footrest,sidestand,& rear indicators. Can Anybody tell me how to find parts for the Casal? I would be very gratefull!
Shetland Islands,SCOTLAND

Wed Jun 13 2007
andy40uk55 at hotmail dot com
hi i had a 1976 casal blue and white not sure what model had an high level exhaust had it for 2 years had many races and won them all no other moped could live with it.. it was the best time off my life just wish i had some pics off it to show you :(

Fri Apr 27 2007
gs150 at clix.pt
I have info on Casal motorcycles
Casal Carina and Casal engines
Hello. I have updated my website with all the Casal Carina scooter info I have.
I've also uploaded several parts manuals for Casal motorcycle engines, and advertising brochures. Hope you like it.
It's all in Portuguese, but I'll translate if you ask. ***PLEASE*** let me know if you have more Carina info.

horta.mooo.com (404)

Porto- Portugal

Fri Mar 23 2007
kevin.kelleher at comcast.net
Replacement Axle
1977 Casal Sprinter Moped
I need a rear axle for a 1977 Casal Sprinter moped. Any suggestions? Is any other manufaturer's axle compatible?
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Tue Feb 13 2007
j.wilson1 at ntlworld dot com
CASAL SS4 1975
Wanted Casal SS4 1975 moped parts.....John
Scunthorpe England

Sun Jan 21 2007
greymrj at btinternet dot com
Casal Magnum K558
Just to let you know that I have a part restored Casal Magnum which will go for sale on ebay next week. Would like to see it go to an enthusiast

Sat Dec 16 2006
ajc-val at portugalmail.pt
to see several casal models www.motorizadas50.com

In Portugal you can buy all the spare parts for casal models.
I have some catalogue of 50 and 125 casal motors and motorcycles.
Aveiro, Portugal
I have a lot of images from the casal models.
If you want more images tell me... I send to you.
A Valente

Casal K 551 - 6 speed - 7,5 hp (end of 80's...)
Casal K 181-S - 5 speed - 5,2 hp (from 70's)
Casal K 185-S - 5 speed - 5,2 hp (from 70's)

Sat Oct 28 2006
andreas at juerging.de
Casal engine
I do have an italian enduro with casal M117 engine. Unfortunately the right cranc case is broken. Does anybody know were to find spare parts for such engines?

Wed Aug 30 2006
mail at m-d-r.co.uk

I have a few Casals 3 Phantom 5s a st 50 a ss4 and a k 196, not all are complete I would like to find casal parts

Thu Aug 10 2006
lancebooth34 at btinternet dot com
casal parts
casal moped
would like information on where i could acquire parts i.england.thank you
ilkeston derbyshire

Fri Jul 21 2006
walliman at hotmail dot com
parts for sale
Casal K168 (1975-1978)
Selling parts. Anyone interested please email me at walliman at hotmail dot com
Ontario Canada

Mon May 08 2006
ray.glover at linescan.co.uk
Phamton 5
Hi, i had casal phamton 5 in 1976 with chrome and black tank, i would like to see a picture of this bike.
yeovil, England

Sat Mar 25 2006
paulopinto at sapo.pt
casal carina
Gostaria de saber onde posso encontrar informação sobre a casal carina.Obrigado

Translation: I would like to know where can I find information about the Casal carina. Much obliged.

Fri Dec 30 2005
re-gafdanaz at msn dot com
Hi, first sorry about my english. i´ll try to be simply in my words, for everyone understand.Im from Aveiro the town where CASAL was. Casal its closed a few years back, theres still some casal motocycles running everyday in the area of Aveiro. I know that when they closed all the spareparts of casal carina(and i bet most of all models) they where burned. Today is very dificult get spareparts for carina. Casal 2 and Casal 4 Boss and one with 6 chances. its the more usual to see running here. so if someone needs parts for this models, maybe i can get it. This is my e-mail: re-gafdanaz at msn dot com
thers a CASAL CARINA image to see.

Hope this info was usefull.

Tue Nov 29 2005
stefan at classicdepartment dot com
Casal 49 cc race motorcycle?

Maybe someone over here knows if there were as well racing motorcycle production of CASAL in the 70ties.

Some years ago a 49 cc CASAL in race trim came my way and I can not find any information about this motorcycle until now nobody could gave me some useful information about this bike.

Tank and seat monoque seems spanish made Puig type similar as used on Derby RAN.
Frame is multitubular steel.
Brakes are double cam type as used on competicion maschines in this time.
Engine has intake directly over crankcase and comes with a 32 mm carb and 5 gear gearbox.

ID plate on headstem gives the following information:
Tipo K 183
Number: 352056
Year: 1977
Weight: 72 Kg

Engine ID plate:
Type: M - 151S
Number: 0290236
Year: 1976

Maybe someone can give me some information about this motorcycle.

Best regards,
Stefan A. Martin

Mon Nov 28 2005
FRDX500 at aol dot com
Casal (p) Type 740 49ccm
Hi, have anyone informations about this Casal(P)? Its build 1980.
I need a wireplan for light.
regards Christian

Sat Oct 22 2005
jeff at peyton-bruhl.fsworld.co.uk
Casal Moped - re note submitted by Croxster
Hi Croxster

I know a bit about Casal, they were/are a Portuguese maker of small motorcycles that really only blossomed in the UK from about 1972 to 77ish, during the "Sixteener special" period.

I had one in 1973 when I was 16, a K190 4 speed 5.3bhp. It was bigger than an FS1E and faster. My Uncle Bob Gollner had a bike shop in Denmead near Portsmouth and I bought it new from him for £157. Insurance was £4 a year fully comp!!

They also made a K196 which was a 2 speed with hand change gears and only 2.5bhp, whereas the K190 was a 4 speed foor change, with pedals that folded into footrests a bit like a Fizzy. The motor was a Zundapp made under licence, with a Bing carburettor, and it ran on 2 stroke pre-mix. Needed decoking every 2 weeks.

The cylinder was all-alloy with a chrome bore. The gearbox was clunky and a bit weak, and I had a new gear selector under warranty. Apparently this was a common fault.

The 2 models were replaced by the S2 and the SS4, which were really just restyled from the K196 and K190.

They then bought out the Phantom 5 and the ST50 cross before disappearing from the market.

I think the company is still alive - just, but is not producing bikes and may be insolvent.

There is a bit about Casal in the book Funky Moped by Richard Skelton www.velocebooks.com

I would dearly love to find my bike RHO99M, but the DVLA no longer have any records on it, so I guess it has been scrapped, probably years ago.

I'd be interested to hear which model you have found; They were rare when new, and alsmost extinct now.

Hope this is of interest.


Jeff Peyton-Bruhl

17 Broad Lane
NN13 5SF

01280 706351

Fri Oct 21 2005
barthelotte4 at hotmail dot com
1975 casal boss 50 cc 2-speed
hey guys. i just got as casal a few weeks ago. i got it off of one of the kids in the subdivision. traded it for a old 340 skidoo. as far as i can tell it is a 1975. i didn't get any papers for it. the vin is there but the plaque on the bike where the year is,is not stamped.
the body is slighty rusty and the paint is scratched and faded but it has only 631 kms.
the engine is mint, first kick and it starts and it run very good but was hard to shift gears. i decides to take it for my first drive.
the engine is strong (as strong as a 50cc can be) but it needs work on getting everything to work well.
when i went to shift down into first, something let go and i couldn't get 1st gear anymore.
so i just took it apart tonite and the shifter rod that is behind the clutch pack that run from the gears to the shifter forks is broke and the forks are bent and broken.
guess i'm going to have to visit a machinist or gear up something at my friends garage. also i noticed that the inner most clutch material is broken up. i have some pics if anyone wants. my email is barthelotte4<at>hotmail.com.
i and going to redo the whole bike and plan on riding it in the spring.
i'm going to take pics on the whole rebuild so that i can create some sort of data on these bike which are very hard to find info or pics of off the web.
if anyone it interested you know how to get a hold of me.

May 25, 2003

Here is some information about Metalurgia Casal of Portugal.

The factory started up in the 60:s by Famel-Zundapp-engineers. The first models where very much like Zundapp, but after some time they make their owns. The Casal was most used in Portugal, but a small part of them where exported, for example to Sweden, UK, USA. I have one of them, model: K-190 SW 1980 B-Type, 4 speed. My Casal is just restored. Nowaday they are very rare in all countries where they sold.

In Sweden Casal was sold between 1975-1986, by Svenska Cykel fabriken in Lomma Sweden.

In the middle of 1990 the manufacturing was stopped of economic problems.

Since then its very hard to find any spare parts. Addemoto in Malmö Sweden has a little store of parts for the Swedish model left, but soon all is gone. some of the parts maybe fits other models.

I have heard that Famel and Casal will try to start up the manufacturing again, but they are still waiting for EU-money.

If you need information about Casal you can send a e-mail.

Magnus Ollas Sigtuna, Sweden.
ollas at tiscali.se

March 11, 2003
I purchased a Casal 75cc trail bike new in 1974 for its size it was quite quick but it would continually die in the wet (not very useful in the uk) and would break engine mountings at an alarming rate, does anyone have any info or literature on this extremely rare motorcycle I would especially like to know more about the engine. thanks Malcolm Healey. -- malcolm.healey at rdplus.net

September 16, 2002
Could you please put the following add on your site: -
Wanted Casal Ss4 50cc parts/full bike, also require workshop manual, the moped is from 1975, any help would be great, thanks.

August 5, 2002
Just thought I'd let you know I had a Casal SS4 moped bought new August 1975.

I could attain speeds of 60mph. It would spew out oil from the two stroke mixture first thing in the morning.

The petrol fuel cap leaked all the time till I found another make that fitted perfectly (Can't remember which one. Oh and the clutch lever cable started to fray, that was replaced quickly before it snapped.

The spark plugs had a tendency to oil up.

I did 7200 miles on it and after I got to know these niggle it never let me down.

From what I can remember it had comparable performance to my mates Yamaha FS1E moped.

I swapped it exactly a year later for a Honda CB 200

Ian Poppleton -- poppleton at ntlworld dot com

May 29, 2002
Casal was a Portuguese brand that manufactured small motorcycles and some small agricultural equipment with two-stroke engines (I have an old Casal catalogue that shows all the products, along with a parts schematics book).

They also made the Carina, the only Portuguese scooter. I have recently discovered and bought the Carina that was owned by my grandfather and have started a Carina section in my Vespa website. Check it out at http://horta.web.pt , follow the Carina link.

I will soon update it with new photos and would like to exchange info with other Carina owners as I only know Vespas. I do know that the rear axle on the Carina tends to break often!! J

Hugo - gs150 at clix.pt

April 16, 2002
Here is a Portuguese made motorcycle CASAL 125. (see attachments)
Hope to see it on the web page soon.
Thank you
Reinaldo Ramalho
ramalho1 at msn dot com

1975 Casal 125 Model K270
Engine: 124cc (54x54mm) air cooled single cylinder; Bosch flywheel magneto.
Power Rating: 12 hp at 7000 rpm.
Valves: Two-stroke
Fuel system: Bing carburetor.
Transmission: 3-speed, chain final drive.
Suspension; Telescopic forks (front); swing arm with hydraulic dampers (rear)
Brakes: Drum (front and rear)
Wheels: 3.00 x 16 inch (front); 3.25 x 16 (rear)
Weight: 225 LB
Maximum speed: 68 mph

December 7, 2001
I have been looking on the net, about a scooter I have it s a 1960's Casal Carina scooter... needs to be restored, but can't find parts..... what I have found out was I think Casal made some engines for Zundapp in Germany and that my scooter is a clone of the Zundapp r-50... so maybe if you look at your model and then look at what Zundapp had at the time maybe that documentation would be easier for you to find... -- Matt Frye -- USA -- MFrye at studio3architects dot com

July 29, 2001
Casal motocycles were somehow less snappy than the German counterparts. I myself had a Sachs 50cc as a teenager. It was a 5 speed, two cycle engine. It could attain a top speed of about 60 m.p.h. Casal motocycles seemed also to be prone to develop gear problems. Otherwise, they went along just fine. The last casal I saw was about 15 years ago. It was sporty and light. It was a 6 speed 50cc that seemed to run like a 50 Honda: slow going up, fast going down. -- Claudia Schweizer -- c1942 at earthlink.net

May 31, 2001
I have just tried to reply to Carlos and Rita who placed a message on your site, however it would appear their email is now not valid. I am desperately trying to trace any information leads regarding the Casal. My brother has just started to restore his 50cc and is really struggling to find anything out about them, do you have a contact address for the company? Or do you know anyone who has?? -- Please help! -- Cherry Jarvis -- cherry at tanc.co.uk

March 8, 2001
I am from the US and I acquired a Casal Carina s 170 scooter a year ago or so I am trying to get everything set up so I can restore it... but I am having problems locating parts or some one who knows anything about it. I really need a schematic or something like that so I can do it up right. It is a 1964 greenish casal carina scooter s170 I have found that the zundapp r50 is the same scooter... but I would rather have the parts from a Portuguese bike there are a few differences...badges and the frontcast steer tube cover. If you can help I would appreciate it. -- MFrye -- MFrye at studio3architects dot com

Casal - in the present it's still the biggest constructor. The engines that they build are two stroke with 50cc and a few 125cc for motorcross bikes.
motorcycles with 2, 4, 5 and 6 gears. Casal is in recession now, and it's going to be hard to survive.
Carlos Oliveira -- carlos&rita at mail.telepac.pt
R. DO SUL 112
Gafanha De Aquem 3830 Ilhavo

Croxster here, I am writing to se I you could send me some info about a motorcycle I have found. I have asked many people about this motorcycle and they have never heard of it, so I was wandering if you knew about it: it is a name is a 'Casal'

dated about1975
rare motorcycle

if you or anybody you may now happen to have any info on this motorcycle please e-mail me.

e-mail address: croxster at hotmail dot com

or send some imformation: home address:
31 holdenby road,
East Haddon,
Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom, nn6 8dh

If you have a query or information about Casal motorcycles please contact us