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Haigslea Motorcycle Museum
Queensland, Australia
Closed 2015. More information: Haigslea MC Museum

Ipswich Motorsports Museum
Sumner Queensland
Closed December 2018
Speedway, road racing and road bikes.

Saltarelli Collection
Sold at auction, 2012. More information: Saltarelli Collection

Karlsson Museum
Göran Karlsson's Motor Museum had around 200 cars and 100 motorcycles. It opened in 2007 and closed in 2010 after Karlsson's death.

Bradworthy Transport Museum
Devon, UK. Closed

Museo Anni 50
Claudio Chiappini
via Lama, 2 - 47837 Montegridolfo (Rn) museoannicinquanta.it

Believed to have closed around 2008.

Musee de Montjean sur Loire
The museum closed in September 2006. Exhibits included many French cyclos, scooters and motorcycles from the 50s.

Musée D'Automobiles du Forez
Sury Le Comtal
This museum was owned by Jacques Lefranc for almost 60 years, closing in 1981. The collection was purchased by Maurice Marques of Saint Zacherie, who maintained it until 1995. Several from this collection were sold at Retromobile 2018.

Gloucester Folk Museum
Following a series of successful 1990s Cotton exhibitions at the Gloucester Folk Museum, the Cotton Owners Club (an international organisation) was formed, and a rally is held there each summer.

Glenluce Motor Museum
Officers Croft, Glenluce, Dumfries and Galloway
A Wikipedia note states: "Officer's Croft, Glenluce. A bit of a mystery here. The 1995 Landranger map shows this as a museum, and there is reference in the web to a motor museum here. Other websites refer to the Glenluce Motor Museum as being situated on the A75, but I saw no sign of it when passing through. I suspect that the museum has shut up shop. The name "Officer's Croft" is also a bit of a mystery. 28 April 2006"

Potter Collection
Potter Brothers of Rowgate Garage, Kirkby Stephen
Much of the collection was sold at auction in late 2007. The BMCT acquired a 1921 Revere and this may be seen at the Coventry Transport Museum. The brothers also had a Henderson Four ca.1919.

Guy Webster Collection

A number of exhibits were photographed by Phil Aynsely prior to its sale in 2017. Many pieces are now in the Moto Talbot Museum.


The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

Once the largest such museum in the world, it closed in 2013 and the collection was sold.
Madison GA

Sotherby's Auction