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Giuliano Mazzini at the Demm Museum

Demm Motociclomotoristico Museum

The Museum houses some 50 motorcycles and motor scooters produced by Demm for racing and touring between 1952 and 1982. Of special interest are without doubt the competition machines including road racers and the "Siluro" streamliner which set 24 world records in 1956.

The museum is the product of father & son team Giuliano and Mose Mazzini. Giuliano worked at DEMM for much of his life, eventually becoming vice-president. Many of the later engines which emerged from the Porretta Terme works were his creations.

Museo delle moto e dei ciclomotori Demm

Address: Via Mazzini, 230/a 40046 Porretta Terme, Bologna
Phone +39 0534 60248