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AJP Motorcycles

Created by António Jorge Pinto, manufacture began in 1987 with the 125cc Ariana using a Casal engine - 25 of these were built, named for Pinto's daughter, born that year. This was followed in 1995 by the AJP Galp 50cc, which was to be marketed by Casal who withdrew at a late stage causing many problems for Pinto's company. Having survived that episode, production of the 125cc PR4 began in 2000 using an Asian engine, with three models, Enduro, Supermotard and Trail. These were followed, from 2004, by 200cc and then 250 and 450cc Suzuki-powered machines.

From 1991 to 2000, AJP participated in the National Championship Enduro, winning five consecutive titles from 1996 to 2000. Currently exports to several countries including Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Models for 2013 included the PR4 125 200 and 240, and the PR7 600cc, all with Marzocchi forks.

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Hello Sheldon.

Yes I do live in Portugal...

AJP - It's the latest Portuguese builder. In the present moment they only build motorcross motorcycles, with 50cc Casal engines with 9.3hp, and 125 cc with casal engines 27hp The AJP are going to be sold in Spain, France, Italy and Austria. They have contacts with the Maico to build together a four stroke engine.

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