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Collezione Salsapariglia

The Collection of Nello Salsapariglia

The museum contains 150 Vintage Motorcycles from dating from the turn of the 20th century along with numerous agricultural and industrial engines, antique gramophones and radios, vintage bicycles and considerably more.

Exhibits include a 1900 Laurin et Clement, a 1903 Sarolea, a 1904 Puch..., a 1905 FN four, a 1909 Wanderer Turismo, a 1909 Borgo IOE engine (this marque is very important in motorcycling history), 1911 SIAMT 261cc, 1912 Frera, Motosacoche 1912... the list is long.

Via Provinciale Nord, 5, 42011 Bagnolo In Piano RE, Italy

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