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Peugeot Trimoteur

Known as the "Tri", these three-wheeled utility vehicles were produced from 1939 to 1958, beginning with the 100cc TN53 which used the engine and many components from the Type 53. The rather attractive machine had fan cooling and a three-speed gearbox with the hand change mounted on the fuel tank. It was capable of 45 km/h and could carry up to 100kg in the tray.

The TN54 was introduced shortly after war's end, still with the 100cc engine, and the TN55 appeared in 1949 with a 125cc engine. This machine had greater power and the payload was increased to 150kg.

1954 saw the introduction of the TN57 with flat front guards and a single headlight, available with tray only, an open wooden box, and a covered box.

Engine: Two-stroke single
Bore x Stroke: 51 x 60 mm
Capacity: 125 cc:
Gearbox: 3 speed
Power: 4.5CV at 4000 rpm
Carburettor: Gurtner RN 17
Clutch: Multi-plate
Ignition: SAFI SSY 40 W
Tyres: 550 x 85
Width: 1.15 m
Length: 2.35 m
Unladen weight: 120 kg
Carrying capacity: 150kg