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Peugeot 1919 Models

Peugeot 6 h.p. 1919

The 6 h.p. Peugeot, an exhibit conforming in general appearance to British design. A three-speed gear is fitted, and chain-cum-belt transmission.

Report from the Paris Salon, 1919


Two specimens of Peugeot motor cycles are shown, viz., a 3½ h.p. twin (56 x 70 mm.) and a 6 h.p. twin (70x95 mm.).

Both machines are similar in layout, being fitted with primary chain drive, three-speed countershaft gear box, and final belt transmission. The valves are placed side by side and protected by a metal shield. Sidecar lugs are built integral with the frame of the 6 h.p. model, and the frame is somewhat unusual in that, though it is constructed on standard lines with a dropped top tube, the front is considerably higher than the rear. Both brakes act on the belt rim, and 650x65 mm. tyres are fitted. Armoured tool bags, adjustable foot rests, and a spring fork having single tubes and an enclosed spring are items of interest.

The Motor Cycle, October 1919

Peugeot 1919 Type MT 6hp V-twin

This model was produced from 1919 to 1922 and was very similar to the 1913 single-speed "Paris- Nice" lightweight. It had fresher styling with a larger fuel tank, a two-speed gearbox, and valve-stem shields. Developed as a military model during WWI it also had more substantial front suspenstion.

The market was awash with war-surplus American machines, so production was limited.

6 HP Specifications

Engine: 70x95mm sidevalve V-twin with magneto ignition and total loss lubrication. Amac carburettor.

Transmission: three-speed gearbox, chain drive primary and belt final drive.

Brakes: belt-rim brake on rear wheel, no front brake.