European Motorcycles

AMES Sassuolo Museum

A.M.E.S. Auto Moto d'Epoca Sassuolo
Via San Giacomo, 5
41049 Sassuolo ITALY

Website: ames-sassuolo.it
Facebook: Ames Sassuolo

The museum has some 80 motorcycles built from the 1920s to the 1980s, along with a number of microcars and automobiles.

The collection has been assembled by the partners who share a common passion for antigue cars and motorcycles.

Included: Messershmitt three-wheeler, Goggomobile Dart, Bimbo 46, Alfa Spyder, Nimbus four...


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Anderson Stands
Anderson Stands
Motorcycle Stands and Workshop Lifts for Sports Bikes and Cruisers
Front and rear stands, single side swingarm stands, workbenches...