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Peugeot Motorcycles - 1923 Models

The 1922 Olympia Show. Peugeot-1922-Header

PEUGEOT. (Stand 22.)

High-class Workmanship.

1¾ H.P. MODEL.

52x52 mm. (110 c.c); single cyl. two-stroke; petroil lubrication; G.R. carb., gear- and shaft-driven mag.; single gear; no clutch or kick-starter: gear and belt drive. 26x2in, tyres. Price: Solo, £55.

Peugeot (England), Ltd.. Brompton Road, London, S.W. I.

Easily the most expensive miniature in the Show is the French-built Peugeot. At £55 it costs approximately the same as one or two geared and chain-driven British 350 c.c. solo machines. On the other hand, the workmanship and finish could not be surpassed, and the neat appearance of the power unit is such as will inevitably attract the elderly pedal cyclist.

No actual weight figure is available, but it is, almost certainly the second lightest self-propelled machine on the British market. Approximately one-half gallon of petrol is carried in the tank, and should suffice for nearly 100 miles of average running. Pedalling gear is retained. The wheels are quickly detachable, a feature assisted by caliper-pattern stirrup brakes. A ladies' model, with a semi-open frame, costs £56, the extra £1 being for a clutch, which may be embodied in the standard model for the same price.

Olympia Show 1922
The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 863