European Motorcycles

Jerry Friedrichs

German motorcycle writer based in South America, possibly Chile

Also goes by the names of Gerry Frederics and Gerry Freidrics.

Excerpts from several of his articles were published on this site when first submitted by Mr Fredericks many years ago.

His sites have long been offline, but a partial archive was discovered in 2016. The pages are liberally peppered with far-right revisionist content for the most part inconsistent with the historical record.

Any motorcycle-related content attributed to JF must be treated as similarly suspect until independently verified as he cites few reliable sources, and when he does so he tends to cherry-pick, often taking phrases and sentences completely out of context. The articles are heavily contaminated by the words of Hitler apologists and contain conspiracy theories, rascist comments and numerous outright lies.

To Freidrichs' credit, there is a great deal of historical detail on the German motorcycle industry.

JF writes, on his page on Anker motorcycles, "This writer as a young American soldier stationed in Ft. Sheridan Ill in 1960...", and two paragraphs later, "As a boy in Germany I saw Anker bikes frequently and many of the smaller shops my mother frequented used Anker cash registers..."

    "There is NOT ONE German general or official who EVER deliberately starve (sic) people to death." Bauer page.
    "democ-Rats..." at least 25 instances. "destroy Germany" 8 instances.
    "disgracefully.." appears on 24 of 130 pages (1)
    "...I dare say, a mechanical genius. I rarely use this word, for it has been abused terribly..." The word genius appears on 18 pages.

Notes: 1. Archive is incomplete. Early versions of some of his articles were relatively free of the distortions mentioned above.

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