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A Brief History of the Marque

The company was created by Ignasi Bultó (son of Paco Bultó, founder of Montesa and Bultaco) and Pere Arpa.

Best known for their DG-350 FIUS monoshock trials machine, the Spanish company produced a range of trials bikes, enduros and children's motorcycles between 1980 and 1990, initially in Vilanova and then in Fornells.

They achieved international recognition when in 1988 thrice crowned Eddy Lejeune contested the world championship on a Merlin.

The trials models are very distinctive, having 3 spoke alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, and a 350cc Cagiva (Aermacchi?) engine which is a stressed member of the frame. Some 2500 of these were built.

In the early 80s they used the Yak engine design from Mototrans for their DG11 500, which was not a great success. They then purchased Cagiva T4 500 engines for their Nomada 500 on which Jordi Arcarons won the 1988 Paris Dakar. That year the company was acquired by Gas Gas. Production of Merlin-badged machines ceased in 1990.

terrysaffin at
Merlin 350
Wow just found your carbon fibre tank work of art.I have just bought a Merlin today .Any advice or help would be marvellous. Do you still make the tanks or any other bit .many thanks terry saffin
Terry Saffin

Sorry, don't know who made the carbon tanks. Ed.

Sun, 01 Apr 2018
stanfranks at
Merlin Hand Gear Shift Villiers 1946

Hi Guys I used to have this motorcycle. I have a collection of British Scale Model Motorcycles. Can some one advise me where i may buy a scale model 2 stroke Villiers preferably with hand shift change, Kind Regards Stan .
Stan Franks
Castle Hill NSW 2154 Australia

Merlin 125 DG7 1985

Thu Feb 09 2017
breoganfuentes at
Merlin DG7
Hi! I am from Spain and I have got a Merlin DG7 motorcycle. I want to sell it.
Are anybody of you interested in the Merlin DG7? If you need some pictures or any date of it, I can bring you anything you want.
My name is Breo. If you want, you can send me an e-mail and I will reply you as soon as possible.
If you were interested, I will send you a picture of the frame number.
A Coru..., Spain

Sat Aug 23 2008
oca at
Tech help
Merlin DG 350 mono
I'm having troubles finding a rubber manifold for the DelOrto 28 of my Merlin. Anyone know of this anyplace in Europa?
All the best.
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Sun Feb 03 2008
tarakayhap at
1988 MERLIN dg88 Trials Bike
Merlin DG88
Own a 88 Merlin trials bike and would like to share some photos also is for slae along with some parts I have for same

Thu Dec 20 2007
jonjpayne at
Merlin 1987 DG350
a few more photos

Wed Sep 26 2007
downlow9876 at aoldot com
merlin 50cc motorcycle information
merlin 50cc
hi i have looked everywhere to find some help on identifying the year and manufacturer of my 50cc merlin mini motorcycle. it has a franco morini engine,tank and seat are 1 piece fiberglass as are the front and rear fenders, really need some info on bike as to year it was made and possible links to parts, cant find a single thing about it on the net, thanks so much rich U.S.A

Fri Feb 02 2007
awmwkw at yahoo dot com
Merlin trials bike
1988 Merlin DG.3-88
I own a 1988 DG.3-80 Merlin trials bike I did a complete restoration on it, the 350 cagiva engine runs great! I know the bike is rare in the states, Iam interested in how much it is worth to(staes or European)buyer. Also need info. on repairng, or replacing the bikes rear monoshock. thank you. A. Warner
OH, Mansfield, U.S.A.

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations

Tue Jan 23 2007
joaocostaferreira at
Merlin 350 Trial
I'm recovering a Merlin (cagiva) 350 Trial bike. Can you tell me where I may get engine specs?? Thanks in advance

Viana do Castelo - Portugal

Thu Jan 04 2007
zgreen18 at msn dot com
cagiva & merlin trials
I have a 84 cagiva tr350 & a 86 merlin dg350 . Need information on parts & manuals for both
california, USA

Sun Oct 30 2005
jerome.cruveiller at
merlin motorcycle
I am untersted in merlin motorcycles and I am looking for picture and technical datas

June 14, 2002
I still have my 1987 Merlin DG350, the first one sold in the USA. (not including the Cagiva labeled twin-shockers) Only 25 1987's were imported (by Mark Oldar) , and 7 1988's, when Merlin closed down and sold their building to Gas Gas. Merlin was run by Ignacio Bulto, son of Francisco X. Bulto, founder of Bultaco motorcycles. So Bultaco, Merlin, and Gas Gas are all kind of related. Merlin also built mini trial bikes, but those were not sold in the US. They won the 1985 Spanish trials championship with rider Lluis Gallach. The bikes were heavy, but had a really nice running engine with lots of power. And the cool aluminum wheels really attracted lots of attention.
- Jon Payne -- jonjpayne at hotmail dot com

June 9, 2002
So I am mailing from Belgium,
I've got a dg3 Merlin
You have to know that those bikes have been produced during 5 years no more ! There were all the same Cagiva engines and there has been just a few produced , about 2500 for all models those bikes are quiet rare !
a belgian rider called eddy lejeune , tripple world champion , has also been riding those bikes but didn't had success with it
fa050518 at

February 1, 2002,
I have owned 2 bikes. The bikes were assembled in Spain with the Cagiva 350 motor. I first started hearing about them in about 83 when they were dual shockers. Later they progressed to the single shock frames. Available here in the USA in 87 and 88 as Merlin earlier as Cagiva 350`s. I`ve owned the 88 and a 87 both seemed a bit front heavy with the 87 having a very mellow motor compared to the 88. I`m curently searching for a dual shock bike to see how they were compared to the others. -- Mike -- melrose at

January 5, 2002
I still own my 1987 Merlin DG-3 Trials motorcycle. It is powered by an Italian built Aeramacchi 350cc two stroke engine. The rest of the bike is Spanish and very unusual in many ways for the time period. The engine is a stressed member of the frame and the wheels are tubeless with aluminium blades rather than conventionally spoked. This is a very reliable motor despite its bulk. Mine still runs as well it did when I bought it new in 1987. I will try to send you a photo of mine if you are interested. -- Robert Rishel -- rishel3 at home dot com

Photo of my friend's Merlin, identical to mine

June 22, 2000
Predecessor to GasGas. It made a trials bike in the early 80s, and tried to revive a very old off-road concept that Mototrans presented in 1979, with a desmodromic single cylinder 500cc. It finally turned into GasGas. -- Juan Carlos Castillo -- jccastillo at

October 29, 2000
I am looking for a Merlin trials bike. They were produced around the 85-87 era and had mag wheels with a Cagiva engine. Please let me know if you have seen any.
Thanks -- Tim -- TIMSKI33 at cs dot com

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