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Peugeot-Movesa Motorcycles


Manufactured by MOVESA (Motores y VehĂ­culos S.A.) based in Vitoria, 1952 to 1983
A prototype was displayed at the 1952 Barcelona Fair, and the first production machine was the much improved 125cc 55 TC, based on a Peugeot.

In 1957 the 57 TC appeared in several versions - the TT, TTC and TTL.

By then the machines were commercially successful, with 22,000 produced.

1959 saw the introduction of a slightly more powerful machine, the 150 TB. However, Spain was suffering from a financial crisis during the 1960s and sales plumetted. Movesa continued with the manufacture of mopeds until 1983, when all motorcycle production ceased.


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