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Museo Morbidelli

Morbidelli Museum

A Collection of Vintage, Classic & Racing Motorcycles

    Museo Morbidelli (Closed)
    Via Fermo, 39, 61122 Pesaro PU, Italy
    Website: museomorbidelli.it[1]
    Facebook: fb.com/MorbidelliMuseum

Giancarlo Morbidelli caused a sensation when he built a V8 motorcycle to promote his brand, and that machine has become one of the most famous ever built. His more conventional machines were equally well received, achieving four world championships in the mid-1970s.

Morbidelli has collected motorcycles since his youth, and the collection now extends to hundreds of motorcycles housed in a large and beautifully appointed museum in Pesaro, one of Italy's most famous motorcycling districts.

The museum closed in 2019 and some 200 items from the collection were shipped to England to be auctioned by Bonhams. As of July 2020 this has not occurred due to the pandemic.

The collection consisted of over 300 machines. Some examples:

Further highlights:

  • 1950 Benelli 250cc Grand Prix ridden by Dario Ambrosini.
  • 1934 Benelli 175cc Bialbero
  • 1964 Ducati 125cc 4-cylinder Grand Prix
  • 1959 Paton 250 GP
  • Mondial 1954 175 Bialbero GP
  • 1989 Honda RC30
  • 1974 MV Agusta 750S
  • 1935 Brough Superior
  • 1973 Morbidelli 125cc GP raced by Angel Nieto
  • Notes 1. Portions of the original site are available at the Internet Archive.