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A Brief History of the Marque

Maquinaria Y Elementos de Transporte SA (Mototrans) of Barcelona produced motorcycles and scooters between 1957 and 1983. It succumbed to financial problems and the factory was bought by Yamaha.
The factory built Ducati motorcycles which differed in detail to the Italian machines; for instance the use of Spanish-made Amal carburettors and some engine and gearbox internals. As well as a number of Ducati-engined singles they produced a parallel twin closely based on the Ducati SD500 Desmo. They also built the 1978 Yak 410 scrambler with their own engine (although at least one source says it was designed by Ducati), and a rather smart 50cc machine.

49cc engines were built under licence, and these were supplied to other manufacturers including Dismave of Valencia for their Mini Marcelino.

In 1978 Mototrans was in trouble financially, and was also suffering problems with the unions. An agreement between Yamaha and Sanglas resulted in a significant proportion of the Mototrans workforce to move to the Sanglas plant.

Mototrans Virgili Espana

In 1981 the firm began production of mopeds under the MTV label, powered by four-speed Zündapp engines. These came in trail and road versions with monoshock rear cantilever suspension

The following year the company entered administration, the situation with the unions had not improved, and a decision was taken to close the factory. The Spanish government, controlled in large part by Franco's fascists, had brought the country's economy to its knees. In October 1982 a general election was held and the ruling party was obliterated, experiencing "one of the worst defeats ever suffered by a governing party in the Western world."

Ricardo Fargas and Felix Ferrer of Gamma Motors obtained the spare parts, the remaining MTV motorcycles, and the Tecfar competition project.

The Tecfar Project

Ricardo Fargas, the sporting director of Mototrans, teamed up with Tecnoequip to campaign the Ducati NCR in Spanish endurance races.

Fargas had frames built by Antonio Cobas using first bevel-drive engines and, in 1983, belt-drive units.

Riders were Carlos Cardus, Salvador Cañellas, Benjamin Grau and others.

Yak 410 Specifications
406 cc, 86 x 70, desmo valves, belt-driven camshaft, 6 speed gearbox. Developed 38 hp at 8000 rpm. Around 80 of these were produced between 1985 and 1986. It appears to have the same engine as the Merlin DG11. 
Yak engines were supplied to Merlin

Mototrans Models

24 Horas 1968

Vento 350

Senda 50

Senda 75 TT 1977

Mototrans 250cc Four 1967

There is a book on the marque in Spanish:
Sports History Ducati Mototrans - 239 pages, format 17x24 cm, 199 illustrations.

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ducati senda 75tt 1977
Hi I don't think my stator is working. I've noticed a black burn on one side. Do you think you can repair it. And how much will it cost. or do you have one i can buy
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Ducati MotoTrans 48 TS (Approx 1965?)
I saw on your site that you do the Ducati-mototrans-logo.jpg 274 x 300 Tank Transfers. Do you do the side panel transfers also (they just say 48 TS but in a very distinct font)? What would the cost and postage be please?
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MotoTrans of Spain built many bikes under licence from Ducati. Some were identical to the Italian versions, other had differences, not only to the engine units, but they frequently used locally sourced cycle parts and electrics. England

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