Noble Motor Co

Noble were motorcycles produced from 1901 to 1909, in works located in Blackfriars, London.

1901 Noble were one of the pioneering firms to locate their engine in a central position, using power by De Dion, Minerva or MMC.

1903 The company was now producing its own engine which hung from the downtube, similar to the Minerva. It had a mechanical inlet-valve, belt drive and braced forks. The inlet and exhaust valves were opened by a single cam.

1904 The engine was now rated at 2¾ hp, located vertically in the frame and had conventiional twin-cam side valves. A racing version was available with a 4½ hp engine that could be adapted to 3½ hp for touring. The earlier model remained on the list.

1905-1909 The range continued for those few years and the company used both their own and Peugeot engines.

1912 A 3 1/2 hp Precision single-speed model appeared in The Motor Cycle in the first half of 1912. It had a rim brake on the rear wheel.

Report from the 1903 Stanley Show

The Noble Motor Bicycle. Perhaps the lowest priced motor-bicycle yet introduced is the £29 machine manufactured by the Noble Motor Company, of Pocock Street, Blackfriars, S.E. The engine of 2.5 h.p., is of original design, and has already been illustrated in "THE MOTOR." Petrol capacity is 1.75 gallons, and room is provided in the tank for two accumulators. L'Eclair trembler coil is fitted, and wipe contact. The carburetter is a D. and R. fitted with throttle which is regulated by a lever easily reached by the rider. The lubricating pump can also be easily operated while driving. An efficient silencer of special design is supplied, and any pattern tyres to order. A V belt is used, and the control is by exhaust lift from handlebar by Bowden lever and wire, the electrical ignition being operated by Mason and Brown switch on handlebar. The machine is well finished in black enamel or aluminium finish can be had for an extra 10s. The exhibit will be at the Stanley.

The Motor magazine, 18th November 1902

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor magazine.

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