Today in Motorcycle History

Museo MV Agusta

Via Giovanni Agusta, 506, 21017 Cascina Costa Di Samarate VA


The story of MV Agusta is well documented at this quite extraordinary museum in Italy, covering the founder's fascination with aviation, building and flying his first aircraft in 1907 and how, some 40 years later the firm he created launched into the motorcycle field and took the world by storm, becoming the greatest racing team the world had ever seen.

The museum documents the relationship with aviation companies; Aero Caproni, a company which later built notable motorcycles and which at one time has 25,000 employees, and Marchetti famed for its seaplanes and Schieder Trophy contenders.

There is rather a large section devoted to helicopters, which the company produces to this day.

And motorcycles. Many, many motorcycles from the dawn of time (MV-wise) to current production. MV's racing machines achieved international podium finishes some 3000 times and fielded so many great names - Phil Read, Ubbiali, Surtees, Provini, Agostini...

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