DEMM Motorcycles

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Demm Motorcycles

Made in Milano, Italy
from 1953 to 1982 or c1988.(1)

A Brief History of the Marque
Italian two-strokes and four-strokes made in Milan from around 1953. Their engines were sold to a variety of other manufacturers including Legnano and Testi, particularly the 49cc twostrokes.

In the mid fifties Demm produced a 49cc model called a 'Dik Dik' (or Dick Dick). The engine was model '3M'. In the UK at this time there was a chap called Bert Fruin who built his own motorcycles and he used this engine in his machines. He built a motorcycle called the "Fruin Dartella". These bikes raced in the Isle of Man TT and at many other UK circuits. The bike also achieved a speed record of 89mph.
Courtesy Adrian Hughes, Jan 2002 -- adrian at

Notes: 1. Sources vary on date of closure.

More on the History of Demm Motorcycles.

arjen.nsu at
I bought a Demm cyclomotore. Can you please tell me what type this is?
I think its a Dick -Dick with a rare TESTI tubolare frame. Build in 1956...Is that correct?
Best regards,
Arjen Reumer Holland

    Have found no further information on this machine - it does however resemble one or two later models. Ed.
    Demm-1956qq-ARe.jpg images posted to Comments

namepisko at
I have a 1975 model demm brand motorcycle. I am selling it. Are you interested?

jtpetersonvt at
Looking for reproduction decals for DemmSmily.
Any leads?
Vermont, ISA

paulaencor at
Demm Sport Special Lusso
At the moment I have a Demm Soport Special Lusso.
How much oil needs the motor?
Cor Lub.
Schermerhorn, gemeente Alkmaar. Netherlands.

Mon, 16 Apr 2018
atpc at
Demm Koala

Good day to you all, Yesterday I bought a Demm Koala, and i found your museum looking for info. I'm going to restore this Koala and i saw that you have one in the same colour, the one I bought has very bad paint, and I wonder can you tell me what the right colour is? with kind regards Arnold Teunen Holland
Arnold Teunen
Obdam Noord-Holland Netherlands

    Sorry, cannot answer that one. See also the query below.

eurolocks.rve at
Vianen Fox america

Nederlands buongiorno Il mio nome è Rob Elk Mio nonno rivenditore Demm nei Paesi Bassi. La famiglia J.stoof a Kamerik. Ti piace questa anche io voglio Sabato a venire insieme in un momento diverso, come i dati sul tuo sito Attendo con ansia la vostra risposta MVG Rob Elk
Prins bernardstraat 10 Netherlands


Nederlands buongiorno My name is Rob Elk My grandfather dealer Demm in the Netherlands. The J.stoof family in Kamerik. You like this too I want to come together at a different time, like the data on your site I look forward to your reply MVG Rob Elk Saterday we are laeving San. Vincenco
Do you Have a number that i c IPan call maybe een halve hour in front of my arrival at your museum<
Because its diffecult to make a time appointment.
    There has been some misunderstanding, Rob. I do not run a museum, I simply write about them. You will find more here

Sat May 20 2017
oeb_2008 at
adquirir catalogo
restaurar demm 49 cc de 3 velocidades
necesito adquirir catalogo de arme y desarme de moto DEMM 49 cc de tres velocidades. no cuento con otros datos del vehiculo, agradesco si me puden ayudar, quisiera armarla ya que fue un obsequio de mi abuelo.desde ya muchas gracias.
argentina Bs As

Restore demm 49 cc 3 speed
I need to get catalog of arm and dismantle of motorcycle DEMM 49 cc of three speeds. I do not count on other data of the vehicle, agradesco if they can help me, I would like to put it together since it was a gift from my grandfather.

Tue Feb 14 2017
jarmo.hannula at
Need part list
Demm 3M 1,5 hp year 1963
Pls. Kindly asking if anyone can inform me how to find fully partlist with also picture if possible !?.

Thu Dec 10 2015
thepetepowell at
wiring diagram<
We have just got this thing running, but sadly miss a wiring diagram. Can anyone help please?
Leicester, England

Sat Feb 21 2015
thepetepowell at
Demm Dik Dik
does anyone please have a wiring diagram for a demm dik dik ? thanks
Leicester, England

Wed Dec 10 2014
claudio.radaelli at
Schema elettrico
Buon giorno. St restaurando un Demm Kicco del 1975 ,st cercando uno schema elettrico per poterlo ripristinare. Un grazie a chi riesce ad essermi di aiuto Saluti


Wed Jul 09 2014
rodneyw20 at
fuel mixture
demm dove mk111
Hi could any one tell me the mixture ratio of oil and petrol
lancashire, england

Try under Two-Stroke Premix

Mon Nov 25 2013
demm smiley
need to know what kind of oil to put in crankshaft.

Sun Jun 24 2012

Demm Condor
Hello I have a Demm Condor 1979 Class CH 40 but is not licensed they nevertheless could help me further.

Wed Jul 11 2012
Missing a Pedal
Demm Scout Moped
Hi, I have a Demm Scout. I'm not 100 % on the year, but I think It may be either a 1977 or 1978.
One of the pedals is missing. Does anyone know if I can use a regular bicycle pedal or am I out of luck? I know parts are very hard to find. Thank you, Liana
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Feb 2012
Peter Voorhees
... Anyway I didn't know that you were actually associated with Sheldon'emu when I sent the photos to you so I should explain a bit. I have a 1957 50cc Legnano motorcycle with a Demm engine that pops out of gear. While researching places to visit before traveling to Bologna I stumbled upon reference to the Demm Museum, not too far from Bologna. After much correspondence I finally got in to the museum. Once there they were very gracious and generous with their time. In fact they opened the museum for us and we (wife and I)were given a tour by the founder of the museum, the son of the man who built and designed Demm motorcycles. That man, the father, is Giuliano Mazzini. He is the man on the right in the photo and that's me on the left. He came by and gave me a talk on gearbox design and remedies. I could go on, this is the short version of a long story.

Something I learned is that although there are many small museums and collections of cars and motorcycle in Italy supposedly open to the public, not that many really are. I think it may have something to do with tax status. So plan accordingly, you may find the museum that you want to visit is only open to the public one day in a year (seriously). That being said if you are a group or have a compelling case you might get a special tour if you arrange beforehand. Check out

I have some other motorcycle photos taken on the same trip at another museum and at a vintage motorcycle race I will try to make some kind of file and link.

Photos here: Demm Museum Italy

Thu Feb 23 2012
Need parts
Demm Smily
need new tires and rims.

Tue Oct 04 2011
Manual required
Demm Dove Mk 111
Has anyone got a copy of a Demm Dove manual I could borrow, copy or buy please
Teignmouth, Devon

Sun May 01 2011
want to sell
dick dick 1958
i got a 1958 49cc dick dick want to sell as is, any offers?
south africa

Fri Mar 18 2011
DEMM PP 25 Ping Pong
DEMM PP25 Ping Pong
Hi, Ium looking for a "Betriebserlaubnis" or any other kind of papers necessary to get licence numbers or insurance
Germany, Munich

Thu Feb 17 2011
DEMM Scout 1977
Hallo, habe eine Mofa Ihrer Firma gekauft.Leider ist die Betriebserlaubnis schon lange verlorengegangen. Da sie aber noch sehr gut luuft, muchte ich sie auch fahren. Kunnen Sie mir eine Zweitschrift zusenden. Ich danke fur Ihre Bemuhungen. Dirk Schreier - Herforder Str.14 - 30459 Hannover- Germany

Tue Feb 15 2011
damiendeleonae<at>yahoodot com
1978 demm smiley
demm smiley
I got offered one of these for 600. Is it worth this? How about reliability, speed? Having a hard time find anything about them online. Thanks!

Tue Oct 19 2010
demm ping pong
demm ping pong
I have found a mint demm ping pong for sale. what is the correct price to pay for such a bike>>>

Wed Sep 29 2010
Crank Case Oil
Demm Scout
Hi, I have a Demm Scout. I think it has a 3m motor. It's a 49cc single speed centrifugal clutch style. I was wondering how much, what kind/weight of oil goes in the crank case. Thank you

Thu Nov 12 2009
carlo-88 at
schema impianto elettrico demm granturismo 125cc 4T 1960
demm gran turismo 125 4T 1960
salve mi occorre lo schema dell'impianto elettrico di questa moto marca demm modello granturismo cilindrata 125cc anno immatricolazione 1960

se gentilmente avete materiale potete mandarmelo via mail a carlo-88 at

Sun May 24 2009
tonton at
Demm racer
Demm 125 2stroke
Here some pictures of my Demm 125 2 stroke racer from the mid fifties. I'm looking for a 125 4stroke engine. Anyone?
Tilburg, Netherlands

Thu Mar 26 2009
r.vandoorn6 at
Demm sport --'63
4- stroke moped Demm<
Demm 125GT '62

Wed Oct 29 2008
starmichael at
Used Demm parts
Demm Scout,smily etc
Lots of USED Demm parts for sale,especially for engines.Low price and good shape guaranteed.

Thu Oct 16 2008
starmichael at
Used Demm parts
Demm Scout,smily etc
I own a couple of USED engine parts for Demm Scouts etc.I donut need all of them because my own Scout is no more in use.Ask for every part maybe i can help.

Tue Oct 07 2008
ccjsigel at yahoodot com
Clutch bearings
demm smiley
I have been looking for parts for my moped for 2 years! I am in need of a clutch bearing and don't seem to have a local source. Any suggestions? I've looked at Demm sites but don't seem to find what I need.
Thanks -
San Francisco Ca

Tue Sep 02 2008
Demm Smily Moped
Need rings for a 1977 demm smily 49cc

Tue Jul 29 2008
rusty41251 at yahoodot com
Starting clutch
Demm Smily
The starter clutch is slipping when I pedal. Any suggestions? Any ideas on where to find parts? I can't find fuel/oil ratio either. Does 32:1 sound reasonable? Thanks for your reply!
Gunther in San Jose, CA and Meckesheim, Germany
San Jose, CA

Tue Apr 08 2008
kohlmanns at
brauche hilfe!
Demm Fox
ich suche dringend informationen u&frac14;ber eine demm fox. habe ein solches moped in der garage stehen und möchte es endlich wieder fahrbereit machen. bin fu&frac14;r jede antwort dankbar.

Sat Mar 01 2008
vito110 at
Papiere / Betriebsanleitung
DEMM Smily E25

Ium looking for Papers or any information about a DEMM Smily E25, because I will get this bike on the street, but witout this papers the german TuV say NO.
So, is there anybody to help me?

Lage; Deutschland

Wed Feb 27 2008
vito110 at
Demm Smily E25
Hallo , habe eine Demm Smily E25 und brauche dazu eine Betriebserlaubnis als Kopie oder ein Datenblatt wo alle Daten ersichtlich sind.

Andreas Begemann

Fri Nov 30 2007
elrico-2 at hotmaildot com
DEMM mufflers
Brevetti Silentium<
Does anyone know where to get a Brevetti mufflers??
I have a Demm motrocycle with 75 cc two stroke engine. Please let me know and email me

Silentium mufflers were fitted to very many Italian marques. Is there a part number on the muffler?

Mon Oct 22 2007
kwejsu at yahoodot com
moto demm<
1976 moto demm kicco 50cc
any one can help me to buy a clucth for thi moped please?
philip camilleri

Wed Sep 19 2007
tony.mason at
demm dove
is there some place i can get a manual for a 1973 demm dove

Sat Sep 08 2007
MB.Wow at
Demm Mofa

Brauche Technische Daten von einem Mofa Marke Demm Bj. 1977. Wegen zulassung hab keine Papiere

Wed Sep 05 2007
HannahWoelfl at
Need Information
I need all information about DEMM PP25.

Ich brauche Informationen uber DEMM PP25

Tue Jul 24 2007
pastoraitken at
throttle cable
demm smiley 1980
I need a throttle cable, it has a little round ball on the end that goes in the carburator

Sun Jul 22 2007
rousseeuw.romuald at
demm ping pong
met on de l huile dans le moteur si oui quel quantite

Fri Apr 20 2007
virago1063 at hotmaildot com
demm 3m 49 cc
eu tenho um motor com peua do cambio danificada demais novas incluindo escape e comando do punho (3 marchas)

Tue Apr 10 2007
rotrosky at
repuestos moto DEMM 58
Necesito repuesto para Moto DEMM Milano modelo 1958, para recuperarla y reparar en forma original.
General Pico. La Pampa. R. Argentina

Sat Mar 10 2007
jor-sanma at hotmaildot com
moto demm capri 1958
quiero vender esta moto demm capri modelo 1958

Translation: I want to sell this moto demm capri model 1958

Sun Dec 24 2006
dirkvhn at hotmaildot com
Turismo de Luxe
Another Demm model, 3 gears by hand, this one is made from approx. 1958 till approx. 1963. It was also avaible with the 4-stroke 49cc engine

Thu Nov 23 2006
g.davidson1 at btinternetdot com
Italian Motorcycles
Demm Dove
Hi Back in 1972 I had a Demm Dove moped. Red & cream that cost u80 brand new I am attaching a photo, I have some more if you would like them.

Mon Sep 04 2006
Urschlumpfel at aoldot com

Demm AM40
rear, a Demm has TO 40 Bj. 77 however unfortunately no ABE (general Betriebserleubnis). Me someone can call an address, where I this to acquire can do or a copy or a technical. Gate sheet for a full acceptance with DO?

Sat Aug 26 2006
pastoraitken at
need a needle for carburator
demm smily moped
I need a new needle (with rubber tip) because the current one leaks gas

Wed Aug 16 2006
fc-barca-07 at hotmaildot com
demm condor

few days ago i have bought a demm condor but the owner of the demm didnt had any papers of the demm and because in holland moppeds have to get a numberboard just like cars they have to know all the info about the demm so i was wondering if you had a brochure or papers with all the info about the demm condor

how many cc, dB, topspeed ect.
heiloo thats near alkmaar

Mon Aug 14 2006
leefrelaxed at hotmaildot com
Demm Ping Pong
Dear sir/ madam,

Last week I bought a nice moped called a Demm Ping Pong. Unfortunately it's hard to find any information about this moped. For example, it seems impossible to find out in what year the moped was build. To insure the moped I need more information than I have at the moment. Can you help me or do you maybe have some suggestions? Thanks in advance!! Timmermans Rufus
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mon Jul 03 2006
achtung5150 at yahoodot com
I need some onfo on a Demm smily
1977 Demm Smily
I need to know about the gas to oil ratio. I just got a Smily with only 600 miles on it almost mint condition.
Madison, Wisconsin

Try this page on 2stroke premix resources. Ed.

Wed May 17 2006
salgar at
SEPT ..1959 ..49cc.. Dick Dick
Quite a lot of this model were sold in leicester uk in 1959

Sat Apr 29 2006
fabianpirali at
moto demm<
demm dick dick tubular frame 2 stroke
nesesito fotos de los modelos de moto demm de chasis tubular de 49cc 2tiempos 2 marchas a pedal esta moto la compro mi padre en milano en 1957 y no corresponde con los modelos que figuran en la net. quiero saber si les puedo enviar una foto antigua a alguna direccion de mail.
gracias, fabian pirali
buenos aires

Translation: Nesesito photos of the models of motorcycle demm of chassis tubular of 49cc 2-stroke 2 marches to pedal this motorcycle I buy it my father in kite in 1957 and does not correspond with the models that figure in the net. I want to know if I can send an old photo to some direccion of mail. thanks, fabian pirali

Wed Apr 05 2006
53a at
Need help
Demm dik dik
I have Demm dik dik 1958 in quite good condition, and i have to sell it. I have no idea where to sell it and hom much it is worth. I'll be really greatfull for an answer.
bydgoszcz Poland

Sat Dec 03 2005
bautha at hotmaildot com
Demm Simly
I just got a Simly the other day and after a quick carb. clean it ran like a charm. I live in Eastern Oregon and was wondering where to get spare parts, and how much engine oil it takes and what weight. Thanks!

Sun Nov 20 2005
martin.daniela at
Mokick - Demm Ping Pong, PP40
Dear Sir and Madam,

I have a Mini moped with the Name "Demm Ping Pong, PP40"

I require repair parts for the engine. I require clutch linings for the centrifugal force clutch. Can in such a way you supply something to me?

Yours faithfully

M. Frank

Wed Nov 09 2005
rinaldoinvegas at yahoodot com
1977 Demm Smily with Morini motor
Please help! What is proper quantity and type of fluid that goes in crankcase? I drained it and about 1/4 quart came out.

Mon Oct 24 2005
ferrariedgardo at
the first seat of demm (daldi e matteucci)
The first seat of demm (daldi e matteucci s.p.a.) is going to be demolished (pulled down)because property is going to build a new building! It would be a pity because the present structure (besides the historic value of being the first seat of demm) was built at the beginning of 20th century ! Protests must be addressed to: Sindaco del Comune di Porretta Terme - 40046 - Porretta Terme (Bologna) - Italy.
Thank you. Edgardo Ferrari - 51020 - Pavana Pistoiese (Pistoia)

Sun Sep 18 2005
christinemariecaruso at yahoodot com
Demm Smily
I am looking to see if this company still exists. Can you provide the contact information for me? I am looking to get a title for my bike. If i can get a letterhead from this company, DMV will be able to issue me a title to prove that it is streetworthy

Wed Aug 17 2005
nooney at psknetdot com
i bought a1976 demm smily moped and its clutches are dry rotted do you know where i can purchase them? thanx paul

April 15, 2002
I found you site and want to give you some information about DEMM. It is an Italian company still "alive" and was well known in Italy until the end of the 80s. Anyway in Italy you can find spares for most of the motorcycle and moped and if you want to find one you can always go in a junkyard and you will find many sometimes still working. I have 2 moped and 2 motorcycles my parents bought at the end of the 60s are still working and I never had any problem to find spares (Well I have to say that I live in Itali 100 miles form the factory that made them). Anyway if you are really interested in DEMM think about a tour in Italy!!! If you are interested in some photos and a copy of a manual for a moped let me know.
By Sebastian -- [address removed on request]

February 22, 2002
I've a 70's DEMM Smily moped for sale. It is good cosmetically, has compression and spark, but I can't get it to fire up. I'd also be interested in info on fixing it. Parts too. Please respond only to zamistro at aoldot com

February 21, 2002
Hi, I'm Mike from Minnesota. I picked up a 1977 Demm Smily 50cc a few months ago from a guy who had it sitting in the back of his garage for 20 years. It looks in good shape with only 245 miles. He said he won it in a raffle in '77 and has no information for it. I want to tune it up and need info about how to go about it. What oil do I put in the crankcase? What adjustments should I make? What is the proper gas/oil mixture for the engine? Any info or suggestions for tuning it up, or just general info on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -- Mike Prieve -- mprieve at

September 15, 2001
Do you know of any place on the planet that sells parts for the Demm Smily mopeds?? I know of someone selling three, one works well, the other two do not, all three for two hundred dollars. I would like to get all three working as opposed to using them as parts. If you know of anyplace, let me know. -- Caleb Dylan O'Connell -- caleb at lincoln.midcoastdot com -- (207) 882-7792

April 23, 2002
This is information from the back of my owners manual - '79 Smily - that I purchased new. Now has over 2k miles.
-- franwrw at junodot com

Ufficio Commerciale Moto MILANO Via Pirelli 16/A
Tel. 653.651/2/3/4/5 - Telex 32276 DEMM. MI.
Stabilimenti in Porretta Terme (BO) - Tel. 22.212
Telex 51171 DEMM. PO

June 30, 2001
I have a 77 demm smily moped in real nice shape but need ( headlight and trim ring). I need help. Thanks, Greg -- theboidys at maildot com

May 19, 2001
I just bought a 1976 Demm Smily Moped with only 950 miles on it... mint. However, on starting it I discovered both crankshaft seals are leaking air and it won't run right. Clouds of smoke due to tranny oil getting sucked thru seal. Know of anyplace I can get some new seals? -- George Hammond -- ghammond at

March 16, 2001
I am a power mechanics teacher in Manitoba. A student of mine has a DEMM moped, looks like a 49cc to me. There is a number on the engine 119564. Anyone have any ideas where we can get some parts as the motorcycle engine rebuilding shops in Winnipeg haven't even heard of it.
Thanks, Blair -- farand at

July 22, 2000
For an exhibition in our museum in Venlo (The Netherlands) we search a DEMM from the fifties.
s.derkx at

June 7, 2000
Yeah, I have a 1976 Demm Smily in absolutely MINT, CHERRY condition. but where do I find parts? -- Landon Buell -- landonbuell at

June 5, 2000
Hi my name is Domenic from Australia i own a 1959 -60 Demm two stroke 125cc, I was wondering if u have any information at all on these bikes as I am restoring mine. Or can you lead me to some one who can help me. thank you  -- Domenic Tedesco -- dtedesco at

I am looking for information about DEMM Motorcycle engines, and I am in need of some spare parts for a, circa 157 model 3M 49cc engine. Can anyone help? -- Regards -- Adrian Hughes adrian at

Hey! I was wondering what you think this is worth: A 1976 Demm Smily Moped, imported from Italy (currently in USA). It is in excellent condition with only 1230 miles on the odometer. All original parts. It starts with ease and runs perfectly! It has been mostly in a house for the past decade. Only the paint needs minor attention. If you wish you can see it at (geocties). Thanks for your advice! If you are looking for parts call Curtis at 757-463-4985. He is an aftermarket parts dealer and can find Demm Smily parts. -- Mark Padgett -- gitbass at

If you have a query about Demm motorcycles please contact us