Piatti Scooters and Design

Piatti Scooter at the Morbidelli Museum, Italy

Designed by Vincenzo Piatti, his prototype scooter was shown at the 1952 Brussels Motor Show. Two companies licensed production, starting in 1954 - D'leteren in Belgium and Cyclemaster (later Britax) in the UK. Piatti was heavily involved in overseeing the D'leteren production which used German Sachs 125cc engines & Italian pressed metal bodywork. Only 800 were built. Cyclemaster sub contracted their manufacturing out, only assembling the parts themselves. The engine was made in-house. 14,000 were built. 4.75hp at 4750rpm. 81kg. 75kph. Photographed in Pesaro, Italy. 2011. Morbidelli Museum.

An exhibit at the Morbidelli Museum

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