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Collezione Vespa


Via Faentina, 175/a
Fornace Zarattini
48124 Ravenna (Italia)

Website: collezionevespa.it

Mauro Pascoli began collectting Vespa and Piaggio over 30 years ago, and his enthusiasm is shared by his wife Loretta and his son Raffaele.

The museum is on 2 levels and covers an area of 500 square meters, displaying over 150 vehicles including Vespa, Ape and Piaggio along with more than 1500 images - period photographs, posters, Piaggio calendars - along with plaques, trophies and cups from 300 of competitions.

Also displayed are more than 300 toy models along with a huge variety of original accessories from 1946 to today. The collection documents Piaggio with over 200 spare parts catalogs and service manuals along with truckloads of news articles and publications on the subject.

The collection has been substantially enhanced by the donation of material from Vespa enthusiasts, among them Franco Ortolani, a keen Vespa man.

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