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Famel Motorcycles

Founded in 1949 in Agueda. Built mopeds during the 1950s with engines from Pachancho, Victoria and JLO, and in 1965 began using Zundapp engines.

Based at Estrada Nacional 1, Mourisca do Vouga, it became one of the largest motorcycle companies in Portugal.

When Zundapp ceased production it put Famel in considerable difficulty as they had no alternative engine supplier other than Casal, which was also facing financial problems. With sales dropping rapidly in the early 1990s, and this had a substantial knock-on effect on its suppliers and agents. Famel began to lay off employees, and the company was declared bankrupt in 2002.

Sources: Motos de Portugal; famel.blogspot.com

Mon Jul 24 2006
Famel xf 17
Viva! Procuro local/pesoas para conseguir peças para mota Famel XF 17, de 1982. Se for possível agradeço contacto...
Muito obrigado
Filipe Rocha, Barcelos