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British Motor Syndicate

The aim of the organisation was to purchase all the possible patents concerning the embryonic automotive industry and then to sell licences to use them.

Both this company and the Great Horseless Carriage Co were effectivly controlled by Harry Lawson and the latter held a licence from the former. In 1897 a court case was brought to stop Lawson transferring funds of £50,000 from one to the other. The case failed.

The Daimler Motor Co and the assets of the Daimler Motor Syndicate were sold to to E. T. Hooley, M. D. Rucker and Harry Lawson for £35,000 and the British Motor Syndicate was formed.

1896 Prospectus. Directors are: Harry Lawson, Prince Ranjitsinhji, Herbert H. Mulliner, Thomas Humber, Thomas Robinson and Lord Norrys.

The Accles was a tricycle built for Lawson's British Motor Syndicate in 1896. It had been copied from De Dion but differed in that it had the engine ahead of the gear-driven rear axle. The frame was open and the machine could be driven by either sex, it also had better weight distribution.

c1900. Became British Motor Traction Co.

See also Daimler

Source: Graces Guide

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