North London Garage

NLG were the initials of North London Garage, Corsica Street, St Pauls Road, Highbury, London. They produced motorcycles from 1908 to 1915.

1908 An NLG machine, ridden by Will Cook, marked its place in history when it won the first official motorcycle race staged at Brooklands. It was powered by a 944cc V-twin Peugeot and weighed less than 120lb/54.5kg.

1909 Cook had further racing successes, but failed to win any world records using an NLG fitted with a massive 20hp, 90-degree, 2,700cc V-twin JAP engine. The usual, more realistic models had a 3¾ hp Peugeot engine unless the purchaser requested something different.

1910 Sprung forks had become standard, with the rigid ones remaining as an option. Engines listed were: 3½ hp or 4½ hp JAP; 5hp and 7hp Peugeot V-twins; and an 8hp JAP V-twin.

1911 There was a 4hp racer and another fitted with an Anzani V-twin engine.

1912 Only JAP engines were used, usually a 4hp single or a 6hp twin.

By 1915, due to the war sales had diminished significantly, the range had been reduced to just the single, and then production ceased.

Source: Graces Guide

J.A.P. NLG BIG TWIN 2714cc by Pavel Malaník

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