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Crypto Cycle Co

Crypto of Clerkenwell Road, London, produced motorcycles from 1902 to 1909.

1888 February. Stanley Exhibition of Cycles in Westminster. Tricycle with two front wheels and one rear.

1888 April. Company took limited liability to take over Crypto Cycle Company, carried on by William Thomas Shaw.

1890 Jan/Feb. A Tricycle was displayed at the Stanley Exhibition of Cycles at the Crystal Palace.

1901 Supplied Lawson with motor tricycles

1902 The company began building motorcycles and forecars fitted with Peugeot and MMC engines of various powers. Some of their models had two-speed gearing.

1904 They produced a light model that was well braced, and fitted it with a modified frame and a 2½ hp Peugeot engine. They also had a heavier model with a 3½ hp MMC engine and flat-belt drive. Also on offer was a range of electrical equipment, suitable for the home and garage.

1905 During that year they took over the agency for the Belgian Kelecom range.

1906-1908 They offered singles and twins, plus a 5hp four.

1909 The company ceased production.

Report from the Stanley Show 1902

Stand 86.

The Crypto Works Co., Ltd., have five motor-bicycles on show. These include three Crypto 2.25 h.p. and one 2.75, h.p. machines, and a featherweight, fitted with the Clement-Garrard motor. The engines of 2.25 and 2.75 horse-power are fitted in a vertical position, right in the centre of the frame. An ingenious switch and combined exhaust valve lifter is good. A special Longuemare carburetter is used, and the Lincona belt fitted. The petrol tank is of neat design and large capacity. The control levers are within easy reach of the rider's hands on the horizontal tube. A silencer of large dimensions is used, and wheels, hubs, and all frame parts are of extra strength. Dunlop or Clipper tyres are fitted at option, and the price of the 2.25 horse-power is £50, and the 2.75 £65. A Bowden back rim and a lever front rim are fitted, and the finish of the exhibit leaves nothing to be desired.

Motor Cycling, 26th November 1902
Stanley Show 1902

Reports from the 1903 Stanley Show

The Crypto Works Co., Ltd.

In a central position in the Main Hall will be found the exhibit of this company, which will consist of their new motor Tri-cars, motor bicycles, and electrical specialities. Two Tri-cars will be shown — one with a two-speed Crypto gear, 3½ h.p. M.M.C. engine and bucket coach-built body, the other with 3½ h.p. engine and basket-body. A special feature of these machines is the expanding band brakes. These brakes have metal to metal surfaces, are very smooth and powerful in action, and of practically everlasting wear. An entirely new motor frame is shown for the first time, which we illustrate. It is designed to fill the present day demand for a light motor bicycle (110 lbs.), with ample engine power.

The frame, as will be seen, is a distinct advance in motor cycle frame construction. It is very strong, allows ample tank space, and places the 2½ h.p. Peugeot engine in the most approved position. A high power motor bicycle, with 3½ h.p. engine, specially designed for racing, trailer, or forecarriage work, will be on view, and this is fitted with long flat belt drive. The electrical exhibits will be of special interest to motorists who contemplate laying down plant for charging their own accumulators. Dynamos for this purpose, and transformers for utilising alternating current will be shown, also some new enclosed type motors for power. Cell testers and other small specialities of the company's manufacture will complete this part of the exhibit.

The Motor Cycle, November 1903
Stanley Show 1903

The exhibit of motorcycles on the Crypto Works Co.'s stand will consist of three specimens of two different model motor-bicycles, and two specimens of the Crypto tri-car.

The Crypto tri-car is a practical light motor vehicle for two riders. The frame is built of large diameter tubing, and the steering is of the differential type. The special features of this machine are its expanding band brakes on the front wheels, the length of the belt drive, and the strong construction throughout. The front seat of one specimen to be shown has a very fine coach-built bucket seat, and the other is of upholstered cane; 2.5in. tyres are fitted to the back wheels; the engines used are 3.5 h.p. M.M.C.

The new pattern Crypto bicycle, as illustrated herewith, has been designed to fill the present-day requirements for a comparatively light bicycle, with ample engine power. The frame, which has been duly protected, is exceptionally strong and symmetrical. The engine fitted is a 2.5 h.p. Peugeot. The whole machine weighs 100 lbs.

The other motor-bicycle will be of the now well-known Crypto type, fitted with a 3.5 h.p. M.M.C. engine. This machine is specially suitable for racing and for trailer and fore-carriage work. This exhibit will be at the Stanley Show, and we shall further illustrate the firm's novelties in our Show Special.

The Motor magazine, 18th November 1903
Stanley Show 1903

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