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Husqvarna Model 228 1951

This was a light weight motorcycle intended for those who could not afford a car.
The 228 model is virtually the same as the 227 model except for the addition of a pillion saddle.

The 120cc two stroke engine with flywheel magneto and generator, originating from the 118cc engine introduced in 1946, shows a close relation to the pre-war 98cc. It has a forward kick start and a integrated engine-gearbox, and is fitted with an Amal carburettor.

Smiths supplied the instrumentation - with the moderate power of the engine the machine has a top speed of about 75 km/h. The instrument is calibrated to 90kph, and similar units are mounted on a host of other machines.

The front wheel speedometer drive looks undoubtedly sensitive to poor road conditions, but seems to retain serviceability without any major problems.

Front suspension is by rubber bands without any damping.

The clutch lever bracket is integral with the handlebar, which mounts the dipper switch and a bulb horn on the left side.

The crown in the logo is inherited from the time when Husqvarna was a small-arms factory which supplied rifles to the Swedish army.


Adapted from a page by Lennart Olsson

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