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Founded in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz in Mattighofen, by 1937 he was selling DKW motorcycles. When the war ended, his thoughts once more returned to motorcycles and by 1953 he had produced his first machine - the Moser KTM 100 - utilising a 98cc Sachs engine.

Models which followed included the Mecky moped (1957), the Tarzan, the Pony II and the Comet. A scooter was introduced in 1958, the Mirabell.

Some smaller KTM motorcycles were fitted with Franco Morini or Sachs engines, and KTM engines were used in some Penton models.

In 1965 the firm entered the burgeoning motocross market and have done rather well. They won the grueling Dakar race for 15 consecutive years, 2001 to 2015.

KTM R 125 Tarzan was the factory's first sports production motorcycle. A development of the Grand Tourist, the red, black and silver machine was released in 1957.

KTM models include:

Comet 50/4 ca.1970

1190 RC8 2008-
Type: naked sports 1148cc, twin

1290 SUPER DUKE R 2014-
Type: naked sports 2cc, twin with ABS

SX-F 250 2006
Type: Cross 250cc single

300 E Sixday 2009-
Type: Enduro 300cc single

340 GS6 1979-89
Type: Enduro 340cc single

450 SMR 2005-06
Type: Motard 449cc single

505 2011-
Type: Motard 505cc single

560 SMR 2006-07
Type: Motard 565cc single

625 LC4 SMC 2003-07
Type: Motard 625cc single

640 Duke II 1999-07
Type: Motard 625cc single

65 SX 1997-08
Type: Cross 65cc single

660 SMC 2003-05
Type: Motard 660cc single

690 ENDURO 2008-10
Type: Enduro 654cc single

690 ENDURO R 2009-
Type: Enduro 654cc single

690 Rally 2007-09
Type: Enduro 654cc, twin

690 SMC 2008-11
Type: Motard 654cc single

690 SMC r 2012-
Type: Motard 690cc single with ABS

690 Supermoto 2007-10
Type: Motard 654cc single

690 Supermoto Prestige 2007-10
Type: Motard 654cc single

950 Adventure 2003-05
Type: Enduro 942cc, twin

950 SM 2006-08
Type: naked sports 950cc, twin

950 SuperMoto 2006-08
Type: Motard 942cc, twin

950 SuperMoto R 2006-08
Type: Motard 942cc, twin

990 Adventure 2007-08
Type: naked sports 990cc, twin with ABS

990 Adventure 2009-
Type: Enduro 999cc, twin with ABS

990 SM 2008-
Type: Motard 999cc, twin

990 SMR 2009-
Type: Motard 990cc, twin

990 Supermoto-Travel 2010-
Type: naked sports 999cc, twin with ABS euro 4 Adventure 990 2006-08
Type: Enduro 999cc, twin with ABS

Duke 125 2011-
Type: naked sports 125cc single

Duke 200 2012
Type: Motard 200cc single

Duke 390 2012-
Type: naked sports 375cc single with ABS

Duke 690 2007-
Type: naked sports 654cc single

Duke 690 2008-11
Type: naked sports 654cc single

EXC 125 2007-
Type: Enduro 124cc single

EXC 125 2007-
Type: Motard 124cc single

EXC 125 2004-06
Type: Enduro 125cc single

EXC 200 2007-
Type: Enduro 193cc single

EXC 200 1997-01
Type: Enduro 200cc single

EXC 250 2007-
Type: Enduro 249cc single

exc 250 2003-04
Type: Custom 250cc single

EXC 300 2007-
Type: Enduro 293cc single

EXC 400 1998-05
Type: Enduro 398cc single

EXC 400 2006-
Type: Enduro 449cc single

EXC 450 2007-
Type: Enduro 449cc single

EXC 50ccm 2006
Type: Enduro 50cc single

EXC 530 2007-
Type: Enduro 510cc single

EXC F450 2002-04
Type: Enduro 447cc single

EXC-F 250 2007-11
Type: Enduro 248cc single

EXC-F 250 2012-16
Type: Enduro 250cc single

EXC-F 450 2000-05
Type: Enduro 447cc single

GS 125 1992-95
Type: Cross 125cc single

GS 250 1988-92
Type: Enduro 250cc single

LC4 640 ADVENTURE 2005-07
Type: Enduro 625cc single

LC4 640 Enduro 2002-07
Type: Enduro 625cc single

LC4 640 SM 2002-04
Type: Motard 625cc single

LC4 640 SM Prestige 2005-07
Type: Motard 640cc single

SMR 990 2012-
Type: Motard 999cc, twin

SMT 990 2011-
Type: naked sports 990cc, twin

SMT ABS 2011-
Type: Motard 999cc, twin with ABS

Super Duke 990 2005-07
Type: naked sports 998cc, twin

Super Duke 990 R 2007-
Type: naked sports 999cc, twin

SX 125 1995-01
Type: Cross 125cc single

SX 125 2002-08
Type: Cross 125cc single

SX 144 2007-10
Type: Cross 144cc single

SX 150 2011-
Type: Cross 143cc single

SX 250 2007-
Type: Cross 250cc single

SX 50 senior 2006
Type: Cross 50cc single

SX 525 2006
Type: Motard 510cc single

SX 65 2002-
Type: Cross 64cc single

2004- SX 85
Type: Cross 85cc single

2007- SX-F 250
Type: Cross 248cc single

2007- SX-F 450
Type: Cross 449cc single

2007-08 SX-F 505
Type: Cross 477cc single

2011- SXF 350
Type: Cross 349cc single

customspray at shaw.ca
Ktm sx65 2002
I have one of your brakes on my sons little bike. It has started to leak and we at the piston . I tried to get parts from my local ktm dealer but they tell me theses parts are unavailable .
Chris bouldman
Chilliwack BC, Canada

  • Is your master cylinder leaking? What make of master cylinder is it?

Yes it is a grimega. I can not find parts to rebuild this caliper . I think that newer model (2004-2008 )calipers and mounts may work but I do not know for sure.

  • KTM-2002-SX65-Grimeca-Caliper.jpg posted to Comments.

Fri Nov 16 2012
morini 50cc
i bought this ktm 98 50cc dirt bike with a morini motor s5-gs not knowing much about it. the preavious owner ran the trans fluid out and continued to ride the bike with no trans oil well it started fine with out trans fluid then i added trans fluid from the dealer and now its some how shooting the trans fluid in to the spark plug drowning the spark plug out not letting it fire the fuel what gasget or seal is needed to stop this from happening thank you
ohio ,akron

  • That sounds like main bearing seals. Ed.

Fri May 11 2012
robert.mcbee<at>xyz DOT com
1989 KTM 500 MX Left side Cover
I am searching for a used / new left side cover for my little dirt bike.
Posted in the KTM Forum

Fri Apr 06 2012
I have such a motorcycle.I need some technical infirmation as the spark goes out after every 500 meters.Where could I find it?

Wed Mar 07 2012
ahills92<at>yahoodot com
i need a reed block 97 ktm 50 sx junior
ktm 50 sx junior
i am looking for a reed block for a 97 ktm 50 sx junior its the part on the left in the pic
allendale, michigan

Mon May 09 2011
lucy.tompkins<at>yahoodot com
owner's manual
KTM 85 SX 2007
Need owner's manual, where can we get one

Wed Nov 03 2010
craigscotteaton<at>yahoodot com
clutch basket
ktm 250
looking for a clutch basket for my 1984 ktm 250
new jersey ,USA

Mon Aug 16 2010
jimskyblueranch<at>yahoodot com
Gas oil mixture
need to know gas oil ratio. the kid told me 36oz to 1 gal was wondering if he ment 36 ml.

Tue Mar 16 2010
stjaya8<at>streamyxdot com
On Model of KTM 125
KTM 125 LC-2
1. Pls let me know the model 125 LC-2 manufactured in 1997 has how many model. 2. Other then that what are the models manufactured that year.
3. Who is your dealer in Malaysia at that time of year or sometime in 1998 or 1999. Thanx

Tue Dec 15 2009
mobrien50 at optusnet.com.au
LC4 Decals
KTM 2002 LC4 640
I am looking for some side cover decals and the small "640" decal for a blasck and red 2002 KTM LC4 640 enduro. Are you able to assist please? Thanks, Mike
Sydney, Australia

Mon Nov 23 2009
orbaykatmerci at yahoodot com
fork oil level
I have a 2007 250 EXC-F Europe version.
I need to change my front forks oil. But I dont know how much oil I need for each fork. So please would you inform me about my 2007 KTM's oil mililiters for front forks.

Fri Nov 20 2009
speedmetalboy at yahoodot com
1995 ktm sx 50
was wondering if anybody knew where i can buy parts for a 1995 ktm 50 sx
so cal, usa

Mon Oct 05 2009
chevallierri at wanadoo.fr
KTM 1985 ROTAX 350 4 temps
Recherche information sur 350 KTM moteur ROTAX 350 4 temps de 1985 MERCI Ã tous

Thu Sep 24 2009
ahurley4 at mywaydot com
91 ktm 540 cylinder
ktm 91 540 dxc
are the 1990 and 91 cylinders the same?
emmett mi

Tue Sep 22 2009
ccolivett at aoldot com
Main clutch hub bolt torque spec.
KTM 300 exc
I am looking to see if someone knows what the torque spec. is for the main clutch hub nut. Not sure if its a high torqued nut.

Fri Apr 24 2009
www.davidcarreon at rockertmaildot com
ktm 1976 400cc
I am looking for a carburator and other items if any-one may have one

Sat Apr 11 2009
sunpixie at yahoodot com
87 ktm 500
ktm 87 ktm
looking for motor parts for my 87 ktm 500 can anyone help me
niagara falls

Wed Mar 18 2009
kap8449 at yahoodot com
ktm fishtel's and sachs
schweinfurt 773174
typ sach-504/1a ausf
I have been trying to find out about this moped can anyone help
Dumas Tx

Thu Mar 12 2009
craigg at easthills.info
Needs rings
1991 KTM 500 SX
Hi I need rings for a 1991 KTM 500SX the piston size is 92.25....Please I am desperate
Riverside, CA

Sat Nov 22 2008
heurlin.thierry at neuf.fr
old pub
KTM 125/250
for you


Sun Oct 19 2008
ramon.huth at ewetel.net
Cylinder kit
KTM SXR 50 pro junior
Wir benötigen für eine KTM SXR 50 pro junior ein Zylinder Kit ( Zylinder, Kolben,Fuß- und Kopf-Dichtungen). Können Sie uns diesbezüglich einen Kostenvoranschlag zukommen lassen? 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ramon Huth
Vechta, Germany

Sat Oct 11 2008
onehugefoot at hotmaildot com
sticker kit
ktm 1999 540sxc
my dad has a 99 mosel ktm 540sxc and is trying to get it looking original but we can't find any sticker kits that are the same as the original. we need new ones as the previos owner pulled them off the put a "cooler looking" kit on. do you guys sell these stickers or know of anyone who might.

Fri Oct 10 2008
a.o.toole at hotmaildot com
ktm 520 sx gearbox
ktm 520sx 2002
hi i,m lookin for a 2nd hand gearbox for my 520sx but no luck so far can you help?

Sun Oct 05 2008
kian.c.m at hotmail.co.uk
ktm comet cross
wanted ktm comet cross for restoration prompt uk collection please email thanks

Sun Sep 07 2008
fr3ride at googlemaildot com
KTM 500 MX Acerbis Plastics
KTM 500 MX
Hi, I am currently restoring my 1991 KTM 500 MX, therefore I want to replace the tired looking plastics with some new OEM (Acerbis) Plastics ie front & Rear Mudguards, Side panels, Rad Shrouds & Front Pannel. Any help/info where to purchase these would appreciated, thanks Steve.

PS If anybody has any other spares for this machine (new or used)please contact me, thanks.
Wales, UK

Tue Aug 26 2008
yolalabbas at hotmail.fr
herculesz ferodo sachs
ferodo sachs 4 vites 1976
je besoin comle motor et boite. jeve savoir le prix si l' vous plait merci
fictel sachs
8783298 schwenfurt

Wed Aug 06 2008
smythrobert1 at aoldot com
Parts / wiring info required please
KTM 50cc RLW
Hi, can any member supply me with a wiring diagram please? I'm also looking for the following mint new parts....
Petrol cap, seat cover, side panel screws and footrest rubbers (with KTM logo). Can it tell the year from the frame/ engine numbers?
Leeds UK
Hi, I'm not sure as I have no documents. They went on to front disc brakes 
in the late 1970's and liquid cooling. As this has a front drum brake but the 
later engine and front down tubes I guess about 1977.

Mon Apr 14 2008
www.rexj19 at aoldot com
(96LC4 400 SXC
96 lc4 400sxc
I just purchased a 400 and need to find parts.KTM LC4 400 SXC(96) Iwas told it uses all 97 parts.Thanks Rexj19.

Fri Feb 08 2008
senti at neobee.net
Help :) 
Hello! My english is very bad...sorry...
I have one problem, I am form Serbia, and I have KTM 80 PL,very very good bike,I like him very much,good sachs engine,very nice,silver color,despite years...he mantain good! So...recently I have got accident on that bike,and I have all parts to fix him,exept one,front forks. Here, bike like my is very rare, and parts for this bike are more rare :) I hope that you can tell me where I can get those front forks, I can't find that on web! 

Serbia, Novi Sad
In registration is '83, but I think that is not real year, I think he is younger, that is problem here,when bike was inported,they changed year of first registration,and that is the way to avoid some tax,expencive tax :) Bike is same like red one at the picture that I send you. Thanks 

Fri Jan 25 2008
dona1speed at yahoodot com
torque specs
ktm 540
yes im replacing the top end gaskets and need the torques, can you help?? dj

Wed Jan 02 2008
daymark11 at yahoo.com.au
1999 lc400
i am uable to find a photo of this model any were can someone please help me

Sun Nov 25 2007
hmfcn001 at aoldot com
ktm stator
ktm mx
hi there i have got a ktm 250 cc mx i have own this bike for 3 years now but the stator and coil has gone on it can anyone help me as i have speand the last 2 weeks looking for one now but no luck dont have a lot of money but would like to get it fixed the year of the bike is 1987 also if any one has a wiring manuel for this bike has i need to look at it please email
scottish borders

Thu Nov 08 2007
kian.c.m at hotmail.co.uk
ktm comet cross
comet cross
ktm comet cross moped WANTED for restoration or spares 1970s collection not a problem please email with details.

Wed Oct 31 2007
lmccain at holmescc.edu
KTM SX 85 2003
I need an engine cylinder.

Mon Oct 08 2007
angelo at tomassi.net
leaking problem fron clucth cover
ktm 450 exc 2005
hello i have a problem with my clutch from ther cover have a leak i change the rubber from the reservoir and still leaking what can be the problem the leaking go out fron a little hole in the cover

Thu Sep 13 2007
goffena at earthlink.net
front fork oil amount
1995 Lc 4 400 exc ktm
changing fork seals and can't find amount of fork oil needed in factory service manual.
thankyou, matt
ohio, usa

Mon Sep 10 2007
mstevens88 at aoldot com
need parts
1991 ktm 540
i have a 91 ktm 540 and can not locate any parts for this bike i need a seat and a rear fender and exaust for this bike any info you can give me would be great ilive in delwaer united states

Wed Sep 05 2007
mheywood175 at btinternetdot com
4 Cylinder KTM Motorcycle circa 1970
KTM 1970's? Prototype Racer
Hello anybody know anything about a 4 cylinder KTM motorbike/prototype racer 1970s??

Thu Aug 23 2007
rebeckah77 at hotmaildot com
Hi, my son is just starting motor cross....riding not racing (yet)...he is a tall 6 year old, i have been offered a ktm 50sx pro senior 2003 or for $1,000 (au) more a 2006....which would be better for him at this stage?

Sat Jul 28 2007
neikanger at yahoo.no
info about KTM made for the British Army
Where may I find info about KTM motorbikes manufactured for the British Army?

Wed Jul 11 2007
brian at collins9546.fsnet.co.uk
ktm e mail
ktm 300 exc-e 07
can anyone help me find ktm's e-mail address.thanks
south wales,uk

Sun Jul 08 2007
kcouzens at hotmail.co.uk
oil pressure
ktm540 sx02
when i brought the bike it was running lovley the breather tube was not attatch to the carb replaced piston and rings ran lovley for about 6 months now i have oil coming up the engine breather tube when it running even when you kick it over without starting it you can hear oil ?trying too get up the tube help please thanks
bristol uk

Mon Jun 25 2007
ianpartington at yahoodot com
ktm moped spares wanted and exchanged
ktm 50 rs sports moped 1975
I have recently purchased 3 sports mopeds. They are a ktm comet 50 rs, comet cross, and gt 50. I am breaking the gt 50 and have spares available however i need to trace and purchase/exchange parts for the 50 rs mag wheel model. I need the instrument plastic surround and the tachometer and speedo and front headlamp. if you have these parts spare please contact me with information. If you know any contacts or spares that are available then please contact me at my email address
sheffield england
Thanks for replying so promptly. I have a picture of the KTM 50 RS that I need the headlamp, Plastic instrument surround and speedo and rev counter. I will take delivery of the bikes in two weeks but want to source the spares as quickly as possible. KTM produced a number of bikes like this,different to the UK market, and sold them in europe. The parts used and are mainly generic so other bikes that have never been sold in this country have these spares.
Regards Ian Partington

Fri Apr 06 2007
jpetrille at cox.net
Front Forks
KTM 50 CC Mini Adventurer
I am looking for the front fork tubes and a front wheel for my son's 50 cc mini adventurer. The tubes are 24". The local KTM shops have not been able to help me.
Lakeside, California, USA

Sun Feb 25 2007
len at motocom dot com
KTM Motorcycles
I noticed there were alot of questions on your site from visitors asking where to get an Official KTM manual. Please see repairmanual.com

Mon Feb 12 2007
Taylor789zz at yahoo dot com
Looking for frame in good shape.
New York

Thu Feb 08 2007
gplemar at futurisautomotive dot com
Tank Badges
KTM SX 80 ,1986
If any one can tell me where i can buy some tank badges for a 1986 KTM sx 80.

Mon Jan 22 2007
uphillma at aol dot com
Are spares available
KTM comet cross 1975
Can I still get spaers for this moped
Cardiff, Wales

Sat Jan 13 2007
t.begg at hotmail dot com
wanted indicators and mirrors
97 ktm lc4 gs 620
I'm wandering if anyone can tell me where I can get these parts second hand and for a reasonable price, any reply would be welcome, cheers Tiny.

Sat Dec 30 2006
townsons at bigpond.net.au [bounced]
640 lc4 2004
my lc4 has only done 10,000 good service history has started smoking from the head radiator area and missing.also from the exhaust.help please

Sun Dec 24 2006
kc100lat at sbcglobal.net
Working stator
KTM 1985 125MX
Need this part (stator} for my bike, or any body may know who and were can fix my old one.

Mon Dec 04 2006
odwyer4 at hotmail dot com
ktm 990
I am very interested in the above model of KTM.However,after watching the movie "long way round" I think the guy whose decision to withdraw using the bike was the biggest dickhead in commerical history. We demand his resignation and a public apology to Ewan and Charlie .

Who's this we, white man?

Thu Nov 23 2006
rachel-millsom at optusnet.com.au
vintage ktm
1979 egs 175 ktm
can you help me find original plastics for this model.

Mon Nov 20 2006
howard8557 at sbcglobal.net
KTM 50cc Mini Adventure
50 cc Mini Adventure
I bought this motorcycle used. I bought it as a 2001, but every part I buy, does not fit. Can you tell me how to verify the year model of this bike?

subject: ktm dealers near me.
Email: Narkerptic170 at aol dot com
message: Hello there I am interested in findnd a Ktm dealer in the new york city area do you have any near me, perhaps in long Isalnd.

Sun Nov 05 2006
mharmey1972 at aapt.net.au
work shop manual
ktm pro 50 senior 2001 model
hi i was just wanting to buy a workshop manual for a ktm pro senior 50 2001 model

Thu Oct 19 2006
2olympia at otenet.gr
stalling problems
ktm duke 2 1999
i just bought a used ktm duke 2 1999 model and when i am travelling at a steady speed it makes small abrupt stalls like kicks. can you please tell me what it might be?
rhodes greece

Wed Oct 11 2006
warren.growcott at bhpbilliton dot com
sx50 2006 junior
Hi my sons little adventurer bogs down or flutters just on take off, or if he's sitting idle and goes to take off is when it happens.I've replaced the idle and starting jets and the clutch springs as well as the plug. Don't know were to go from here,can you help please ?
What make of motorcycle is it please Warren?

Sorry, I thought I was on a KTM site,it's a KTM 50 Mini Adventure 2006 , he races motocross on it. Now he's having trouble taking off at the start gates and some of the tight corners as mentioned in my first email.

It sounds as if it may be flooding - have you dropped the float bowl off and checked for crud in the bowl, and also in the float needle area?

Also, try the dealer directory at KTM Australia:

Sat Sep 30 2006
jmurphy at norex.com.au
valve adjustment
ktm exc 450 06 model
to check valves are there any timing marks on fly wheel or do you have to use a dial gauge ?

Wed Sep 20 2006
antonydownes at btinternet dot com
KTM reliability
990 Adventure
I had intended to buy a BMW 1200GS. I have not made this purchase as i have been impressed by all the reports i have read about the new 990 Adventure.However i am concerned about the reliabilty of this machine compared to others.I am also concerned about the availability of spare parts and KTM aftersales care. It may be to soon to judge the reliability of the Adventure , however is there anyone out their who could alay my fears re the above points . I really do fancy the Adventure 990, but worry about the above points compared to Japanese or European manufacturers.
Wolverhampton , near Birmingham

Mon Sep 04 2006
andrew.lord at vacon.co.uk
KTM Pulser Coil
KTM 2005 EXC 300
I broke my leg in Feb 2006 this year. My bike had no damage and one of my friends rode the bike back to my house for me and it was running well with no problems. 
My bike was then stored for the past 6 months correctly according to the workshop manual.
Now the pulser coil is faulty (should be 100ohm resistance but it is now open circuit). 
Can I buy the pulser coil by itself direct from the manufacture without buying the complete stator coil which is very expensive.

I also need an email address of someone at KTM head office I can speak to about this problem, why has the pulser coil broken when the bike was stored for 6 months. It was running fine before it was stored, but now there's no spark.

Wed Aug 23 2006
roadworker372 at msn dot com
high flow water pump wheel
'99 ktm lc4 640
are there any high flow water pump wheels or accessories to lower the temp. on the lc4 ?

Tue Aug 22 2006
elaine22e at optusnet.com.au
workshop manual
KTM 2006 250SX-F
I'm after a workshop manual. do you have one available or download available.
thanks elaine

This site has a manual for the 2006 model which should do the trick:
www.cdfiche.com (404)

Sun Jul 30 2006
sallykaine at hotmail dot com
need parts
98 ktm 200 exc
i need shift forks for my gearbox and can not get any anywhere can you help

Sat Jul 22 2006
firetruck1 at westserv.net.au
electrical problem
ktm 250
im rebuilding a ktm 250 1987 that i bought for a song but the electrics are missing there waterproof plugs and i have no wirediagram to get it going can someone help me please

Sun Jul 16 2006
rsiose at yahoo dot com
scrapped ktm
4-stroke single
i need help over a ktm i saved from a junkyard. openning the engine; i think only the cylinder wall is damaged by the fragmented piston w/c is about 95mmDia. the flywheel,i mean the rotating part which creates the electricity, needs to be changed. looking at webPictures i think this is a 540cc exc; the rear brake & sprocket on the wheel are oriented oppposite those on standard dirtbikes. i'd need lots of other parts but i hope to one-day see this bike run. can i rebore the cylinder, given that the tear depth is a coupla mm max?
i have the chassis, carb, forks, shocks, wheels, a small red electrical which i think is d CDi,.. no swingArm; but i can get a normally oriented one. no bolts for the engine & rearWheel. is there a manual i can buy for this bike? ThanksaLoad.

No, you cannot rebore the barrel. By the sounds of things this bike is too far gone for a cost-effective restoration. Ed.

Sun Jul 09 2006
freeride5240 at sbcglobal.net
leaking cylinder/gasket
2001 KTM 520
My water is leaking into the crankcase slowly. It must have overheated once when it blew a radiator line. This problem just started and i am not sure what to check. I have the mechanical ability to fix this yet i do not want to tear into this beautiful motor. How far do I tear it down and how much trouble is it? What book do you reccomend I use to accomplish this feat? Could this be a gasket? If so how do I tell? Any help is at all would be great. Thank you

Haynes do a manual for the LC4 which will give you all the information you need to replace your head gasket, which is probably the problem. http://www.haynes.co.uk/. Ed.

Tue Jun 20 2006
sctowill at iprimus.com.au
ktm 50 ps
can you tell me can i put a clutch from a mini adventure into a pro senior to get for more useable power like the mini adventure
thanks stuart

Sun Jun 18 2006
FLHS82 at aol dot com
KTm LC4 Carb
1999 LC4 629 cc
What do you suggest as the best performance replacement carb for the BSt-40?

Mon Apr 24 2006
gabrieljota at epm.net.co
What will be you recomendation to lower my bike as I barely touch the ground ?

Sun Apr 23 2006
Anybody help need s5 engine for ktm thanks

... i have no pictures only a very long story bought bike last monday night boy rode it tuesday for less than 100 yards then clutch broke away from crank bought new clutch after stripping carb down replacing woodruft key eventualy got it going again yesturday YIPPEE we thought it ran for 10mins then stopped crank was bent and magneto ran into coil priced up new parts best part of £300 think i may of been sold a dog. THANKS FOR READING

Wed Apr 19 2006
ronaldp23 at hotmail dot com
motor life
10/99 ktm 620 lc4
I'm wanting to find out how many km's i will get out of my ktm 620 lc4 before it needs a rebuild.
Queensland, Australia

Service life depends very much on how the bike is treated. Flogged mercilessly and poorly maintained it may only last a year. Treated with respect and regularly serviced it could last a lifetime. Ed.

Mon Mar 13 2006
i have just bought a 04 ktm 450 sx and think that the motor sounds a bit noisey...
More at the KTM Forum...

Tue Feb 21 2006
dieter at rikkis.co.za
Shop location info
I am from South Africa, travelling to Austria (Ellmau) then Vienna. Wish to find a KTM dealer in Munich (arrival) or Vienna (departure) to stock up on required parts for my 2003 EXC300, hence the shop needs to have stock. any suggestions
Cape Town

Try for a start the Bikelinks KTM Dealer Directory

9th Jan 2006
message: my name is john.i have a 98 ktm 380, i am in the process of rebuilding...
More at the KTM Forum...

Thu Nov 10 2005
KTM 495 1985/6
I have just come into ownership of this old beast ...
More at the KTM Forum...

Tue Jul 12 2005
robertkisling at sbcglobal.net
ktm 990 super duke
are you planning to supply the US market with the super duke 990??

Mon Jul 04 2005
mraltitudetby at aol dot com
Franco Motori Morini S5 50cc automatic
i need to find 2 clutch blocks 2 springs and 2 joints for the motor and i am having a hard time getting help finding them

the motor is an S5-T from a 1997 KTM SXR50 it has a 2 block clutch.
the clutch bell has helical cut gears.
these are the only part #'s i could find ~ Clutch block
  450.32.005.500 ~ Clutch Springs
  450.32.008.000 ~ Joint for Blocks

I believe that these are KTM parts #s but i am not sure.
i cannot believe how hard it is to get a clutch for this motor.
See also Franco Morini

February 21st 2005
KTM 125 1976 at Ebay.it
engine number is 6-5101831 frame number is 604-89741

January 8, 2003
I need to 1987 model KTM MXx 125cc cylinder, ring, piston. I want to buy its parts. -- enginer at veezy.com.tr

September 18, 2000
I have a 50 SXR KTM motorbike, 1995 model, for which I need ...
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September 1, 2000
Do you have any information on HM? We are looking for a 50cc...
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