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A Brief History of the Marque

Narcis Casas and Josep M Pibernat entered the trials motorcycle business in 1974 with the equivalent of US$600. Their first motorcycles were produced in 1985 and by the year 2000 the factory was pushing some 9000 units out the door annually.

The firm was a Bultaco agent, and when Bultaco closed in 1980 they began importing SWM machines from Italy and became the Spanish distributor. SWM ceased manufacture a few years later, and a decision was made by the partners to begin their own marque under the trading name of their firm, Gas Gas, and based on the SWM.

The next model appeared in 1986, named Halley for the comet which passed by that year. This one bore little relationship to the SWM.

They acquired the Merlin marque in 1988.

By the end of the 1980s they were building, in addition to their now very successful trials machines, enduro and MX motorcycles.

In 2014 they began to experience problems, and after a merger with Ossa the company was bankrupted in 2015.

A new owner was appointed by the court, Torrot Electric. As of December 2018, Gas Gas is still going strong.

Gas Gas models include:

125 SM 2001-08
Type: Motard, capacity: 125cc single

EC 125 2003-08
Type: Enduro, capacity: 125cc single

EC 125 Dep. 2003-08
Type: Enduro, capacity: 125cc single

EC 125 Depo 2008-11
Type: Enduro, capacity: 125cc single

EC 125 H 2008-
Type: Enduro, capacity: 124cc single

EC 250 2008-09
Type: Enduro, capacity: 250cc single

Sources: wikipedia.es, et al.

Wed Oct 28 2009
rasampson at btinternetdot com
workshop manual
gas gas jtr 270
I need to get hold of a manual for my 1996 gas gas jtr 270 any ideas welcome
loughborough uk

Tue Sep 04 2007
phil.jackson5 at baesystemsdot com
vehicle year ident
gas gas tx 250 98 model
hi, how can i prove year of bike for registration purposes
lake district

Wed Dec 06 2006
leightonrogers at hotmaildot com
gas gas trials bike year determination
gas gas tx250
I was wondering how I can determine the year of manufacture from the frame number ?
Many thanks,
Leighton Rogers
Cardiff UK

Mon Nov 13 2006
ianphillipselec at aoldot com
youth mx
gasgas 65
at 2005 dirtbike show (stoneleigh) we saw a 65cc gasgas motocross bike and was impressed with it. Since then we have heard no news of release.Please advise of availability and also availability of spares.We will be at the show on Nov 16th 2006 and would appreciate some guidance as we run a competetive motocross team.Regards Ian Phillips 
Director of I.C.PHILLIPS (uk) Ltd

Wed Sep 13 2006
kathy at tomsupholstery.ca
service manual
1995 gasgas 250 trials bike
I am looking for a service/owners manual for a 1995 gasgas 250 trials bike.
Ontario, Canada

Thu May 18 2006
tonybdb at bigpond.net.au
head tension settings
fse 450 03
could you please tell me the head tension settings

The Spanish GAS-GAS site has downloadable manuals for the FSE450. Ed.

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