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Trobike was a motorcycle produced from 1960 to 1965, by the Trojan works in Croydon, Surrey.

This was a mini-bike sold in kit form - thus avoiding purchase tax. Although it could be used for short trips on the road, the intended usage was in factories, on airfields, at race mettings, on large estates or any other expansive private area.

It had a 94cc Clinton two-stroke engine with an automatic 'Twist and Go" centrifugal clutch to take the drive to the rear wheel. This was mounted in a simple frame without suspension, other than fat 5-inch tyres. It did around 30mph and 90-odd miles to the gallon.

This type of machine was fairly popular in the USA - less well-liked in the UK, it had but a short life. The company made approximately 550 of these machines.

  • Note: Extensive information can be found at the following address for the Trojan Museum Trust web site. [1]

Trojan of Kingston Works and later of Purley Way, Croydon produced commercial vehicles.

  • 1914 Formed as a private company.

    1924 Originally designed by L. H. Hounsfield and built by Leyland at its Kingston Works.

    1928 Manufacture moved to the Purley works.

    1937 New 15cwt model introduced with Bendix-Cowdray brakes.

    1937 Manufacturers of aircraft components.

    1939-1945 During WWII they produced war materiel including aircraft components.

    1947 A completely new Senior 12/15cwt van produced with either a two-stroke or Perkins P3V engine. This model continued in production until the company ceased business.

    1959 The company ceased trading, and the factory was purchased by the Agg family to expand their business. Subsequently Lambretta scooters were part of the operation.

    1960 Two Trojan coaches were exhibited at Earls Court.

    1961 Employed 500 persons. Manufacturers of Trojan motor vehicles, including small cars, commercial vehicles, aircraft components, agricultural equipment and Trokart racing karts.

    1962. The factory produced Heinkel microcars under licence and named the Trojan 200. The same year, they acquired the Elva marque and built machines of that name.

    1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Showed Elva Courier sports models.

    1965 Built Mclaren racing cars until the early 1970s.

Source: Graces Guide

rltaylor at [bounced]
1962 trobike
Hi I have a trobike that after it has been in family for many years. Could you please tell me where the engine number is as I have to apply for a new log book . Thank you and anymore information will be great .
Rachel taylor

Mon Sep 29 2008
Trobike Trokart Engine
Trojan Trobike
I am about to start a full restoration of a Trobike. I am looking for any information concerning engine parts and correct Tyres for it.

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