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Sun Oct 23 2005
james-josephp at hotmail dot com
bike for sale
i have a cagiva river for sale, needs new starter motor, handlebar break leaver, choke lever and speedo cable, bike is in good condition, health reasons forces sale

Fri Oct 21 2005
caino at
You can find all parts for CAGIVA motorcycles here: and, for free, from me, the manual for Cagiva 600 canyon in .pdf

Sat Oct 15 2005
thec-man69 at yahoo dot com
Cagiva parts
I have a 98 River 600 that I would like to find parts for. Dont care if the parts are in Europe or the States. Any help would be great. Thanks

Wed Oct 12 2005
Cagiva River 600 M REG
Help help help I need a starter motor for my cagiva river 600 on a m reg has any one got one plz

Sat Oct 01 2005
tomtictoc at walla dot com
cagiva mito
i have a mito 125 1992 need an engine can any one help

Wed Sep 07 2005
dennis at
cagiva alazzurra 650 owners manual
I'm looking to purchase the owners manual for this motorcycle, specifically for inforamtion about tuning the rear shocks via compressed air valve, in relation to the 5 position rear spring setting range.

Sun Jul 17 2005
steptoe362 at
cagiva prima r
my son has a 1995 prima r 50cc, will the yokes and forks from a mito 125 fit it?

Wed Jun 29 2005
arturferriolli at
Cagiva WMX 125
Procuro o manual da Cagiva WMX 125 ano 1986.

Cagiva WMX 125
Manual for Cagiva WMX 125 // 1986

Thu Jun 30 2005
stringbreakerbon at hotmail dot com
Cagiva parts
We were the first dealers in the usa for Cagiva. I want to sell our parts inventory. I also have some Cagiva's for sale.

Fri May 27 2005
andreajudge at
part wanted
i have a cagiva roadstar 125, W reg, called scooby. the starter motor clutch has kicked the bucket anybody got a decent one? also looking for a manual for scooby as he is not well all round.

Sun May 08 2005
vandit137 at housemusic dot com
workshop manual for Cagiva w16 or Cagiva 600 Canyon
Hey, can you please send me or tell me where can i find a workshop manual vo cagiva w16. PLEASE

Sat Apr 30 2005
blue-water at
Hi, I have a Cagiva Mito and my brother an Aprilia 125. Both are superb bikes but I still rate the Cagiva better based on looks. Performance wise they are so close, perhaps the RS 125 winning because of its perky power. I have had a TZR 125 and TZR 125R and now the Mito. I love doing things to bikes as projects, if it be spraying the Calipers Gold or Red, Getting awesome decals, performance pipes, etc. My dream project for the near future is to have an Aprilia RS250 motor in a Cagiva Mito frame. I believe the Mito frame can handle the power as the RS 125 and 250 frame are almost identical. Do you think the Mito frame can handle the RS250 motor and is there enough space to fit the motor with the two exaust systems. Do you know of anywhere that I can find the dimensions for the Mito frame and Aprilia 250 motor and an estimate price of a Mito uncoloured frame and Aprilia 250 motor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Darin - South Africa

Well, you could try McMod, the Motorcycle Modifiers Register, but my advice is - don't even think about it. In this day and age, your chances of ending up with a bike that's a patch on what the factory produces with its vast technological resources are remote.

That said, if you do go ahead and try it, more power to you and your Cagilia or Apriva.
Ed.Fri May 13 2005
robert at
mito upgrade
i have a mito with a turbocharged 500 twin in it ,it has about 120 bhp .goes stops steers very well ,please pass this on to the chap talking bout putting in a 250!

Fri Apr 15 2005
langloic at hotmail dot com
Spares for 1998 Cagiva w8
Hi , I have just bought a w8 Cagiva of 1998 and I am looking for some spares...
if you know where to get them in the UK or France please contact me.

Fri Apr 08 2005
fomoskyliner2 at aol dot com
Cagiva 650 Elefant 1986/1987
I'm looking for a maintenance manual and parts for this bike.

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005
subject: cagiva
Email: sebastienrdrgz at
message: I'm looking for a shock absorber for my Cagiva Aletta Rossa 125 1985

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005
subject: Cagiva Super City fuse box
Email: quarkwin3 at hotmail dot com
message: Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where the fuse box is on a Cagiva Super City? Thanks, Alain

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005
subject: need help
Email: billdozer71 at aol dot com
message: I have a cagiva500wmx 1986 I need a flywheel

Mon, 14 Feb 2005
subject: Mito 125 7 speed
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January 15rd 2005
subject: Cagiva Parts
Email: cespinosa at tutopia dot com
message: I have a Cagiva Canyon 500 and I need some plastic parts to complete it. Anyone knows where to buy those parts in the internet? e-mail: cespinosa at Thanks!

Cagiva Tank Cap.jpg
Cagiva Tank Cap

January 3rd 2005
subject: Cagiva w8 125
Email: ozzmyster at
message: I am looking for a cagiva w8 125 complete back break lever but is very hard to find. can anyone help me?

March 4, 2003
I have a Cagiva w4, this is one below the 125 w8. It is a50cc trail bike and was built in 1991, but it is incredibly hard finding parts for it as it is an Italian import. I'm after a throttle cable please help. -- adamgallimore at

February 24, 2003
I have a Cagiva WMX 250 for sale, run great, needs ignition system, B.O. E-mail me at tazdroz at aol dot com

February 20, 2003
I bought a Cagiva Roadster 125 about six months ago form stolen and recovered bike salvage. Since then i put it back together not using Cagiva parts but all sorts of different parts. What was missing was the headlight, backlight, indicators, ignition switch. Now i have replaced everything barr from the ignition switch but i did manage to get it running. On my trial run of the bike on the road I got half way down the road and it cut out, about 5 mins later it started again for about 20 secs. Since then I have not managed to get it running and its been sat in my shed for 2 months and still no joy. Can anyone help me by pointing in the right direction for a new ignition switch and a Manual to tell me why it wont run please -- Andy (northwest England) -- PATCHVKD at aol dot com

February 15, 2003
I have a Cagiva dirt bike of some kind. I need some help identifying it. I would like to know what year and if I can find a manual. I can get the engine and frame numbers, if you can tell me which ones. It says WMX on the engine where the numbers are stamped. It looks like a 125cc (definitely 2-stroke). It has the radiator mounted behind the number plate on the front forks. The water lines run thru the frame. It has the wiring for lights, but has none. Any info would be appreciated. You can reach me at btgwash at msn dot com . thanks.

February 9, 2003
I own a 2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon...
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February 4, 2003
I have recently bought an E 1987 Cagiva Freccia...
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January 28, 2003
Greetings from Finland !
I need to buy an Cagiva K7 Work Shop Manual .Photo copyes would be good, if the genuine manual is not available. I am also intrested about the K7 parts list on a mikrofiche (or photo copyes), i need also that !!
I can pay good money for these !!
Also wanted : Cagiva Freccia C12R Lucky Explorer genuine/orginal Sport production tuning parts !!
I need every help that i can get !!
Email's: cagiva4ever at yahoo dot com

January 25, 2003
Just bought a Cagiva roadster 125 1994. Great bike....
Can anyone help with some servicing info such as tyre pressures, spark plug gap, oil type for gearbox....etc. Even better does anyone have a servicing manual or know where I can obtain one?...even a photocopy? -- Much appreciated...... Tony Gutorski... England -- antonigutorski at

January 18, 2003
Hi there
I have a Cagiva Huqvarna 260, year 1989. I am looking for a fly wheel and coil. I am in the republic of Ireland and would preferably like a contact in the republic if possible. Please email me back at philip61 at hotmail dot com -- Thanks.

December 31, 2002
Hi, I'm in the UK and I'm having real trouble finding an engine for a Cagiva Supercity 125 (1994ish) or a least a supplier of parts so I can swap the main bearings. any help much appreciated. -- Kris -- going2pasalaqua4u at

December 30, 2002
Greetings from Finland !

For sale:
Owner's manual's
- Cagiva Freccia C12R 125cc..
- Cagiva SuperCity 125cc.
- Cagiva Freccia C10R 125cc.
- Benelli Jarno 125cc.
- Ducati Paso 750cc.
- Cagiva Alazzurra 350cc. <

Work Shop Manual's
- Ducati Paso 750cc.
- Cagiva Work Shop Manual> C10R/C12R/C12R-6-Speed/Anniverasy

Sales brochures
- Cagiva's for many models !!
- Cagiva WMX for many models !!
- Benelli Jarno 125cc.

Email: cagiva4ever at yahoo dot com or markus.ojatalo at

December 28, 2002
My name is Emilia and I have a Cagiva Canyon 600cc from 1998
It has only been driven for 2800 km...
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December 21, 2002
I like your site, but i don't speak very well English. I have a Cagiva Mito EV...
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December 5, 2002
I am French (Alsace) and I have a CAGIVA 125cm3 Aletta Rossa 1985-Modèle008570 with blocked engine and official workshop manual for sale. Please make an offer for all the package. A vendre CAGIVA 125cm3 Aletta Rossa 1985-Modèle008570 (moteur serré) ainsi que son manuel technique . Faire offre pour le tout. Please e-mail machenaud.frederic at

December 2, 2002
Cagiva W12 350cc
Can anyone tell me more about this bike, thoughts on perfomance, ability, relaibilty etc. Also how hard to obtain parts etc? -- Thanks -- Robbie -- Robbie.Higgins at btopenworld dot com

November 24, 2002
For new parts contact Three-Cross Motorcycles....
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November 8, 2002
I have a Cagiva River 600 (1996) and i need a new starter motor...
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October 3, 2002
I am looking for a mint 1984dg350 like the one i rode for Merlin Cagiva...Merlin trials bikes

September 27, 2002
Can you tell me how much an 1886 spec Cagiva mito gearbox costs...
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September 27, 2002
If this is the way I'm after info on my Cagiva prima 50, was made in 1992, I'm after anything including a manual, or any info on where to get parts from, any help appreciated, thanks -- Kev -- wsbkrulez4eva at hotmail dot com

September 21, 2002
Go to any Husky dealer with an old Cagiva part number add 8000 to the front of it and it will run in there computer for price and avail. -- jimd2 at

September 18, 2002
Help, I have just purchased a Cagiva W12 350 cc Trail bike. I need any information on this that I can get. I don't even know what the correct tyre pressures are!!! I would be especially interested in an owners manual, any technical information. Any second hand spares. My engine seems to be especially noisy at the top end, is this normal? Does anyone know of any other web site for this bike? Many thanks, -- Jon Spencer -- jpspencer at

September 12, 2002
Cagiva 125n WMX
Good dirt machine , a little under powered but fun as all get out but I can not find parts if you can help please e-mail me -- Jay2270 at aol dot com

September 11, 2002
I have just purchased a CagivaW12 Trail bike. At the moment everything is OK with it. However, has anyone got service books or manuals, a tool kit would be handy too. I would like to replace some of the decals/stickers as some are worn/damaged. Can anyone advise me on where to get spares and accessories ideally within the UK Any help would be appreciated. -- Jon Spencer -- Please reply to jpspencer at

August 31, 2002
I am after a Cagiva 125 MITO handbook or manual...
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August 29, 2002
Need piston, rings and barrel for Cagiva Roadster 125, any help contact: carlos at
Carlos A. Casallas C.
TX Data Corp
2600 Nw 87 Avenue Suit 25-1
Miami, FL 33172
(305) 537-4644 Option 1
(305) 675-0354 Fax

August 19, 2002
I have a 1985 Cagiva 125 Dirt Bike that I recently purchased here in Italy. I am not sure what model it is (Supercity / WMX / Planet / Freccia). The Frame # is 41R-0141474 and the Engine # is AP 85/04527. I would like to know if you could tell me what model it is and also if you could tell me how and where I could get a Operators / Service Manual for this bike. Thank you very much, -- Tim Walker

Can you help me out? -- Thanks, -- Tim -- twalker at

August 11, 2002
I have a Cagiva N90 Trailie - (125 version of the Paris Dakar Elefant) Great Fun - see it at
I am trying to obtain a workshop manual for it but the main UK agent 3 Cross are being particularly unhelpful (nothing new there then!!).

I have obtained the Parts Catalogue microfiche (part no. 800063287) and am wondering if anybody knows if the workshop manual is available either as a hard copy or microfiche, and if so what the part number is. I have given up on UK Cagiva dealers and 3X and would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on obtaining the manual from anywhere. I have mailed info at but as usual no response.
Any help with suggestions or ideas will be gratefully received.
Cheers -- Jonathan -- email: jonp at

August 11, 2002
Hi, my pal and I own two of the Cagiva n90 and tamanaco models, both imports from Italy to the UK, as with all things Italian they can be a bit fragile, so this brings up the subject of spares, does any one know of a reliable source for spares, the factory will not deal direct with us and the UK main dealer is very reluctant to assist with imported bikes, even though we did obtain from them original micro-fisch,so we can quote the part numbers of spares we require, our best thoughts are to contact an agent in Europe and by-pass the UK dealer . Any help with this would be great. -- regards jim -- comptonbennett at

August 8, 2002
Cagiva 125, 1986
I have just got my 16 year old son a 125 S2 Aletta Oro to renovate. We live in the UK and need to locate a workshop manual and parts too. Please can anyone help us? -- Eve and Pete -- Relliott1 at btinternet dot com

August 5, 2002
Hey I'm parting out my 1989 wmx 125...
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July 26, 2002
I just purchased a 1984 Cagiva AR 350, It has been made into a xtrictly trail bike. I am looking for a new rear sprocket, larger, it still has the street and trail sprocket on it. Where can I find this and maybe some other parts if needed. Can I even get any??
Thanks, -- Chris -- okeydoki at

July 8, 2002
I have a 87' 650 elephant and am in need of some parts. -- Manofshine at aol dot com

July 7, 2002
I've just bought a 1999 Cagiva 125 roadster and I'm looking for a owners manual. Could someone tell me where I can buy one in northern Ireland or if there are any dealers for northern Ireland. email beejesus-ni at

June 29, 2002
I have a Cagiva Freccia 125 (very similar to Mito) 1989...
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June 28, 2002
Hello I'm looking for parts for my 1985 Cagiva 500 I really need some parts please email me with info. I'd appreciate it lavim at thanks, brad

June 17, 2002
Hi Sheldon,
Thanks for the reply. I have found this site...haven't subscribed yet, though. [404]
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June 17, 2002
I've a newly acquired Cagiva 350 Enduro. I know little about this bike. I am living in Sicily and found this moto and instantly liked it. Seems to be built for the military as it is camo/black and built a bit on the heavy side for durability. If you know anything about this model. please share.
Cheers - Steven -- totemsails at

June 14, 2002
1987 Cagiva 650 Elefant Parting Out!
E Mail me at Mbernazzoli at hotmail dot com for any parts request. From the tank forward on my baby is toast from a crazy accident. I hit a car at 40 mph sticking my bike into the car, it didn't even fall over! The wheel, forks, clamps, brake rotor and caliper fender, headlight ass. and bars are toast, the tank is quite bent up as well. Let me now if any one needs some parts!
Thanks, Matt

May 25, 2002
I am looking for the following parts for my cagiva motorcycle. Can you help?
1 Head Gasket Kit plus O Ring; and 2 Thermostat.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Brenda.Mcnally at btopenworld dot com

May 2, 2002
I love your Cagiva Moto page. I am trying to find 1984-85 WMX 125s and 190/250s. I rode the 83-84 outdoor nationals...
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April 14, 2002,
Hi Dave, I own a 1987 Ducati/ Cagiva Elefant 650 and am in need of some help. I had a young driver pull out in front of me a few months back! I totaled a Pontiac Grand Am, needless to say my bike needs help. The frame and engine are fine, my forks and front wheel however are not so lucky. I am looking for any type of used forks that will fit my baby, I just installed an Ohlins rear shock and new exhaust 3 days before the crash, it needs to be fixed! Any help would be great, Thanks a lot, -- Matt -- mbernazzoli at hotmail dot com

If anyone knows what happened to the Cagiva Mito Infosite please...
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Need piston, rings and barrel for Cagiva Planet 125...
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March 28, 2002
Would you be able to help me locate for my 1985 Cagiva 650 Alazurra...
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March 26, 2002
I have a Cagiva Freccia 125 C12 (1989) in good condition generally but I need a piston and barrel (or maybe just the piston). I have been quoted £300 for this by Cagiva specialist!!) Can anyone help? I live in Sheffield, England. - Dave. -- www-klee at

March 13, 2002
Hey Cagiva fans,
I own a 1986 Cagiva WMX 125 and I was wondering...
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March 12, 2002
Looking for a used ignition system for 1991 wxe250. Also looking for shop manual. Thanks! -- ZBOWHUNTER8PT at aol dot com

February 19, 2002
Hi there.. I am in need of finding a dealer who supplies parts for the W12. I would be grateful for any reply. -- Regards -- Paul -- paul.hazell1 at ntlworld dot com

February 16, 2002
Hello everyone my names Tony and I live in Cornwall UK. I am trying to get hold of a manual for my dirt bike (Cagiva w8) and was wondering if anyone had got one for sale. Also I would like to know if anyone has a w8 in the UK......hope to hear from someone soon. -- Boscoppaclan at aol dot com

January 12, 2002

I recently acquired a large quantity of new-in-the-bag, white-and-blue AXO motocross pants with the "Cagiva" logo on both legs. (See attached photo.) They're available in waist sizes 28-34, for the discount price of $75 U.S. per set, plus $3.95 shipping in the U.S. and Canada. (Overseas buyers please e-mail me with your address to determine shipping charges.)

I also acquired a smaller quantity of red-and-gray Yoko gloves with the "Cagiva" logo on the sides of the fingers. They're available in size Medium only, for $25 U.S. per pair, plus $3.50 shipping in the U.S. and Canada. (Again, overseas buyers please call.)

Mail payment to Brian Catterson, Team Cagiva, 1725 Monrovia Ave. #C2, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 USA; phone/fax 949-631-1518; e-mail info at . I accept personal checks and money orders drawn in U.S. funds, plus Paypal.

January 3, 2002
Hello, I just purchased a 1984 Cagiva WMX 250. I really need a copy, or original, of the manual for that year. I have totally taken it apart, and need some help getting it back together, using the manufacturer's specs. Thank's Alot Shannon P. My e-mail is shanman10 at

December 31, 2001
I've just bought a 1987 Cagiva Freccia as my first bike...
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December 29, 2001
I have brand new Dellorto 34mm carburetors that should fit the Cagiva WMX 125's...
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December 10, 2001
I have just fixed up my cagiva wmx 250 (1989) and it is now running. It had heat seized, so I had the barrel re-lined and bought a new piston. It seems to be in good shape however, there are a couple of things I would appreciate some information on. Has anyone got a manual for sale or would anyone be prepared to answer a few specific questions, relating to the engine and the bike.
Thanks in advance -- Regards -- Andrew -- Abgoulter at aol dot com

November 23, 2001
To whom it may concern;
I have the 1998 model cagiva w8 125 cc. I need to get the piston-ring set, cylinder, connecting rod comp. (pim+bushing).

I would like to get the prices of these equipments, also I wonder if you have a service abroad- I'm in Turkey. Would you please send me both prices for Italy and Turkey(in case you send)?

Looking forward to hear from you soon, -- Ozgur Soyyilmaz -- ozgursoyyilmaz at hotmail dot com

November 15, 2001
cagiva tomanaca 125cc elephant
I am looking for anyone who can help with bits for a 1990 model as I have been knocked off mine and all the plastic has gone. -- Rick Worcester -- rickworcester at

October 25, 2001
Hallow people, I am about to buy a Cagiva Roadster 125 1999 model, could anyone tell me about the bike. I am a first time rider and would like to know how the bike handles. Any help most appreciated. Chris e-mail me at devilishly007 at hotmail dot com

October 17, 2201
Cagiva wmx 125 gp - parts...
See Cagiva Forum

September 30, 2001
I've just bought a 1989 Cagiva Freccia (125). Could anyone tell me what type of engine/gear oil to use. Also, does anyone know where I might get a workshop manual or maintenance information. - Dave (Sheffield, England) -- e-mail me on klee at bun dot com

September 24, 2001
We are an Argentine site, and one of our visitors is asking for the technical data of a CAGIVA 125 WMX 1989.
Could you send some information about this model?
Miguel Blanco -- mb at motonow dot com

August 31, 2001
Dear colleague,
I would like to have reference or indication of some place where I can find the manual of mechanics of CAGIVA Elefant 900cc I.E., year 1990.
Thank you
Dieego Rabelo -- dieego at

August 18, 2001
I'm looking to talk with fellow Cagiva SuperCity 125 owners!
Mark Dammes -- markdammes at yahoo dot com
Member of Aggression!
Cagiva SuperCity 125

July 30, 2001
I own a Cagiva Roadster 1998. Does anyone have a online (or Offline) owners manual for this bike? Also where can I get parts in Ireland or Northern Ireland. -- Jim Whitehead -- jimwhitehead at

July 15, 2001
Hi, I am looking for a gearbox or complete engine for a Cagiva Freccia 125 1987 model if any one can help please email on zoohouse6 at ntlworld dot com -- Thanks

June 30, 2001
Hello folks, I bought a Cagiva Planet 6 months ago. I would really like to get the most out of my bike, if anyone out there can tell me where the restrictions are and other modifications to increase power on my bike, it would be very grateful. Cheers, Phil -- Phil at

June 19, 2001
I have just bought a complete w12 without any engine. I believe that a river or canyon engine will fit ,does anybody have one they wouldn't mind parting company with. if so let me know and maybe we can haggle?? -- mark pike  -- serpent at

June 15, 2001
I'm looking for a Cagiva planet 125, any age. -- wendy.gale at dtn.ntl dot com

April 27, 2001
hello fellow Cagiva sufferers.....i have a complete rolling chassis cagivaW12......I desperately need an engine.. it is 1997 model 350cc..its a lovely looking bike and it needs to get done...if anyone has an engine or bottom half please get in touch...a manual would be handy or any information regarding this name is Colin... I live in the south west of England i promise not to mention foot and mouth dohh... -- Colin Andrews -- Irons2000 at btinternet dot com

June 28, 2001
I have just obtained an engine for my Cagiva W12 1997.... to get the engine I have broken another bike.....if you own a W12 get in touch with me ...I may be able to help you with a part.....ride safe.....Colin..U.K.  -- Colin Andrews -- Irons2000 at btinternet dot com

July 6, 2001
I have just broken a Cagiva W12..I only needed the engine. If you are desperate for a part I may just have it. Contact me at irons2000 at btinternet dot com

April 14, 2001
I have a 1985 Cagiva WMX 500 that I just bought. I have found it pretty much impossible...
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April 14, 2001
I have a 1987 650 Cagiva Elephant, I need to see how the front brake caliper fixes to the fork leg, If anyone can suggest where I could get a workshop diagram of this or even a reasonably close photo it would be a great help. The caliper I have is a twin piston floater that I think is original, I don't have any of the supports or mounting brackets that fix it to the fork leg plugs. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. email: dawesfamily at

March 9, 2001
I've recently brought a 1996 Cagiva canyon 600...
See Cagiva Forum

March 8, 2001
Could someone please tell me the amount and type of oil used in the lower end of a 1985 125 WMX Cagiva. What type and ratio of pre mix do they recommend? I could also use a service manual if you have one laying around.
Many Thanks -- Mark -- marmand1 at

March 7, 2001
I also raced Cagivas off road and MX in the mid 80's loved still do also worked for a dealer in south Florida during that time. I raced the wmx250 (190)in MX and hare scrambles for 2 years also raced a wmx500. Coming off of 125 the "200" as we called it, was perfect for me although the suspension wasn't all that great. I think because of this I seemed to break motor mounts a lot and went through silencers (when the rear shock would bottom the rear sprocket would destroy it). It also ate a clutch basket my first race, which by the way was replaced under warranty!!!

Keep this bike away from water if it has the stock Nippondenso ignition it will quit running and or fry the stator, the hot setup at the time was a motoplat (out of business???). Had many good finishes on this bike would like to find another just to have. The wmx500 gave my first taste of real power after buying this beast the 200 sat most of the time. I remember bending the chain adjusters constantly and the kickstarters seemed to be made of butter in that I broke several. Toward the end of Cagiva North America, getting parts for this bike was very hard (probably impossible now) but I was using Yamaha yz490 pistons, Suzuki rm465/500 rear sprockets, YZ front sprockets, either yz490 or rm500 clutch plates, rm rear brake shoes (I think, god it's been a long time) KTM used the same forks on some of their bikes 40mm Marrzochi so seals should be some what easy to come by. I hope some of this info is useful, and thanks for letting me relive some of my best racing memories. -- good luck
Thanks, Jeff -- schickie at

March 5, 2001
I sure could use a new set of plastic side covers (body work) for my 87 Elefant. I would even be interested in the black " Anniversary Edition" covers. -- Glen Daniels -- bmwbsa at msn dot com

March 1, 2001
I own a 1993 Cagiva Supercity 125 . Does anyone know where I can get parts? -- please help! -- sudi at

February 24, 2001
Do you know where I can get a manual and parts for a 1985 Cagiva 125cc dirt bike?
Tim Edwards -- River.rat at

February 12, 2001
I have just bought a Cagiva 250 Motorcrosser, I think it is a MVX ? the number on the head tube is cagiva/dgm/om 2p* 001887*. I am trying to find a workshop manual and parts. If you can help with any info please email me: kellett at

January 11, 2001
Hi, I am the owner of a Cagiva Mito II 125,1999 model...
See Cagiva Forum

January 9, 2001
Hi, is their anybody out there who has got any information on the Cagiva wsxt 125 aletta rossa? I need to know where I can find parts or whole bikes anywhere as i have just got back the bike I brought brand new in 1983 and it needs a lot of tlc please help. -- John Petrek -- john at

December 27, 2000
I've recently bought a Cagiva Blues 125 custom for my girlfriend and need to find a manual or technical specs from somewhere can anyone help?
Will brotherhood (Warwick, England) -- julie at

December 26, 2000
I own a Cagiva RX 250. I would like to contact individuals that are RX 250 owners or anyone that sell parts and literature for this brand. Any information would be appreciated. -- Kind regards, -- Johnson Kalawe  -- kahuwai at

December 25, 2000
Can anyone help me with information on locating parts and literature for a 1980 Cagiva MXR 250/80?
Johnson Kalawe -- kahuwai at

November 28, 2000
Hi Cagiva Dirt Bike fans,
I recently bought a 1986 Cagiva 125 WMX. It needed a few critical parts like a new piston/ring, motoplat ignition, radiator shock mount bolts, swing arm bearings, and one main crank bearing. I found two places to buy Cagiva parts which are:

Letko - Kansas City, Kansas, USA (913-334-2410 ask for Diane)

European Dirt - Silt, Colorado, USA (970-876-5277 Daryl)

I bought the bearings from Eastern Bearings in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, but you can buy them from any bearing/seal distributor.

It would be nice to start a parts supply list for Cagiva dirt bike parts and street bike parts too.
Paul Belkus -- paulbelkus at

November 20, 2000
I've just recently bought myself a Cagiva 125 SuperCity, and I was wondering if you could tell me what would be the best oil to use. I'm currently running it on Silkoline pro-2, however when I bought it I'm sure there was a different oil in it because it had a perfume tinge to it and it ran perfectly. If you can help me, e-mail at charlie at
Thank you very much

November 19, 2000
Hello IM 15 .And soon to get a moped and I was thinking of getting a Cagiva 50 im not sure what model it is but it is a super moto type moped .And i was wondering if you could give me any info on Cagiva 50s e.g are they reliable and easy to get parts for .Also if you have a clue what bike im going on about could you give a specification.
THANX Richard Belcher -- m.belcher at ntlworld dot com
P.S like the site

October 29, 2000
I am looking for a Merlin trials bike. They were produced around the 85-87 era and had mag wheels with a Cagiva engine....

October 28, 2000
I have a 1986 WMX Cagiva 500 it runs good, i want to sell it...
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September 28, 2000
Question : Does anyone have a workshop manual for a Cagiva W12 350...
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September 17, 2000
Just to let you know that i have a loot of old Cagiva parts for sale 1974 to 84air and water cooled -- sprint.spares at

June 1, 2000
Hi there! This is Ryan from the Philippines! We talked a few times b4 re. my Cagiva Planet bike...
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May 8, 2000
Hi Jon,
I own a 1988 Cagiva WMX 125. I just read a message you posted...
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March 2, 2000
I'm Ryan, 23 yrs old, from Manila, Philippines....
This is my situation, since I saw the Cagiva Planet 125 during last year's motorcycle show here...
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December 16, 1999
I just bought a 1987 cagiva 125 dirt bike, and am having problems. I just had it rebuilt (Nikkei-seal?) new piston, ring, and bearings. Was needing other parts and a repair guide or owners manual if anyone would be able to help me out please e-mail me at jjon00 at hotmail dot com thanks, -- Jon

December 12, 1999
Cagiva WMX 125
I need to know where i can get parts for this bike...
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December 9, 1999
Does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual for a Cagiva Supercity 125? ...
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November 12, 1999
I have a 125 Cagiva 1986...
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November 4, 1999
Found your website, very nice. I raced for Cagiva at the support level in '84 and '85. I had a WMX 250 and a WMX 500. The 250 was great (for being a 190) during night races but too slow for racing in the daylight. I still have my 500 although it is in a few pieces and has not been run in about 12 years. I plan on getting this running again over the next few months.

[The remainder of this email has been incorporated into the Cagiva History section, above]

I believe I still have the original dealers manuals for both the WMX 250 (1984) and WMX 500 (1985). I will know in the next month or so as I am cleaning out my storage unit that has all of those goodies in it. As for getting parts, has anybody tried contacting the distributor, Cagiva N.A., in New Jersey?

Although my buddies made fun of me for riding the "Pasta Putter", I liked them and always will.
JasonACool -- jasonacool at

October 1, 1999
1987 Cagiva WMX 500
I have a complete bike that I can't find parts for...
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September 17, 1999
I am trying to obtain a workshop manual for a Cagiva 125cc 1985 Freccia...
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August 24, 1999
From Chile South America, Rene Reitich required information to Cagiva T-4 350e year 1992. -- reitich at

August 9, 1999
Alas I also have recently purchased a repairable wmx 125 but...
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Cagiva RX250 1982.jpg
Cagiva RX250 1982

July 13, 1999
I have a 1982 cagiva RX250????? Can you help, I am enclosing a photo. ... and please reply to: CAGIVA18 at hotmail dot com

May 26, 1999
I just got hold of a 500 cc off-roader Elefant...
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Can anyone help me. I have been looking for a 125cc bike Enduro style (I originally wanted a Yamaha DT125), and I've found a Cagiva 125 Enduro, but I don't know the model. The bike is being sold by a dealer, it's stolen/recovered, has just over 1000 miles on the clock, it's an 'R' reg and is going for £1500. I know nothing about these bikes, so does this sound like a good deal? Thanks for any help you can give me! -- Mark (Bolton, England) -- Mark Schofield [ mark-scof at yahoo dot com ]

From: Kevin Hutchinson -- rooster at
I rode them off road from 1984 to 1988... I still have one of my WMX 200's...
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Oct 1998
Hiya, I own a L.reg W12 350 and...
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October 2, 1998
Hi, I was wondering if you can help me out. I live in Quebec, Canada. I own a 1985 cagiva, 500cc 2-stroke dirt-bike...
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October 28, 1998
I just bought a 88 Cagiva WMX 250...
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November 12, 1998
I bought a 1987 Cagiva WMX 500. I now need a new piston kit and...
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Cagiva Motorcycles and Ducati is and always has been the same company. If you look at the motors ...
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