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Museo Gottard Park, Italy

S.S. Sempione, 172 - 28053 Castelletto S. Ticino (NO)

Website: museogottardpark.it
Facebook: fb.com/museogottardpark

The main motorcycle displays include:

    A bicycle pacer with a huge V-twin engine
    A WWII WLA Harley in simply superb condition sitting atop an antique farm cart, one of several American motorcycles
    An Alpenscooter, another military machine which has three wheels none of which ever touch the ground
    A great little observed trials outfit in yellow (all of the wheels touch the ground, at times)
    A Moto Guzzi Super Alce from 1948 and another Alce in bright yellow
    A Rumi Junior designed and built by a somewhat quirky artist who surely would appreciate that this example is best viewed from below. Donnino Rumi is also famed as a builder of submarines.

There are numerous lightweights and mopeds hanging from the ceiling and adorning the windowed walls behind the early autos and carts in one of the galleries.

There is an Aprilia Tuareg 50 parked in the grounds with vines growing over it, rumoured to belong to a visitor who lost their way in the halls. Many other tiddlers are parked nearby, apparently abandoned - a Moto Guzzi Dingo, a Motom 48, a sad Motobi, a Malaguti Dribbling (yep!) and a Piaggio Grillo among them.

There are masses of automobilia, militaria and nautomobilia (is that a word?); and howitzers, tanks, AA guns, more military motorcycles; and things that fly (or used to, and in at least one case proably shouldn't orta have). Another large collection entails quality scale model helicopters, accompanied by an even larger one of fixed-wing aircraft.

Hidden away in a dark corner is giant macchina da caffèin ottone which surely must exclaim "Exterminate, exterminate!" when approached.

The museum is, in a word, a buzz. It is vast, unique and highly entertaining. Something for all the family.

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